An entrance hall is a good place to make your guests dropping their jaw. Leave them stunned as they look at your stunning entrance hall design. This is a good place to show off who you are and what you are. Are you ready to find out some tips about this jaw-dropping looks?

1. Bold Color

Never hesitate to show your true nature. This is your domain, everything that inside your domain are under your control. Choose your true colors and show it. Whether it is calming natural color, or vividly brave.

Choosing the entrance with a thick paint color is perfect for you to use. As in the picture above using black will make your room look natural.

The black color is one of the thickest colors and is perfect for you to use. Using black color for basic colors at the entrance of your home will make your room look attractive.

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One of the thick colors and suitable for you to use at the entrance of your house is gray. With this color the entrance to your house will seem soothing.

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2. Art Gallery

Make your entrance hall design look like an art gallery. Art pieces always a good choice to impress people. Fill up your walls with family framed-photographs, huge size paintings, famous painting imitations, or statues. Complete the room with dim lightings, unique floor lamps, or even gallery wall lightings.

One of the entrance design that is suitable for you to use is art gallery. With an art gallery decoration like the picture above will make your room impressive.

Using art gallery for the entrance design is one of the right design choices. Because with this design the entrance to your home will seem to have high artistic value.

In addition to using paintings you can also decorate the entrance of your home with photos of your family. With a family photo decoration on the entrance to your house will make someone interested to see it.

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3. Living Hall

Fancy artworks and furniture? Upgrade your entrance into a casual living place. Arrange a seating set in one place. Fill the area with various type of furniture. Take a few different pair of armchairs. Add several unique table lamps above the drawers, various painted plates, and paintings. This arrangement will definitely leave your guest stunned while waiting for you to greet.

Using some furniture for the entrance design is very good. Like using an armchair, table with drawers, several art galleries, and unique table lamps will make your entrance can be used to relax and looks interesting.

To make your entrance a place that can be used as a place to relax, you can install chairs, small round tables placed beside chairs and unique table lamps.

Installing armchairs to be placed at the entrance of your home is the right choice. Because with this armchair you can use it to relax.

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4. Double High Ceiling

Entering a building with double high interior will make people gawking when they look up to the ceiling, especially if you decorate the interior right. Install high windows that stretch from waist-high all the way to the ceiling in one side of your room’s wall. Hang a master-pieced lighting fixture as the main sight-stopper after the high window. To complete the ground-level decoration, put a giant painting or marble sculpture to add artistic ambiance into the room.

Placing large windows next to the entrance of your house is the right choice. With large windows will make your vision wider.

Installation of a large window next to the door, a chandelier at the top, and a large picture icon at the top of the stairs will make the appearance of your entrance look more elegant.

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Using big window and a round table that is placed in the middle of the entrance and decorated with flowers are the right choice. Place big artwork on the wall as the vocal point of your entrance.

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5. Table Star

Use a unique center table as the star in the entrance hall. You can bespeak this kind of table to matched with the hall’s theme. You can put any table decoration on the table, but the most important thing is, hang special lighting fixtures above it to give more emphasis to the star.

Another entrance design that will make guesses amazed is place table at the center. You can use round wooden table for the idea and put some ornaments for the decoration. Hang unique chandelier above the table to make your entrance looks dramatic.

To make your entrance looks glamorous, placing a round glass table in the middle of the entrance is a good idea to be applied. To make more interesting and sophisticated, you can add unique chandelier and install above the table.

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Designing the entrance by installing table in the middle of the entrance and chandelier above the table are very appropriate to make your entrance more inviting. Add paintings on each side of the walls to make your entrance looks artistic.

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Get ready to announce who you are to the world with these entrance hall designs!

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