You have to take note of the selection of living room furniture so that the living room looks more beautiful, neat, and comfortable. Choose furniture that small. It is better if the amount is not too much nor too little. If it’s too much, your minimalist living room will feel crowded and uncomfortable. Too little furniture also makes a minimalist living room empty and cold. 

These are some of the furniture choices you must have to maximize your small living room:

1. Cozy little sofa

A comfortable sofa can make your living room look ‘cool’. Buy a small sofa so that it does not fill the place, but it can be comfortable enough to relax with the family. Consider the material outside the sofa too. Fabric sofas tend to get dirty more easily and require extra care, in contrast with the synthetic leather sofa that is not easy to get dirty. This material can also be cleaned easily.

A convenience the living room depends on how you arrange it. A matching small sofa with wall and carpet accents will make your living room perfect. Pick in blue color to look fresh.

Soft pink color for a small sofa in the family room makes the atmosphere warmer, soft fabric makes you feel relax.

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If you choose white for your small sofa, you can cover it with a bright checkered blanket to look more colorful.

You can also add colorful pillows of various sizes and patterns for the comfort decoration of your family room.

Checkered motif brings out a classic atmosphere. You can use this motif for your small sofa in the family room with a rustic theme.

In addition a soft fabrics, you can also choose synthetic leather for your small sofa. The material will be very elegant and easy to clean.

A beautiful family room with two small sofas placed in front of the fireplace is equipped with a small round wooden table to inspire the decoration of your family room.

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2. Multi-Function Small Table

Use a minimalist coffee table. It is not only economical but also can accommodate a variety of knick-knacks, books, and coffee cup. A small coffee table is more useful and easier to move according to your needs.

A modern minimalist living room with a small multi-functional table with rack and drawer for extra storage space.

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A simple wooden table with shelf underneath for extra storage space in your comfortable living room.

If you want more storage space, you can choose this multi-functional table. This table can be opened from various sides for extra storage.

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This futuristic multi-functional table might be suitable for you who choose a modern theme in your living room.

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If you choose a rustic theme, this wooden terraced table will be the right item in your living room. This table is has an extra storage to store your books.

This simple table has a hidden storage space that can be opened from the side. Allows you to store your small items on the living room table.

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3. Folding Chair

You can immediately take it and use it when you need more chairs for guests, or keep it neat in another room. In certain conditions, folding chairs can also function as a temporary table to place books, blankets, pillows, and other items. It can even be taken anywhere and can be used for various other activities. The presence of folding chairs can accompany and support daily activities.

Besides being practical, the unique shape of this folding chair can be used to decorate your living room.

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Modern living room with additional guest chairs made of bamboo and can be folded when not in use.

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This wicker folding chair is suitable for those of you who want a rustic feel in your living room.

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In addition to ordinary folding chairs, the idea of ​​long folding chairs is also interesting. Add some pillows and your ordinary chair turns into a comfortable sofa.

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An iron folding chair also looks interesting if you paint it in various colors. Add a pillow for more comfortable.

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If you are bored with ordinary folding chairs, you can choose this idea for decorating your living room.

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4. Installing Rack / Wall-Shelf

Wall shelf is one of the right furniture to be installed in the living room as a place to display various ornaments such as a photograph, collection, book, and other decoration neatly without taking place on the floor of the room. The overall appearance of the wall shelf itself can be a sweet display for the integrity of the living room design. The use of this rack also leaves space on the floor so that it gives a wider effect to the room. 

This decoration is commonly used in every home. Wall shelves are one of the interesting living room decorating ideas.

You can use the empty wall space to install this wall shelf. This idea really saves the floor space of your living room.

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Comfortable modern living room with wall shelves to place various ornaments and decorations of the living room.

Wall shelves with a continuous iron frame are an attractive decoration.

Full wall shelves are the solution for a narrow living room. You get a full storage room on one wall of your living room.

A full of wall storage rack can also be your TV holder. Put the TV in the middle, and you can use the shelves on beside to place your books and ornaments.

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For instance, you can choose a dim, white, or brown color living room furniture if you want to add a farmhouse impression. So, it’s okay to have a small living room but choose the right furniture and design.

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