If you can feel that the weather is getting cooler than some days before, rainfall more often, plants look withered then you can conclude that we are heading to fall season. However, there is one interesting view that you can see that a lot of riped fruits everywhere. What a great blessed, isn’t it? Well, what I am trying to share this time at this article is not about some fall facts. I will share some ideas on how you can create a beautiful fall decoration at your home. So, you still can refresh your house’s vibe every season. Moreover, it is not a big job, small projects that you can do, and bring you joy and excitement.


Start with a wreath. In fact, this kind of ornament is not always presented only on Christmas, but a wreath can be a perfect complement for your house’s decoration. Instead of purchase it, you can have it by DIY. Utilize some particular things around that have fall theme colors like brown, orange-yellow, or terracotta color. For example, you can collect some twigs that can be bent then bend them into a wreath shape then patch leave that has fall colors. Patch them on until they cover the whole twigs. Another example is by using pine cones. Arrange those cones neatly by using a circle hardboard as its base by applying gun glue at the cone’s bottom. Those projects are worth trying and enjoy the excitement.

Complete your porch decoration in the fall season with a hanging wreath that is applied to your wooden door design. Choose and use a wreath made of several blends of faux floral accents that have several different colors. Not only wreath, but you can also put some other ornaments such as pumpkins, corn trees, and green plants in pots to emphasize the fall season this year. Colorful flower wreath from homebnc.

Don’t let your porch wall appear plain and boring, you can hang a wreath which is dominated by yellow and orange colors which have a larger size. Hang this wreath just above a wooden chair for a different look. Also, hang a small pumpkin and ribbon burlap on the wreath as beautiful decorations and ornaments that can be obtained easily and of course at a price that is not too expensive. Orange and yellow wreath color from homebnc.

Take advantage of the dry twigs around you for a beautiful autumn ornament that is unique. Collect small twigs around your house then arrange and unite them to form a circle. Don’t forget to add decoration to the wreath, for example by putting some kind of fresh fruit in the middle of the wreath. You can hang more than one wreath on the glass window as a unique window sill decoration. Dry twigs wreath with fruit accents from countryliving.


Some of the fall decorations look like Christmas. But, the distinction is on the color used. Christmas colors are more bright, fresh, cool color and fall colors combination are more brown, yellow, orange. Similar to the ornament above, the garland is also a nice DIY project, it is simple and very cheap material needed. You can use long twigs then you can patch dried maple leave and some pine cones. Then put it on your fireplace frame. You also can add some small pumpkin ornaments to make it a more interesting decoration.

Prepare for autumn this year with beautiful decorations on your terrace. Install a garland on the main door to warmly welcome everyone who comes to your home. Arrange some fake leaves made of plastic so that the colors created are kept bright and certainly don’t wilt easily when used for a longer period of time. A few pumpkins under the garland make a lovely addition. Faux leaf garland made of plastic material from homebnc.

Decorate your porch door with a long garland arranged in a beautiful U shape. The appearance of this garland is enlivened with some fall ornaments that you can get easily. For example, wreaths, pumpkin dried twigs, and bird ornaments are black in color. Paint your door frame with a dark color so that the garland looks more contrasting and can be a focal point that attracts attention. Long garland that is applied to the porch door from homebnc.

Sunflowers in this garland design are the main ingredients that you can get in your backyard garden easily without having to buy them. Not only sunflowers, but you can also add fabric accents with buffalos patterns and dry twigs that are arranged into a simple but favorite DIY wreath this year. Sunflower accents make your porch decoration brighter and very friendly to welcome your guests when they come home. Sunflower garland from homebnc.

Pumpkin Ornament

Lastly, provide pumpkins with those ornaments above. The original color of the pumpkin will complete the whole ornament that you have already prepared. You can make this ornament by yourself by collecting small twigs then make them into a pumpkin look. Let it has its own original color. Put it side by side with real pumpkin or orange pumpkin ornaments. You can look that your DIY pumpkin will complete the whole fall decoration.

Pumpkin ornaments that have three different colors become porch decorations that will emphasize your favorite fall style this year. Arrange these ornamental pumpkins vertically starting from the large pumpkin to the smallest pumpkin. Here you can also use the pot as a pumpkin container that is safe and does not cause this ornament to easily roll over and cause to break. This door decoration that is applied simultaneously becomes a beautiful porch decoration idea. Vertical pumpkin ornament from homebnc.

Pumpkins with several different colors become decorations as well as smart ornaments that can emphasize the style of the porch in the fall season. You can put this pumpkin on the floor in a neat and orderly layout. Daisies with bright yellow colors are a smart decoration addition that you can try. Apply ladder storage to put some flowers vertically to save floor area to be more effective and efficient. Combination of pumpkin decoration with yellow daisies from homebnc.

Don’t let the stone stairs leading to your porch decoration appear plain and boring, you can apply several pumpkins with a larger size so that they can be used as focal points for outdoor decorations that attract attention. Not only pumpkins, but you can also apply daisies simultaneously in this stone staircase area. Take care of the flowers so that they can develop properly and of course become a beautiful sight that is not easily boring. Pumpkin ornament in the stone staircase area from homebnc.

You can get pumpkin ornaments as the main decoration of the porch in the fall season without having to spend a lot of money. Choose and use pumpkins with small to large sizes so that they can be seen more perfectly. Place this pumpkin on your floor area in a neat and uncluttered arrangement without blocking the steps leading to your porch decoration. Decoration of stairs with various sizes of ornament pumpkins from homebnc.

Furthermore, there are still a lot of fall decorations that you have to create a fall decoration in your house. Even though the weather is getting cooler, however, the fall color can create a warm atmosphere affected by those colors. Moreover, those three decorations are easy to make, less expensive, and you really don’t need to purchase them unless those materials needed are not provided around you. So, those are some ideas that you can copy to bring a special vibe to your house.

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