With its simplistic look and clutter-free aesthetics, the modern interior won’t go anywhere soon. Since the elements are versatile, you can apply it almost everywhere–whether it’s the living room, kitchen, or even in the bedroom, and there’s a range of amount in how to nail the look.

A modern bedroom itself is hard to forget. Looking relaxing and therapeutic, make sure to check out these sleek and minimalistic modern bedroom ideas.

1. Popping Colors

If there’s one hallmark in modern interior design, it’s a pop of color. Putting a stark-colored bedsheet, for example, in a neutral room can transform it into a focal point that’s hard to resist. Another option is to put a wall painting, furniture, or other decorations that can enhance your room.

If you like a nautical theme but want to give it a contemporary feel, combine wide stripes with a clean blue and white palette and modern furnishings like in this renovated coastal house. It makes the perfect focal point of a room when paired with a neutral color scheme to give the room a warm and serene feel. Seaside stripes bed sheet from housebeautiful.

White is the perfect foil for pairing yellow and pink, allowing the colors to sing. The armor-blue bed provides a cool contrast. It will make the perfect focal point of the room if you combine it with the white color scheme on the walls of this modern bedroom. This striped mustard rug provides a warm and inviting look. Yellow bed sheet from housebeautiful.

2. Minimalistic Bright and Airy

No one can go wrong with a minimalistic white modern bedroom. If you have a big window, replace the curtain with a white one to make it classier. As a final touch, throw all-white plush pillows and blanket and you’ll immediately get that bright and airy look in your bedroom.

The white walls don’t distract from this stunning sight. This all-white bed sheet also provides extra comfort and creates an attractive appearance. The black-and-white art above the bed adds contrast. These large windows let sunlight into your bedroom. Give this rug a touch of purple for a more stylish look. All-white bed sheet from elledecor.

The white color in your bedroom will make it look more muscular and natural. Use a white blanket and a white bed set to make it look modern and keep it simple. This large window also gives the room an attractive appearance and will let sunlight into this minimalist bedroom. This all-white color scheme provides an airy and bright look. All-white color scheme from elledecor.

3. Monochromatic Look

A white room looks classy, while a black one looks elegant, so why not combine both of them? A monochromatic bedroom is everyone’s favorite modern bedroom look. Installing a white wall and black wooden floor is a fast track to nail a modern bedroom.

Decorating a bedroom with white walls will make your room look brighter and more spacious. Use black wood floors to make your bedroom look more modern with a monochromatic touch. This wooden platform and wooden ceiling beams add a natural touch to your bedroom space. Green plants in the corner of this room create fresh air throughout the room. Monochromatic bedroom from stylecaster.

Choosing shades of white for your bedroom decor will make it look classier. Combine it with a black wooden floor so it will present a beautiful monochromatic look. These black and white layered curtains provide the perfect look and will make your room look taller and wider. This bedside chandelier provides dramatic and inviting lighting. Black wooden floor bedroom from architectureartdesigns.

4. Going Green with Plants

Modern bedrooms do not forget to incorporate greenery into the aesthetic scope. Instead of placing large plants that take up too much space, consider choosing adorable little succulents or hanging plants that are not only comfortable but also complement your interior well.

Decorating a white bedroom with plants will look fresher. Just put some vines on the window to make it look prettier. This plant will make the perfect focal point of the room and will steal the attention of many people. This chunky pink knitted blanket brings extra warmth into your modern bedroom. Ivy plants bedroom from home-designing.

Decorate with indoor plants in your modern bedroom to access your green bedroom design. Combined with the green and white color scheme will give you the perfect look for you to try. Choosing green plants in the form of banana leaves and vines makes the impression of a fresh and inviting room into your bedroom. Banana leaves and vines indoor plants from home-designing.

5. Exposed Wardrobe

Brushing away all the clutter, you can achieve a modern bedroom by installing this exposed wardrobe instead of a traditional one. You can also arrange your clothes based on color to create a delightful gradient.

Installing an open wardrobe in your bedroom will give its own charm. Adjusting the settings by color can create a pleasing display. Putting it behind the bed is the perfect focal point of the room. Using a cover from this folding door will create a sleek look and look wider. Combined with the beige color scheme, it gives a calm and warm touch to the room. Open wardrobe behind the bed from ofdesign.

Choosing to use an open wardrobe to decorate your bedroom is the perfect idea. Place an open wardrobe next to your bed to make it look attractive. You can use the cover of the colorful tribal patterned curtains to give an interesting room design for you to try. This white color scheme gives the room a spacious and sleek design. Open wardrobe bedroom from ofdesign.

Achieving a modern bedroom look isn’t that hard if you know what to look. From simple and sleek furnishings to adorable greeneries, make sure not to miss these one-of-a-kind bedroom inspirations!

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