Applying a garden design idea in the apartment requires consideration toward the room’s size. You cannot expect to have a large indoor garden in a small, urban apartment. Luckily, with some creativity, you can create the perfect indoor garden with limited space.

Try these ideas to create a green space in your small house or apartment.

1. Indoor Garden on Mesh Wire

Use a mesh wire panel to attach pots in a vertical position. You can attach pots with hooks or metal brackets, creating a nice green spot. You can also grow a plant with vines that can climb the mesh wire, but make sure to maintain them regularly.

Use wire mesh panels for your garden indoor decoration. Simply hang your pot on a wire panel to create a fresh feel in your apartment.

Vertical garden is a perfect idea for decorating apartments with an indoor garden. Use the wire mesh panel to mount your pot, creating a nice green dot.

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Planting vines indoors will create a green dot that looks fresh. Choose vines that can climb the wire so that it will look more attractive.

Installing an indoor garden will create a fresh feel in your apartment. Just use the mesh wire panel to mount the pot with hooks so that it will look stunning.

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The decoration of the apartment with an indoor garden looks amazing. Use the panel wire as your vertical garden so that it will save more space and still look good.

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2. Wall Succulent Garden

Succulents are sturdy and require little water. You can plant mini succulents on a palette before attaching it vertically. You can also attach the succulent planters directly to the wall (there are mini planters available at online stores). With small succulents, you only need to spray them lightly instead of watering.

To create a fresh feel in your apartment, Installing the indoor garden is the right idea. Choosing a Succulents plant that is placed on the wall will enhance your decor so it looks more beautiful.

Choosing succulents for your indoor garden is the right choice, because it will facilitate you to care for it. Simply spray the water lightly instead of watering it.

Indoor vertical garden with succulents planted in wire containers looks simple but still amazing in your apartment.

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Succulents planting with a wooden frame attached to the wall will create a beautiful view so that it feels comfortable.

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3. Floating Shelf Garden

Attach several floating shelves on the wall. They are simple but effective spaces to place pots and planters. You can attach them anywhere, including in a kitchen to make herb garden. The floating shelves can be plain or painted wood, depending on the interior of your apartment.

Using a floating shelf is a simple but effective idea to put a pot in your indoor garden so it will look amazing.

Indoor fresh garden with floating shelves is the right idea. Simply place your plant pots on a floating shelf so that it will give the feel of a beautiful and fresh indoor garden.

To save space, using a vertical indoor garden is the right solution. Installing a floating shelf then place the plant pot on it to create a fresh, natural feel.

Simple indoor garden decoration with wooden floating rack will create a fresh rustic feel.

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Placing plant pots on floating shelves in your indoor garden will create a fresh feel and still look amazing in your apartment.

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4. Repurposed Bar Cart Garden

If you know how to get an old bar cart, repurpose it to create a mini garden. You can arrange pots and plants in different sizes. The bar carts can be polished and repainted, but you can also keep the distressed look for its vintage charm.

Using an old wagon for decorating your indoor garden will create a soothing classical feel. Place a few pots on your bar wagon so that it will look neat and orderly.

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The old wagon that you use for your indoor garden decoration will look amazing. You can re-fire your old wagon so it looks more luxurious.

Decorating your indoor garden using an old cart looks simple but still amazing. Choose an old wagon with wheels to make it easier for you to move the park.

Placing plant pots on an old wagon will create a classic feel in your indoor garden. Just simply repaint your old wagon so it will look cleaner.

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Creative indoor garden decoration with old carts repainted looking more beautiful. Simply place your plant pots on the wagon so that they will look neater.

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5. Mini Hanging Gardens

You can make hanging gardens in several ways. Attach several pots (or even mason jars) to ropes and hang them from strong nails. Plant your favourite plants in a basket and hang them from the ceiling. Attach several metal poles (or used pipes) on the wall and hang the plants from them.

Hanging greenery in your indoor garden will create a natural feel that feels fresher.

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Adding hanging plants in your apartment will create a refreshing green feel. Just hang your plant pots on the roof so it won’t take up much space and still look beautiful.

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Put a few pots for the rope then hang around the bedroom of your apartment so that it will enhance your decor and look more natural.

Installing metal poles on the roof to hang plants is the perfect idea to create a fresh feel in your apartment.

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Utilising unused space is a good garden design idea in the apartment. Adorn your small apartment with creative green spaces for a better life.

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