When you have a small bathroom, you have to be smart in maximizing its space. In other words, you have to consider the function of each item you place there. Here are some stylish small bathroom design ideas you should try.

1. Choose Skylights Instead of a Window

If you don’t have much room for windows, adding a skylight can be the best solution. The natural light will make a small space feel bigger. Also, you can make use of the wall to put another hanging storage you might need.

Adding skylight for your small bathroom is very effective for making the bathroom look more spacious. It also can make your bathroom looks bright and clean.

Double skylight bathroom that each can be opened independently can give a natural light into your bathroom. So that you can get good a good lighting in your bathroom.

If you don’t have space to install a window for the natural light of the bathroom, you can add a skylight for the best solution. By adding it to the bathroom, the natural light can enter easily and you bathroom looks more bright and bigger.

Bathroom skylights with wooden fingers can create a warm natural lighting. It can give a bigger effect to your small bathroom.

A shower enclosure with a feature round window will be perfectly coordinated with a smaller skylight. This skylight can give huge impact to your bathroom look. Your bathroom will look spacious and bright with natural light.

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2. Put Floating Basin Sink

Using a floating basin sink can be a perfect solution to save more space in your bathroom. Not only make it chicer, but the basin sink will also make your bathroom look more spacious and sleeker. Besides, it looks good both in the modern or classic style bathroom.

Floating sinks and cabinet designs have many advantages they offer, saving floor space is one of them.

Asian bathroom design with sink and square floating cabinet to create a sleek and spacious effect.

Classic floating sink and wooden cabinet design with marbles are perfect for modern bathroom.

A classy floating sink cabinet is located beside the shower room can give a spacious effect to your small bathroom. Your bathroom is also can look neat and clean.

A compact white floating sink with cabinet underneath can make you easy to store your toiletries.

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3. Paint it All in White 

Choosing white paint will make your room feel bigger and brighter. Also, you can choose white furniture to make it even look cleaner and more charming. This style is also suitable for you who love a small bathroom with a simple design.

Make a small bathroom feel more spacious by using white as the primary color is a good idea. Combined with white furniture to make your bathroom looks neat and minimalist.

Applying white color for your small bathroom theme is a good idea to make your bathroom looks spacious and simple. You can use the furniture all in white colors to complete your bathroom decor.

For those of you who like a simple bathroom decor, you can apply white theme for your bathroom. Apply to the paint walls and for the furniture to get perfect white bathroom decor.

The oval freestanding tub and small white bench are beautiful furniture to complete your white bathroom decor. This is a representation on a simple decor.

To add to the spaciousness of a small bathroom, you can install a white walls and furniture of your bathroom decor. This decor is suitable for those of you who want a simple and minimalist bathroom decor.

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4. Create Built-in Shelves 

If you decide to put a big bathtub in your bathroom instead of new storage, it will be better if you create a built-in sleeve in your wall. Be smart in using space. In this case, you should choose the size of the furniture wisely and know how to trick it.

A built-in shower rack that is easy to clean and practical to store your bathing needs.

Built-in storage in this shower has varying heights to accommodate higher items. It can enhance your bathroom look more attractive.

The small built-in shelves compartment is a great place to store your wet bathing needs in your bathroom.

Built-in shelf and wooden cabinet in the bathroom that could also be used for extra storage if necessary.

This built-in rack and mirror are a great combination for practical storage without the addition of a cabinet.

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5. Choose a Big Mirror 

It might be the easiest way to create the illusion of a larger space. You can put a giant mirror in your small bathroom wall to make it look more spacious. Also, it works well with any bathroom designs.

A large mirror takes the whole wall with counter-tops and visually expands the space in your bathroom.

Giant mirror in this bathroom starts at the floor and goes all the way up to the ceiling for your bathroom decorating ideas. It can give huge impact to make your bathroom looks spacious and attractive.

Beautiful bathroom with modern mirror wall, freestanding bathtub, and an over-sized sphere lamp to inspire your bathroom decor.

Chic modern marble bathroom with a freestanding bathtub and a large framed mirror to perfect your bathroom decoration.

Large artistic framed mirror gives the bathroom looks spacious and gorgeous.

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Those are some design ideas worth to try when you want a stylish and fabulous bathroom. In essence, to make your small bathroom look attractive but still functional, you have to be smart and wise in choosing any decorations. Make sure what you add to your bathroom are essential and useful.

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