Some of you may want to go extravagant when it comes to decorating a room, but fall is all about homey and cosy. Keeping everything classic and opt for the conventional in this season will help you create an elegant and highly functional, especially in the dining room where everyone gathers during Thanksgiving. To give you ideas, here’s classic fall decor essentials for elegant dining room.

1. Cover with Curtains

With the seasonal switches, it’s time to bring out textiles. Curtains in your dining room can be as grand as the one that’s in your living room. Swap the sheer and lightweight fabric you used during the spring and change into thicker cotton or rayon to have breathable airflow. For a more elegant look, choose velvet in deep-red curtains.

To minimize the occurrence of excessive sunlight entering the dining room, you can use cotton curtains which have thicker materials, now you can choose curtains with warmer and neutral colors such as dark brown so that they are easier to combine with the interior of the dining room. who are in the vicinity. Open this curtain when you need natural lighting during the day, this sunlight will enter through the window shutter installed in the wall area. Thick cotton curtains from digsdigs.

Furthermore, the best choice of curtains that you can use are those made of velvet material with bold colors so that they can be used as a focal point for autumn dining room decorations with a touch of elegant and classic style. You can use rugs with matching colors and vintage patterns that never go out of style or tacky. Some of the ceramic ornaments that are applied in this room become antique decorations that attract people’s attention when they see it. Bold velvet curtain from architecturaldigest.

2. Hanging Citrus Wreath

This sweet, fresh-smelling wreath can do any room a sight for an eye. It’s easy to make and looks great for your classic fall decor in the dining room. The key is combining the gems of the citrus family like kumquats, limes, lemons, oranges, and clementines—secure the wreath using wooden florist’s pick. This hanging decor can last for a week.

Don’t let the walls in your dining room look empty and boring, you can hang a citrus wreath which has a blend of green leaves and oranges arranged in a circle with a distance that is not too far away. Then you can complete this wreath with greenery garland and ceramic flower vases that are placed right on top of the wooden dresser in a beautiful and neat way, try this idea to maximize the appearance of your dining room decor in autumn. Citrus wreath with leaf accents from apartmenttherapy.

Not only applied to the walls, you can also put this citrus wreath into the wooden chair area as a room decoration that emphasizes the autumn style in your dining room decor this year. Citrus wreath consists of several natural ingredients that are easy to find around your home so they are cheaper and affordable. The materials needed include dried oranges, dried leaves, pine tree leaves and finally small mushrooms which are applied at a distance that is not too close. Dried citrus wreath from romantichomes.

Complete the appearance of your dried citrus wreath with a red burlap accent that is beautifully tied to the top surface of the wreath. This DIY wreath is also equipped with a candle holder that is able to provide warm lighting that can be used anytime or when the room feels dark. This citrus wreath design has a larger size so that it can be used as a focal point for a room that is suitable for autumn dining room decorations. Dried citrus wreath with red burlap accessories from frenchcountrycottage.

3. Classic Carpet

Incorporating classic ottoman carpet in your fall dining room decor will create a homey, warm look that goes well with the cold weather. Another option is choosing an autumn floral pattern carpet in sun-kissed colour to leave a sweet impression in the room.

Cover all surfaces under the feet of the furniture in the dining room with a rug that has a splash of color in accordance with autumn this year, an orange rug is the most appropriate choice of footwear because it has a color that matches the tablecloth used today. In addition, this rug layer also makes your dining room decoration seem more elegant, neat and never out of date. The wooden dining table set which is repainted in gray and black colors easily blends perfectly. Orange elegant rug from digsdigs.

4. Chandelier

Your fall entertaining week should be more romantic with chandelier decorating lighting the dining room. Choose one with the correct light fixture that will not only complement the overall room decor but also work best with ornaments like garland, acorn, etc.

The lamp is one of the interiors of the dining room that is very much needed at night or during the day to illuminate your activities while in this dining table area. Cage chandeliers are the best choice to emphasize the fall dining room decor. For a more creative look, you can hang some orange autumn leaves on the surface of the chandeliers using a fairly long string. Try this fall leaf accent decoration not to interfere with your eating and drinking activities. Cage chandeliers with leaves fall decorative from hgtv.

Adjust the use of chandeliers with the feel of your dining room so that it can be more integrated without destroying the color tone of the room. Vintage chandeliers with iron can be hung right above the dining table as the main lighting that you can use at night. The lighting produced from these chandeliers will certainly be brighter and able to illuminate the entire dining room optimally to the corner and of course more evenly. Hanging vintage chandeliers from attagirlsays.

5. Napkins and Decorative Mittens

Instead of going bold and aggressive, keep your dining room decor simple by using napkins available; the ones with checkered pattern blend well with classic fall decoration. If you have a fireplace in your dining room, up above the fireplace, place quilt mittens connected with cotton thread to bring early Christmas home.

Napkins are one of the layers of cloth that must be in the dining table area as a complementary accent that can be used to wipe cutlery before use. You can choose a plaid pattern with a combination of white and orange as a decoration that emphasizes the autumn style at this dining table. The napkins in the dining table area are complemented by a pumpkin centerpiece consisting of various colors and sizes. Try it easily without spending a lot of money. Plaid napkins with combination color of orange and white from digsdigs.

Splash the color of the napkins on the dining table with the use of cutlery that will be used to display a more harmonious and stunning fall dining table decoration. The combination of black and white on this plaid napkin design is the best choice you can try, you can put this napkin right under your bowl and plate to make it easier to pick up when you use it. Candle holder with pumpkin is a centerpiece that looks elegant. Monochromatic color napkin from digsdigs.

So that’s my idea of bringing classic fall decor into your dining room to make an elegant aesthetic. If you wish, add autumn leaves and have fun decorating with your family.

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