Need something festive but cheap for your fall décor? Shop for bulk ornaments at the Dollar Tree! Even with cheap decorative items, you can still make your house or office bright and festive. Dollar Tree sells bulk decorations that you can immediately display or repurpose into a DIY craft.

What bulk ornaments you can buy this fall? Here are five great options from Dollar Tree.

1. Wooden Harvest Signs

Wooden harvest signs welcome everyone with words that remind you of the season. They are rustic and colourful, perfect for making your house look festive. They are perfect for decorating the house near Thanksgiving.

An idea to try to avoid fall decorating mistakes is to place wood harvest signs near Thanksgiving. Besides being cheap, this serves to beautify the terrace of your house. Buying cheap or making your own will save your decoration budget. This DIY pumpkin made of wood in colorful paint produces an interesting design for you to try. Wood harvest signs fall decor from onekindesign.

Installing a Wooden Harvest Sign near Thanksgiving is a smart choice to make your room look its best according to the fall decor theme and can be beautifully crafted at a low cost. Crops in the form of corn husks, pumpkins, wheat and straw will provide the perfect room design. This mums flower in a wooden vase offers a fresh patio decor. Wooden harvest sign from onekindesign.

One of the wood harvesting layout ideas before Thanksgiving set on your patio design. You can purchase wooden signs to create a focal point when your guests visit your home. Complete the décor with fall ornaments in the form of wooden pumpkins and wreaths to brighten up your fall season. Combined with this brick wall, it will produce the perfect terrace and have a rustic impression. Wooden signs fall decor from onekindesign.

2. Colourful Leaf Glass Candleholders

Light your favourite aromatherapy candles on leaf-shaped glass candleholders. Available in red, green, orange, and white, they create understated but elegant fall décor. You can place them on a wall shelf, floor cabinet, or dining room.

Other good options are regular candle holders that have fall/Halloween decals, like pumpkins and leaves. They are perfect for a more modern interior look.

This dramatic autumn candle DIY features maple leaves in a glass that adds a dramatic touch to the room. You can even use real leaves that you collect from the outside to add a unique touch to your projects. Don’t forget to add a rope to complete your candle holder decoration. DIY maple leaves glass candle holder from homebnc.

Apply these pretty fall leaves to a pretty candle. Create dry leaf margins of the same shape and color for a bold graphic design that brings out the natural beauty of the room. This project is a depiction of rustic chic. Placing it on a dining table or floor cabinet will produce dramatic and inviting lighting. Fall leaves candle holder from homebnc.

This simple DIY is super easy to do. Slip a glass candle holder inside a larger storm glass, then add pretty fall leaves. Placing it on a dining table or wall shelf will give your fall decor a sophisticated look. This is a great choice for a dramatic addition to your room. DIY glass candle holder from homebnc.

3. Colourful Translucent Bottles/Jars

Colourful, translucent bottles or jars add some vintage charm into your house. Dollar Tree has various bottles and jars you can buy in bulk for decorations.  Square liquor bottles look like classic options, while glass milk jars or bottles are more whimsical and contemporary.

Decorate your next outdoor party with a beautiful wine bottle candle holder. Choosing yellow and green in this bottle will make your outdoor dining table decoration more stylish and look bright. This wooden dining table set also creates a natural and rustic feel. Wine bottle candle holder from countryliving.

Fall in style without spending a fortune by recycling things around the house. You can fill a large vintage bottle with leaf branches cut from the yard for a free center. Also, combining it with a white and orange table landscape will create the perfect contrast. This wooden dining table and chairs also gives your autumn a natural and rustic feel. Large vintage bottle from southernliving.

4. Halloween/Thanksgiving Placemats

For more specific dining table decorations, try the holiday-themed placemats. Made of polyester, these placemats instantly transform your table more whimsically. They have rich decorations with themes such as leaves, pumpkins, fruits, and harvest terms.

This cozy layered placemat will add a rich pumpkin spice color to your table scene. Paired with carnberry centerpieces and pillar candles, this fall vibe will set your dining table on fire. This piece of wood will add a rustic feel to this dining table. Pumpkin color placemat from countryliving.

The view of a farmhouse Halloween dining table with black pumpkins, greenery and a cauldron as the centerpiece will add a sophisticated centerpieces decor to your outdoor dining table. Complementing the decor with pale white tablecloths will balance the look of your dining table. Halloween dining table with black pumpkins from digsdigs.

This orange and white plaid cotton mat provides an eye-catching look to spice up your fall season. Equipped with orange napkins and some blooming flowers as centerpieces will make the focal point of the table suitable for you to try. Slices of white pumpkin can also be added to your fall mood. Orange plaid plaid tablecloth from countryliving.

This rustic Halloween table setting with wicker placemats, black plate and candle holder, white pumpkin and gold glass will provide the perfect dining table touch and will steal the attention of many. This lantern complete with white pumpkin gives a unique look and steals the attention of many people. Rustic Halloween table setting from digsdigs.

5. Colourful Aromatherapy Candles

Use colourful candles instead of the regular ones to emphasise the seasonal charm. Fall candles have bright colours like red, yellow, and orange. Many of them have fall-related aromas, such as pumpkin spice, vanilla, apple and cinnamon, and even the “dry leaf” aroma.

With this super easy project, you can add a touch of personality to your home in an instant. Using glass cups for these colorful candle will make for a warm touch. These candles have scents associated with autumn, such as pumpkin, vanilla, apple and cinnamon spices. Colorful candle from homebnc.

This DIY candle is ideal for you to try on your fall decor. This project takes almost no effort to make, but it looks beautiful. Colorful autumn leaves, warm candlelight and cute little owls will turn your home into an autumn wonderland in no time. Putting it on a large glass cup with a few fall leaves gives it a cozy touch. DIY candle from homebnc.

These colorful aromatherapy candles will add an interesting touch to the room and make your autumn more stylish. Using this mason jar container will make your fall design more cheerful. You can also add dried flowers for the perfect table touch. Colorful aromatherapy candles from buzzfeed.

Dollar Tree is a cheap alternative for buying seasonal decorations in bulk. Shop now and make your house more festive.

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