Fireplaces make your house warm and dignified, but their bulky shapes require special Living room layouts. You can explore many ideas based on the room size, your taste in interior design, and budget. Consider these five ideas to create a cozy and comfortable living room with fireplace.

1. Comfortable Chairs

This simple layout is perfect for a living room that doubles as a library. Two chairs facing the fireplace are comfortable for reading. You can also have a more intimate conversation with a loved one. This design is not ideal if you need to entertain guests frequently.

The decoration of the living room which is equipped with a fireplace gives you its own warmth. While the use of two chairs aims to make your conversation with loved ones more intimate.

Two chairs facing the fire place are highly recommended for you. This layout is perfect for chatting with the people you love. Use a chair that is made of leather material to make it look classic.

Complete the decoration of your living room with a large bookshelf. Bring the chair to the fire place to stay warm at night. And end by throwing faux fur rug on your wooden floor. This decoration idea is quite easy to do.

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Place furniture as good and neat as possible so that your living room looks more attractive. Surround the chairs with bookshelves and fire place to make it easier for you when you want to read a book while enjoying the warmth of a fire place.

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The living room looks classic when using a vintage carpet and fire place. You can use a functional bookshelf that can also be used for dividing the room so that it is more effective and efficient when used to chat with your guests.

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2. A Small Table, Two Chairs

This simple design adds a practical aspect to the layout. You can place the table between two chairs and use them to place a tea set or books. A pedestal table, which you can place between two chairs, is a simple but notable addition to the layout.

Placement of 2 chairs in front of the fire place will facilitate you in warming your body. Complete with a table including for placing books. A table with wood material you might try.
Putting a table between 2 chairs may fill your reading room more. In addition to relaxing while reading a book you can also use it to drink a cup of tea.
Dim lights add a romantic impression to your conversation while sitting opposite your partner in front of a fire place. Glass table between chairs can also be used to put a small candle.

A small table placed between chairs can make you closer to friends chatting. Chairs with high backs make you more relaxed.
Placing 2 chairs in front of fire places is the right choice for a place to warm the body. While laying a small round table that you can use to put coffee or snacks.

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3. Sectional Sofa, Coffee Table

A sectional sofa provides multiple seats without adding too many items in your Living room layout. Put the sofa on one side of the fireplace. Place a coffee table in front of the sofa, next to the fireplace. This layout is cozy and ideal for a house with few occupants.

Place the coffee table in front of the fire place and two chairs on the sides. This layout is perfect for those of you who don’t have many families. Besides being more efficient, this room will also have more free space.
This living room decoration looks warm if it is equipped with carved stone fireplace. A touch of wood on the floor gives you the natural impression you must have. Use sofa furniture and coffee tables as needed.
Don’t use too much furniture in your living room. Because if this happens your space will be limited. L shape sofa with wooden coffee table is enough if you do not have many residents.
Bright sofa and square table facing the fire place give a suitable layout for decorating the trend 2020 living room. Wooden floor also increases the attractiveness of guests who come to your house. Make the living room as comfortable as possible.
Fireplace stone gives a natural texture to your living room decorating ideas. Use a sofa and coffee table for a gathering place with family. With a design that is designed in this way makes you want to linger in this room.
Large windows help your room get natural sunlight directly. You simply use some furniture that faces the fire place like a sofa, round glass table and wooden lounge chairs.

Suede sofa gives the impression of luxury in its own right. Also use a fire place in your room to comfort you and your family when chatting intimately. Furniture that is not too much will give a lot of empty space.

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4. Sofa Sectional, Ottoman

A nice layout to entertain guests, ottoman or bolster in front of a chair and create an asymmetrical look. You can put the sofa next to the fireplace, with the coffee table closer to it. Place an armchair next to the other side of the fireplace.

Arm sofa in front of fire place can make you comfortable while relaxing with guests. A table with floral designs adds a classic feel to your living room. Also use pillows with the same pattern as the table to be placed on the sofa.

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In order to warm the living room you can use a sofa and small chairs around a large square table. Put small pillows as a complement to the sofa. The combination of brown and beige color makes it more harmonious.

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Putting a large table in front of a fireplace and long arm sofa might be something you might try to apply to your living room. Put also some armchairs on the opposite side of the sofa which is equipped with large pillows to make it more comfortable when sitting.

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5. Long Sofa, Two Armchairs

A cozy layout for entertaining multiple guests, adding a long sofa and two armchairs is perfect for a large room. Place the sofa and armchairs on the opposite sides, with the table right in the middle.

A large living room would be more suitable if you use a long sofa facing each other, plus 2 armchairs beside it. Use a large square table in the center to place items or banquets for guests.
The combination of green and black is the right choice for a large living room. Apply to the long couch and chairs that surround the table with a touch of wood to make the perfect mix. Add a pot of flowers on the table to make it look natural.
Fireplaces are the most comfortable place to warm the body. Therefore arrange the best room. You could try to put a long table in the middle of two large sofas facing each other. Also place 2 chairs next to the large sofa that makes the room can fit for many people.

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Planning a Living room layout is important if you have a fireplace. Create a cozy living room with the right layout, whether simple or sophisticated.

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