Who doesn’t want to have a luxury touch on their master bedroom? Feeling relaxed and cozy with a little feel of glam is everyone’s favorite. If you want to treat yourself with extravagant and aesthetic features, here best ideas to inspire you.

1. Raised Curtains

Raising your curtains will make your master bedroom look bigger, modern, and elegant. Install a curtain rod close to the ceiling and choose a long drapery. Neutral color curtains will add warmth to your bedroom.

From the Ceiling, hang the curtains. Economy meets style in this bedroom. Curtains look beautiful next to the bed in neutral colors will soften the atmosphere of this luxurious bedroom. The scheme of gray color and matching furniture will give the perfect room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Raised curtain s from elledecor.

Full Floor to Ceiling Curtains will complete the decor of this master bedroom. The curtains contribute to a sense of calm, warmth, and energy, while clean lines and classic chairs provide a timeless touch. The subtle gray tones in this master bedroom design will bring a cozy and inviting decor to the room. Floor to Ceiling Curtains from elledecor.

2. Dramatic Hanging Light or Chandelier

Expensive master bedrooms always have statement-making lampshades on their ceilings. Committed to having an upscale bed area? Then, replace your dull lamp with expensive-looking hanging light or chandelier.

Each room can use a variety of lighting sources. Using a luxurious crystal chandelier above this bed will make a stylish room decor and will provide dramatic lighting. Combined with a luxurious bedroom design, it will produce a stylish room design. A large window on one of these walls will also provide natural lighting and will let sunlight into the room. Crystal chandelier from trendir.

Hang it in an unexpected place. Using this contemporary chandelier, this bedroom space will look great no matter where it is. Placing a lamp above the mattress will provide dramatic lighting. This pendant lamp which is equipped with crystal gives a luxurious and charming look. Contemporary chandelier from trendir.

3. Piling Pillows and Plush Blankets

You may have seen many luxurious bedrooms have overstuffed pillows and faux fur or silk blanket. Steal this pillow-blanket idea; pile some pillows and throw headrest as well as fluffy blankets. Forget playing with patterns and stick to a neutral color.

With the precision and the same bed arrangement, both pillows and bolsters have similarities that are divided equally. This thick blanket and faux fur will make the room look stylish and will look more attractive. This velvet headboard with a classic design brings a luxurious look to the room. Abstract painting on the bed also adds to the impression of beauty. Piling Pillows and Plush Blankets from realsimple.

This soft and large blanket gives you more comfort while sleeping and keeps you away from the cold temperature of the room. In addition, the quilt design is also quite unique in addition to decorating your bedroom. Combined with this French bedroom style, it will make your room decoration more stylish and will create a charming look. Pink large blanket from designingidea.

4.Glamorous Nightstands

Selecting a perfect nightstand can add an expensive touch to your bedroom. You can either buy a new one or makeover your old furniture. Once you have the ideal nightstands, never put too much stuff on top of it.

This stunning bedroom with beige walls acts as a neutral backdrop for this gold-toned white nightstand with a Table Lamp. The French bedroom style, which is equipped with a thin fabric canopy, gives this bedroom a luxurious and comfortable impression. White nightstand with gold handle from designingidea.

Don’t underestimate the power of this beautiful nightstand. It’s important to find a nightstand that gives your bed a complete décor and not only in style but also in scale. With gold color will create a glamorous look. Combined with a French bedroom design that will give the room an elevated look. Gold nightstand from designingidea

5. Statement Pieces

All lavish room always boasts a looking-expensive piece. If you are a fan of the artwork, try to place an artistic piece in your room like paintings. Luxurious bedding also does a great job of giving a dashing and elegant look. Opt for bedding with velvet headboards.

Abstract prints are like adding a fifth dimension to your luxurious bedroom. Placed on the headboard this large abstract painting would be the perfect focal point of the room. The green and black color scheme combined with the large window on one wall will create the perfect contrast and will give a modern look to the room. Large abstract painting from home-designing.

6. Little Greenery

Since every expensive bedroom must have a little touch of green, you can put something really alive. Forget about artificial plants; look for something that can help to purify the room air. Lavender and gerbera are the two examples.

This stunning modern master bedroom is so inspiring and fun with this bedside pot of greenery. This space is not only dreamy and relaxing but also provides a breath of fresh air from the greenery in the corner. This wallpaper with an interesting tree pattern will give the impression of being in the forest. Greenery potted from home-designing.

You don’t need a massive change because those six tips are the simplest but most effective elements in gaining a luxury feel for your master bedroom.

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