If you love a fancy design interior, you might want to turn your apartment into a fancier one. But you need to be mindful of what kind of furniture and decoration you need to have. Create your luxury apartment with these great ideas!

1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are not only functioned as room lighting but also furniture that decorates the room prettily. The designs are varied and always add a beautiful look to your entire house. They maximize the lighting properly so your room will constantly feel bright and lively. So, you do not need to spend too much money on decoration or house renovation to get a perfect light.

Chandeliers offer luxury and expensive touch to everything around it. That is why having this in your luxurious interior is a great decision.

Lighting is one of the things that really influences the decor of your living room. Using a luxurious crystal chandelier will provide the perfect lighting so that it will make your apartment look even more stunning. Crystal chandelier from roohome
You can hang a round chandelier with a large size in an elegant dining room to provide the perfect lighting. This lamp helps your dinner to be more dramatic, you can try it now. Round chandelier from roohome
Match your chandeliers colors with the nuances of your master bedroom. Choose the classic themed chandeliers. Light shades give the impression of a cleaner, wider and brighter room. Classic chandeliers from roohome
The black matte finish on the chandelier surface makes it a luxurious focal point in this small kitchen. You can give a splash of gold on the high chairs for the perfect color combination. Black matte chandelier from bocadolobo
To beautify the decoration of your entryways apartment, adding a glass chandelier is an idea you can do. The glass chandelier will provide lighting as well as a decorative item that presents a modern impression. Glass chandelier from bocadolobo
The combination of glass balls chandelier with a white ceiling is perfect because it has a luxurious style for your bedroom decoration ideas. Wall decoration makes this room more colorful. Glass balls chandelier from bocadolobo
Think about the selection of lighting in your living room well. Long crystal chandelier comes with shades that look more modern and luxurious. Hang it right on your coffee table. Long crystal chandelier from bocadolobo
The sparkling light hanging in the apartment bedroom gives a luxurious feel of its own. You can choose gold as the base color for lighting. Try out these lighting ideas today. Sputnik chandeliers from bocadolobo

2. Gold Painted Window Frame

When it comes to a luxurious look, anything gold is always the best idea. But you do not have to go all-gold for your whole furniture. Having a gold-painted window frame is enough to make your entire house looks grand and fancy.

Plus, a gold color never fails to radiate fun and warm touch to the overall atmosphere. You feel like your apartment is your palace!

Wooden frame window in gold color gives a luxurious impression for simple living room decoration. You can combine it with white shades to make it easier to enter other furniture into the room. Gold frame window from apartmenttherapy
Instead, use a wall with wide glass windows. You can paint part of the frame with gold color to give it a different decoration that looks elegant. Wide glass windows with gold frame from apartmenttherapy
Match the color of the window frames with wooden floors to match the mid-century living room. Gold is one of the favorite color choices to apply to your living room. Match color window frame with floor from apartmenttherapy
To highlight the decor of a small dining room, you can try the iron window frame in gold color. Flower wall wallpaper makes a pretty and sweet finishing touch. Iron frame window with gold touch from apartmenttherapy
The modern farmhouse kitchen, furnished with gold window frames and unique chandeliers, exudes luxury into the room. Add flowers on top of the kitchen island as a fresh decorative item. Gold window frames and unique chandeliers from bostonmagazine
The window frame with a thicker size will be stronger, matching the frame color with the ceiling living room to give it a more maximal appearance. Gold color is the best choice that you can try. Gold frame window to ceiling from yellowtrace
You can also try gold lines on the wall to decorate your bedroom window frames. Gold is the color that will make your decoration more luxurious and elegant. Bedroom window frames from yellowtrace

3. Rug or Carpet

Either a rug or carpet always gives an aesthetic look to your look. They also provide warmth and soft feeling to your footsteps. It boosts your daily mood with its pretty and subtle design.

To emphasize the luxury apartment theme, you can have patterned or middle-style ones. With the right choice of a rug and carpet, you will able to create the focal point of your place immediately.

Not only patterned rugs, plain rugs made of wool are also comfortable, soft and warm footrests. You can choose a color according to the feel of the living room that will be carpeted. Gray plain carpet from homestratosphere
To highlight the magnificent living room decoration, the selection of patterned and light colored rugs is a solution that you can try. Show the red and blue combination on the carpet for a striking color contrast. Striking color carpet from homestratosphere
Even though it has a neutral color, this carpet has a pattern and texture that almost any furniture can be combined with this carpet. The white ceiling gives the impression of a spacious room. Neutral color carpet from homestratosphere
Bright colors in the room and even furniture are no doubt. This color is suitable to be applied anywhere, the combination of carpet and sofa sets gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive. White plain carpet from homestratosphere
Cover your plain carpet with a rug that has a stylish pattern and bold color. Bold color carpet and colorful pillows give an energetic impression into the room well. Combination plain with bold carpet from homestratosphere
To bring a nautucal style to your living room, try incorporating blue and white colors into your furniture and carpets. Choose plaid motifs for ideas that match the room. Nautical carpet from homestratosphere
Bring natural nuances into your living room decor with green on your bed, walls and pillows. Green is a fresh color and you don’t get bored easily when you enjoy it. Striped carpet with green color from homestratosphere

4. Antique Sofa Set

If you still wondering what kind of sofa set to put into your living room, go with the antique one. An item of antique furniture has high durability and value. It also embraces the luxury interior you want to create.

The antique look matches the gold-painted window frame. It also timeless and always suits the trends. The royal feeling will be continually radiated by it.

A colorful antique sofa is a focal point in your living room. Don’t forget to add a carpet with a floral pattern to complement the colorful decorations. You can try it in your apartment design. Colorful antique sofa from homedesignlover
Cover your antique sofa with white carpet as a soft and warm step. Combine it with a transparent coffee table to give the illusion that this table is floating. Cover antique sofa with white carpet from homedesignlover
The dark decor of the living room with antique suede sofas, crystal chandeliers, and brown wallpaper makes this room look more charming. Give it a little lighting for a more dramatic decor. Antique suede sofas from essentialhome
A suede sofa combined with white chairs is an antique furniture that you can apply to your living room decor. The big hang mirror gives a broad impression into the living room decoration. suede Sofa combined with white chairs from essentialhome
White living room surfaces are popular decorations that you can try. Antique leather sofa sets are the furniture that many people are looking for. Gold ornament for wall decoration is a luxurious finishing touch. Antique leather sofa set from essentialhome
Instead of using walls with large and wide glass windows. This window casts light on your antique furniture to make it look more charming. Wall mounted mirror gives it a classic style. Antique furniture and mirror from essentialhome
High windows combined with antique chairs in the living room present a very modern luxurious style. Choose soft material colors and beautiful colors, for example a suede sofa with a black gold fan color. Antique suede sofa set from essentialhome

So, have you made up your mind? Create your luxury apartment with those interior tips!

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