The appeal of Parisian décor is so attractive that many homeowners have decided to switch to this one when they’re considering a chicer look. With the careful use of their centuries-old quality and decorative elements, these five tips below help you arrange and enhance a room at home into an ultimately chic look for a very long time.

Showing Off Your Books

Book nerds shouldn’t shy away from showing off their collection. Have a home library to store and display your favorite books as that decorative element. If applicable, have your entire wall constructed into a full-scale bookshelf for higher visual play.

The bright colors of this living room usher in natural light while accentuating the original parisian style of the room. Double bookshelves displaying a collection of books mixed with other furniture decorations that create harmony.
The delicate palette and wooden furniture of the apartment library echo simplicity. A touch of green plants add to this house feels more soothing.

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Minimalist design with a touch of medieval talent makes this old cabinet the right place to display all your favorite readings. To complement the romantic Parisian style, add furniture with feminine tones like this pink sofa.
The books and artwork mixed together add to the added flavor of this inconspicuous French home. This cozy place makes use of the awkward space, with floor-to-ceiling shelves and large glass windows.
Display your book collection on bright shelves to create a focal point for the room and make a bold statement. Medieval furnishings support the charming classical Parisian style.
Combining retro luxury with modern minimalism, this magnificent library makes anyone dumbfounded. A bold blue color palette makes a statement on ancient and modern furniture.

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Art Placement

Bring your vision to more satisfying artistic values—shown by surprising points through the display of framed wall art. The picture or design is up to you, but make sure to scatter them about randomly for that artistic nonchalance.

This room is an elegant dining room, designed with the best materials. Wall art, velvet upholstered chairs and gold details in lighting fixtures complete this luxurious space.
Although often overlooked, the hallway is much more than a corridor that directs someone to another room. Give proper attention to the decoration of wall art to achieve a charming parisian style.
Paris Apartments seem to be meant to be luxurious, like the golden details in this apartment space. Amazing artwork that emerges from a golden table, golden mirror, and very modern geometric floor.

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This Parisian style living room has a depth of character and style that cannot be conveyed by any room. Beautiful wall art is increasingly dramatic with dim lights.
One of the best features of Parisian decoration is how it combines antiques with modern works such as abstract art like this.

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Subdued Palette

The beauty of the subdued palette is that it helps build a lovely backdrop for you to fill with just about anything. The colors give off a brighter and bigger room illusion as well, without disregarding the warmth you need.

Paris is not a realm of many bright colors. Keeping most of the decorations in a calm color scheme contributes to the feeling of chic without effort and allows details such as architectural elements to appear more clearly.
This paris-style living room has a neutral palette with few colors, and bold color layered accent pieces. Simple appearance but impressed more elegant and character.
The only metal you should choose for a Paris style room is gold. This can accent modern style equipment or furnishings, or be a defining feature of a more vintage style section.
This Paris guest room only has gold on the wall frame, which still makes a big impact. Keeping a palette with harmonious colors makes for a soothing feeling.
Curtains that start on the ceiling and extend at least to the floor, give the illusion of additional height to this Paris room. With a little touch of gold accent the color scheme of this room does not feel excessive.

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Highlighting Architectural Character

Keep things authentic by highlighting on French architectural character: elegance, versatility, and practicality. You can experiment with something decidedly modern and sleek, but it never hurts to go full-scale classic.

Houses in Paris are open, and although there is plenty of room for additional furniture, the negative space adds a calm and serene atmosphere.
Over-the-top lighting fixtures are an easy way to quickly add Parisian style to your space. Its unique design makes a fresh look throughout the room.
The gallery walls in this paris-style dining room are more curated, deliberate and display less art.
Marble is a material that stands out in Paris apartments. Real marble requires care and attention, the result is a luxurious look when you pair it with modern furniture.
Metal is a popular element in French furniture and decoration. Modern forms create attractive illusions into the look of your home.
With Parisian style, you will often find rich color schemes, intricate furniture, and a love for minimalism and maximalism.

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Mix and Match Principle

Mix and match principle isn’t only for fashion. When it comes to modern French chic decor, you can combine two foundational elements to create stunning contrast. Decorate according to your gut and preference—and go bold if you want.

This chic living room combines the best of relaxed French rural style with sophisticated panoramas of Paris.
This luxurious main bathroom takes its design cues from ornate paneled walls and cabinets that are prevalent in the south of ancient France. It looks old-fashioned but the facilities are like a heated floor, flat screen TV hidden behind a mirror, and piped music are all very modern.
The minimalist rustic style does not dampen this dining room to accentuate its appearance. Antique ceramics collaborate with wood elements creating a soothing warmth.

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Preserve every original piece of interior architecture while bringing modern materials and furniture to this French living room. Add a sense of history with vintage pieces that tell a story.
Adding wallpaper to the ceiling that mimics the style of French architecture will soon be recognized. A minimalist scheme is needed for the modern home of your dreams so that decorations that should stand out won’t sink.

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With these Parisian décor ideas from us above, we’re curious to know which one you’ll select.

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