Everyone dreams of having a beautiful home. However, some people may have difficulties in pursuing that dream. They may not know how to start or have no idea about which decoration to opt for.

Decorating is not a hard thing to do. In fact, during the process of home decorating itself, you will find what is best for you. Just start it now and see what you prefer. Here are some beautiful home decoration ideas for you to begin with.

1. Go green

Nature always has its beauty. Having some green plants setting, such as cactus, snake plants, or spider plants in your home would spread its beauty to the rooms. Also, bright flowers like violet, geranium, or lily would make a colorful and cheerful vibe.

Moreover, plants beautify not only your home but also refresh the air. The refreshment keeps the air cycle going and then all your family members can inhale healthy air.

You can include several green plants in one room as a decoration idea that is fresh and never boring. Start by placing a standing storage rack that is used to put some green plants using pots of various sizes. Then do regular maintenance to get the results of indoor green plants that are lush and maximum. Indoor green plant decoration from apartmenttherapy.

Complete the appearance of your bedroom with green plants that are hung and placed on the floor and wall area. Choose and use indoor green plants that have low maintenance to make it easier for you to do daily maintenance. Use a clay pot according to the size of the plant to be planted. You can try it easily without spending a lot of money. Different types of green plants from apartmenttherapy.

The indoor herb plant that is applied to the empty kitchen wall becomes a room decoration that doesn’t take up much floor space at all. You can hang it using an iron pipe vertically to get more green plant decorations. In order for this herb plant to thrive, enter sunlight through a large enough transparent glass window. Herb plants from apartmenttherapy.

The next idea that you can try is a rubber tree combined with other green plants that have different sizes with different pots. You can put it randomly with the right layout so as not to interfere with your space when you are in the dining room decoration. Hang some small greenery using DIY macramé near the glass window. Rubber tree combined with other green plants from apartmenttherapy.

2. Stay motivated with motivational quotes

Do you have some favorite sayings, be it from a book, a movie, or a song? If you do, you can print those quotes out and stick them hang them on your house wall.

Even if you don’t have any favorite quotes, you can use those motivational texts keeping you motivated. Doing this would not only make your home adorable but also full of positive spirit. Thus, everyone leaving your home would leave full of motivation.

The combination of motivational quotes with succulent plants and a golden swan statue is a home decoration decoration that can be installed anywhere according to your wishes. These beautiful decorations and ornaments are very easy to move and clean when they start to get dirty, do watering and fertilizing your succulent plants so they can thrive and look fresh all day long. Combination of motivational quotes with succulent plants from stylemotivation.

There is nothing wrong with putting some motivational words that are applied through a medium-sized frame. You can decorate it with some beautiful ornaments around it to display it optimally, for example, placing gold ornaments and glitter pots containing blooming roses. Motivational words with glitter pot ornaments from stylemotivation.

Install and hang some motivational quotes with a matching and harmonious theme to fill the empty and boring wall area. You can read it anytime to add enthusiasm to your daily activities. Put these motivational quotes in a canvas frame that has the same size. Hang it at a distance that is not too far away. Some motivational quotes with the same theme from stylemotivation.

3. Get artistic

Art is often associated with beauty. Applying some of it in your home would enhance its beauty. You can try any kind of art such as paintings, sculptures, or any unique kind of it. If you are an artist, you can even turn your home into a whole beautiful art of your own.

Take advantage of the empty wall area to hang several types of paintings with different themes and sizes. You can use selected frames with sturdy materials so that they are not easily porous when used for a long time. Install and hang this painting in the decoration of the living room that is often visited by your friends or family so that it can be a different view and not boring, of course. Wall painting from architecturaldigest.

To add an artistic impression in your living room decor, then try installing some rattan plates with different patterns and colors. You can hang and install it randomly but it looks neat and artistic. Instead of using a sofa with a rattan swing covered with pillows to make it more comfortable and soft when used. Rattan plate wall decoration from architecturaldigest.

Don’t let your bedroom wall decor look plain and boring, you can install an abstract canvas painting that is large enough. Hang this painting just above the headboard as an artistic impression and a beautiful sight. Combine with some other wall decorations such as photo frames and rattan plates. Combination of abstract painting with photo frames from architecturaldigest.

Those are the three ideas of beautiful home decoration. We hope you find this article useful and can get the most beautiful home decoration for your home. If you look for more articles like this, you can kindly go to our website. We wish you a happy home decorating and a good time! Good luck!

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