Creating a modern coastal décor is not just about adding a bunch of nautical elements. The modern look boasts the rustic, beachy look without neglecting the contemporary feel. If you want to create a beach vibe, make sure to follow these dos and don’ts to avoid the tacky look.

1. Do: Create Light and Simple Look

Despite the navy atmosphere, make sure you practice restraint in choosing the design elements. The point of a coastal décor is looking airy and breezy, like a tropical cabin or beach house. Start from a white palette and slowly add the layers or colors or textures to fill the empty spaces.

To get a more seaside feel the selection of decorations is of the utmost importance. For example, choosing white tones and incorporating blue in the decorations will enhance the beach feel. You could also try adding a large framed sea animal painting over the sofa for the perfect room decor. Besides that, wooden floors will also create a warm impression into the room. All white nuance and blue coastal living oom from hgtv.

Make sure you have a comfortable living room using modern beach decor. Choosing a white palette on the walls and ceiling gives a spacious and bright room. Large windows in one wall will also allow sunlight to enter the room. Use some furniture made of wood to keep it natural. Green plants in a vase will bring a fresh impression to the room. White palette and blue sofa from hgtv.

2. Don’ts: Having Too Many Accessories

Adding anchors, dry flowers, seashells, and vintage bottles are great to create nautical look. However, don’t get tempted to add excessive accessories just because you want to capture “the look”. The key in a modern design is choosing the right decoration for maximum results, not depending on accessories.

The combination of natural stone walls with several beach elements in the form of a paddle will give you the modern beach feel you desire. Flower vases and greenery can complement your accessory in moderation. In this way, it will present a stylish room decoration without the need to add some other marine ornaments. So that it will not make your room look claustrophobic and excessive. Paddle wall ornamen from homebnc.

Don’t put too many accessories in your beach family room, because this will make the room feel messy and stuffy. Just adding this vintage blue bottle will represent a marine accent to your living room. Use a suitable color combination, for example, blue with white for an interesting room decoration idea. Choosing wooden furniture and wooden floors will bring a warm and natural impression to the room. Vintage blue bottle from completely-coastal.

3. Do: Choose Natural Materials

Mimic the look of a tropical cabin or beach house by choosing natural materials for the furniture. Light wooden, wicker, rattan, and woven natural fiber add great beach vibes to your house. If you want to add a vintage touch, get furniture from recycled wood, or use repurposed objects for furniture, such as a barrel and old chair.

The wooden furniture that is applied in the beach living room gives a warm and environmentally friendly impression. Besides that, wood is also very cheap so it will save costs. You can add white and blue nuances to the room so that it will present an interesting decoration for you to try. This large ottoman coffee table and blue carpet complements your home decor. Wooden furniture from decorilla.

If you use rattan wood material on the bed frame, this will give a natural touch to your home’s coastal bedroom. Beautify your wall décor with paintings of ocean and paddle elements to create the perfect room decor. You can pair it with a blanket of yellow and white stripes for the perfect contrast. The carpet on the entire floor gives a warm impression to the room. Rattan bed frame from decorilla.

4. Don’t: Choose Glossy and Shiny Materials

Gloss and shine make your house look modern, but you don’t want to create an overly modern look. Since a beach house design uses a lot of natural materials, glossy or shiny surfaces will reduce the effect.

The use of wood materials will make the beach interior look less modern if it doesn’t look shiny. The glossy appearance will reduce the impression of a simple beach. The faux fur rug, the white sofa which is completed with several blue pillows will create a warm look into the room. This pendant lamp will provide a dramatic and inviting lighting. Wood materials coastal living room from homebnc.

Simple white shades are suitable for modern beach interior ideas. Add some beach elements and flowers in a pretty pot to enhance the natural effect of the room. Don’t add too much shiny furniture as it will reduce the natural effect of this room. The window on one of the walls will provide a wide and bright space into your room. White shades bedroom coastal from homebnc.

5. Do: Experiment with Color Palettes

Don’t stick with the typical blue! You can create a nod to coastal style while using colors like red, orange, yellow, or even grey. Make sure the color gives you the most comfortable vibe.

Applying a yellow palette to this dining chair will give a burst of color so that it will make the room a cheerful decoration. You can do this design with a mix of white color on the walls and ceiling so that it will create a spacious and airy room. This coastal-style house is equipped with several marine ornaments to enhance the decoration. Vintage pendant lights give an antique touch to your room. yellow palette dining chair from thespruce.

6. Don’t: Stick with Blue

While blue is a good nautical color, it is also predictable. You can combine blue with other colors in the color wheel. Blue with gold, coral, and red, for example, are great combinations.

In order for the living room to stand out even more, the use of bold colors is highly recommended for you. For example, the orange color on some items such as side tables, table lamps and pillows will give a tinge of color to the decoration of this coastal living room. You can combine it with a white sofa and some vintage furniture to give the room a stylish and inviting decor. Orange color table lamps and pillows from thespruce.

A coastal décor should not be predictable. Follow these tips to create the modern version, but avoid the don’ts to avoid cliché.

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