Experts always remind us of how essential lightings are. Besides giving brightness, lightings also create a certain ambiance and mood, mostly romantic and relaxing. Speaking of relaxing, you surely wish a convenience and unwinding bathroom. On that account, optimize your sanctuary with these dazzling bathroom lighting types. 

Mirror Lights

It is almost impossible having a bathroom without a mirror for its functional use, from applying make-up to morning shave. Yet, hanging mirrors on the wall without adding some dazzling touches is such a waste. You can attach string lights all around the mirror, light bulbs above the looking glass, or hidden lightings behind it.

The mirror is one of the important items that you must have in your bathroom decoration. Don’t forget to add sufficient light around the mirror to check your appearance in detail. Combining light bulbs with hidden LEDs on the back of the mirror will produce perfect lighting and can illuminate the surrounding area well. You can choose a lamp with white light for a brighter and brighter appearance. Combine light bulbs with hidden LEDs on the back of the mirror from nextluxury.

Installing a long wall lamp on each side of the mirror is also a lighting idea that brightens the space around the vanity nicely. The silver mirror frame brings a more modern and minimalist bathroom decoration. The mirror gives the illusion of the bathroom space to look wider so it is very useful for decorating a small bathroom. Floating vanity with white is a suitable combination that you can try. Long wall lamp beside the mirror from nextluxury.

Ceiling Lamps

Most contemporary bathroom décor feature ceiling lamps to illuminate the shower area. Even though ceiling lamps are less attractive, they can create a perfect ambiance without being too excessive. If you like to keep it simple yet classy, then ceiling lamp is your perfect match.

Several ceiling lamps located in the bathroom help better lighting overall. Ceiling lamps can also be the main lighting which looks simple but attracts attention. Add an LED mirror that makes the bathroom look brighter. Transparent glass doors are a divider between spaces that do not add to the feeling of being claustrophobic in small bathroom decorations. Ceiling lamps combined with LED mirror from nextluxury.

Choose and use ceiling lamps in yellow to give your bathroom a warmer and more dramatic impression. This lamp does not provide excessive lighting so it does not cause glare. The hidden lighting in the mirror is an additional lighting that you can try. This ceiling lamp is suitable for modern and contemporary bathroom decorations. Ceiling lamps with yellow light from nextluxury.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are hanging fixtures mounted to the ceilings. If you like something modern, select a black linear, Nordic, led glass, or two globes. However, if you wish for something more unique, then purchase statement geometric pendant, nectar-inspired lamp, or Turkish glass.

Combine globe lights with wall pendants to bring a farmhouse feel to your bathroom decor. The splash of gold adds attractiveness to the room at the same time. In general, these lamps are equipped with mirrors and vanity made of wood or marble. This lamp idea is very interesting for you to try. Combine globe lights with wall pendants from digsdigs.

Match the pendant light color with your mirror and vanity frame to match the color tone in your bathroom decor well. Gold is a color choice that can bring a luxurious impression that is not excessive. You can hang this small gold pendant light on the right and left side of the mirror. Give pattern and texture to this bathroom by using herringbone flooring tile. Small gold pendant light from digsdigs.

Wall Sconces

A long, long time ago, candle scones were generally used for ancient houses. Adapting the glorious lightings and using modern technology, people nowadays recreate this bathroom lighting types in much more unique pieces. These wall sconces are mostly placed near bathroom vanity or above the mirror. 

This small, simple wall lamp shows the presence of a tall mirror more clearly. Installing a mirror will add lighting faster because it can reflect light sources in the room. This lamp provides lighting that helps you check your overall appearance while in the bathroom, besides that you will feel the maximum comfort. Try these lamp and mirror ideas in your bathroom decor. Wooden walls give a natural impression while presenting a farmhouse style to your bathroom decor. Small scone wall lamp from digsdigs.

This contemporary wall sconce lamp you can place on either side of the mirror to help light up your dressing table. This all-white furniture accentuates the impression of elegance while having sufficient light and tends to make the room look less dull and flat. Floating nooks and vanities save your small bathroom décor. Contemporary wall scone lamps from digsdigs.


If you think that chandelier is only deserved for living or dining room, then, you got it all wrong. You can also install chandelier for your private sanctuary and feel the luxury it brings. Never consider placing this candelabrum as something a bit much. 

Hanging chandeliers are an attractive choice for lighting your luxurious bathroom. These hanging glass chandeliers in silver present a beautiful dramatic effect. Use more than one of these lights for a more perfect and brighter lighting. The light produced is very bright and looks very beautiful. Hanging glass chandeliers from nextluxury.

Add a luxurious and modern impression to the bathroom decor with crystal glass chandeliers that hangs just above the bathtub. These chandeliers are the main lighting that can make your bathroom decor more dramatic. The smooth stone material on the walls and floor adds a natural impression that is sturdy and not easily porous. Crystal glass chandeliers from nextluxury.

Whether it is a spacious or tiny one, illuminate your toilet is essential as it can boost a stylish and calming vibe. Pick one out of those bathroom lighting types according to your personality and how you wish your restroom feel like. 

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