Spacious outdoor space is a luxury not everyone can have. Not everyone has a large balcony in their house or apartment. Even not everyone has a balcony at all. Thus, no matter how small your balcony is, you have to make the most of it. You can always turn your tiny balcony to a small cozy haven where you can rest happily. 

How? Here we have four cozy balcony décor ideas that will turn your small cramped balcony into a sweet and comfortable space.

1. Place a Small Table

Nothing beats a morning coffee and breakfast while looking out of your balcony. Moreover, sitting in the balcony allows you to enjoy the fresh morning air and healthy sunshine in the morning. If you don’t have any shades in the balcony, you might want to opt for moveable chair and table since their durability will decrease significantly during bad weather.

A small square table with wooden folding chairs makes your small balcony look perfect for relaxing and drinking coffee. Woven planters with brightly colored flowers complete the balcon decoration.

Too much decoration can disturb the view on your small balcony. An iron table and a small square bench with comfortable pillows are enough to keep you at home in the balcony.

Iron folding chairs and table are very simple and offer flexibility for your small balcony. So you can always have enough chairs to drink coffee with friends when needed.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate bright colors into your balcony decor. The choice of colorful tablecloth, bright yellow chairs and striking carpets is the right choice.

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2. Make a Garden

Who doesn’t love the fresh colors of plants and flowers? Even though you only have limited space in your balcony, don’t let it set you back from having a garden. You can opt for hanging or ladder planters to save some spaces. Try planting herbs to make it smell as good as how it looks.

With a little more effort, you can turn your small balcony into a beautiful garden. Colorful flowers make you smile every time you sit there.

This balcony design brings together a mixture of perennials, green trees and colorful annual plants such as petunias and bougainvillea. It can make your garden look fresh.

The colors of flowers are very striking on the balcony with a neutral background. The iron garden bench is used for more inviting garden balcony decoration.

This balcony has a planter box made specifically for plants and vegetables. Hardwood floors function as a simple addition to natural elements.

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3. Utilize Floor Pillows

Floor pillows can be one of the best options for your balcony décor plan. It works even better if you are only renting, floor pillows are highly flexible so that you can move it easily. It’s fluffiness also makes it super cozy when you are relaxing in your balcony.

Who can think that reading on the floor is more fun than reading on a chair. These floor pillows and blankets will make you feel comfortable at the balcony area even at night.

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Colorful floor cushions are a great way to add charm and comfort to your home’s balcony. With its bright color and style, your balcony will invite anyone who sees it.

For larger open balcony areas, you can combine chair sets and floor areas. Bohemian style rugs and floor pillows will complement your relaxed feel with family.

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The worst part about the balcony is probably the cold concrete floor. Use outdoor rugs and a stack of floor cushions to keep you comfortable.

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4. Install Light Fixtures

You and your friends can also hang out late-night in your balcony. To make it more comfortable, install some light fixtures such as outdoor pendant or scones.  You can also opt for string LED lights to make it more dramatic.

You can decorate your balcony area with this futuristic chandelier. The light will cause the effects of interesting shadows at night.

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The small bulbs hanging on the balcony railing will make a charming spotlight. Additional lighting comes from candles and lanterns for this cozy balcony.

The balcony is a place where we can relax and get fresh air. Star lanterns and string lights on the balcony railing will create a dimly romantic effect.

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Not only in the living room, antique chandeliers can be used to decorate your balcony. In winter, add supporting decorations such as tons of pine trees and warm fake fur accents.

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Those are four cozy balcony décor ideas you must try. Don’t let a small balcony prevent you from a relaxing and comfortable pleasure time there!

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