In modern design, which is thought tends to minimalism, the sleek design are very popular, especially for furniture design either for indoor or outdoor. So, if you are planning on furnishing a minimalist house, the sleek and functional furniture is always a great choice. There are some materials used. From iron, plastic, and wood. But wood materials are largely used for those people who loves elegant look. If you want to bring a natural look, wood is good for you. It has natural beauty and is easy to shape. But if you want more a minimalist design, you can go for iron or plastic furniture for your outdoor space.

Here are some examples of outdoor furniture that are perfect for minimalist house.


Folding chairs are another great choice for small outdoor areas. It’s space-efficient as you can set them aside when not in use. The material used of iron and wood are good for you. If you want an elegant look, opt for folding chairs made of wood with sleek and modern lines. This will add a classy feel to any space. But if you want a simple one, the iron folding chairs are not bad for you.

This is a folding chair that has a simple look and elegant allure, featuring a distinctive X-frame. The overall design of the chair is inspired by the nautical theme without being too flashy. You can place it in the garden behind the house which is equipped with a large wooden dining table that will give a comfortable garden appearance. Wooden folding chair from homedit.

For a folding chair to be truly practical, it usually has to be light and easy to move, but also comfortable. Featuring a simple design with an adjustable back and a lightweight frame, it’s a great mix of contemporary and industrial. This small dining table will also complete the look of your backyard garden. Contemporary folding chair from homedit.

Perfect for gardens, decks and open spaces adding this folding chair has a very simple design and classic look. This beech beech frame The fabric seat and back add a nice texture to the design as well as a hint of color. Coupled with some greenery, this will give a fresh impression on your terrace. Wooden folding chair from homedit.

The Flower folding chair is just what a relaxing outdoor setting needs. It is very slim, made of metal and it will withstand the weather. You can choose the blue color on the chairs and it is equipped with a round table to spend time on your terrace. Blue metal folding chair from homedit.

This chair idea offers a sleek look and looks more attractive to your modern home outdoor design. Both are foldable, with wicker backs and seats and with wooden frames. Chairs are very versatile and can adapt to a variety of different settings. This round gray coffee table gives an attractive appearance to the room and steals the attention of many people. Wooden folding chair from homedit.


Complement your outdoor seating area with a side table where you can put your drinks or books. A side table is not just stylish. It’s also functional and does not take up so much space—which is the main point of minimalism.

Simple and light, this white outdoor side table can match any industrial exterior. Its eye-catching design, and light weight allow you to move it easily. This is a very convenient idea on hot summer days. You can combine it with white metal chairs to add extra comfort to your backyard garden design. White iron side table from home-designing.

Handcrafted details make this outdoor side table a stunning feature. adding a blue carpet will provide added comfort and protection for all surfaces. This is a low maintenance table, suitable for outdoor use. You can also add a wicker chair that is resistant to various weathers outside your room. White patterned concrete side table from home-designing.

This metal side table is a great way to add some extra functionality to your backyard. This modern, lightweight, and transparent wire hourglass design provides a unique look for you to try. Equipped with a rattan sofa and soft cushions will provide a comfortable and inviting garden design. Metal side table from home-designing.


Dining outdoors is always fun, and you can do it even on a small balcony. Or, if you have a small corner in your garden, you can tuck in a simple dining set. This kind of outdoor furniture has a beautiful look, and more importantly, it’ll make a comfortable area to have a nice meal.

With a warm teak finish, this creates a comfortable dining table and adds a rustic touch to your terrace. Choosing this iron chair will give the perfect room decor look. And it even comes with a grooming kit to help ensure its beauty is maintained from season to season. Wooden teak dining table from home-designing.

This comfortable dining table is equipped with a fireplace in the middle of your dining table. It will make your guests feel more comfortable and fill your outdoor space with unmatched style. choosing materials from wood and metal for this dining table will result in a comfortable room decor and resistant to any weather. Outdoor dining table with fire pit from home-designing.

We decorate our home with the aim of creating ultimate comfort. Our outdoor area should be no different, no matter how much space you have. And with the right outdoor furniture, even the smallest balcony can turn awesome.

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