The versatility of a French country décor can work at any part of the house but using it in the living room where you greet the guests is super recommended. Here are several charming decor ideas you can easily implement for your living room.

Country French Magazine

Make your living room as if they’re featured on a French country magazine by going for an open concept and carpeted ceramic floor. If you’re already here, you can complete it with a stone fireplace and change the walls with beige walls.

The limestone fireplace and wood flooring give texture to the seating area in this cozy living room. The warm look makes for a soothing soft atmosphere.

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French country-style houses often feature natural materials. Like wood floors and touches of greenery in the living room that makes it look more pleasant.

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The French country living room color scheme exudes warmth and subtlety. The dominant neutral nuance that invites historical elements into this house.
Embrace common natural materials to create a French interior design that is varied and nuanced exclusively for you. White, gray, and beige color schemes are the right blend to make this living room comfortable and soothing.
A touch of subtle motifs on the pillows and curtains make this French living room like alive again. The warm fireplace makes the room feel comfortable to mingle with family.

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French Provincial Living

Incorporate the French provincial living room to get yourself immersed in the French country essence. With an open concept, give it a fresh try with beige or medium tone wood floor before securing more furniture on it.

All kinds of French furniture in the living room are arranged in such a way as to achieve a comfortable living room. Floral curtain as if to give a blast of happiness in a very romantic French city.
A daybed without a back is like a luxurious French royal throne. Wooden walls with traditional motifs complete the look of this living room with an elegant taste.
This living room is a display of real French art. The medieval table lamp became the main focal point in this seemingly historic space.
The soft blue and silver color scheme makes the living room look luxurious. Large frameless paintings mounted on the wall make a beautiful background.
The carved wooden coat on the fireplace in the living room illustrates the grandeur of the French city. With a pair of antique medieval chairs, the decoration of this living room looks antique and soothing.
The style and motives of this French living room collaborate to call each other statements. Carved walls and ceilings add drama to the entire room.

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Colorful French Details

If you can settle for much more colorful vibes, then feel free to have a lovely French country design by incorporating some of the brightest details. Try having vintage wicker stools to add variation and complete the look with a pair of bamboo étagères.

The living room of this modern french country plays with two dozen patterned fabrics and tones to create a lively and friendly atmosphere. Green plants blend in with the accented art series, adding a layered look to the room.
Large historical paintings become the main focal point in the living room which is dominated by tinge of blue and red colors. Beige color scheme makes the slightest decoration stand out in this room.
Bright blue and antique blends with each other creating a timeless, non-boring look. Antique French clocks are amazingly unexpected decorative throws.

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This living room awakens French medieval decor with splashes of color and beautiful motifs. Geometric rugs add a burst of excitement to the house with this luxurious decoration.
Modern French artwork brought into the room with blue and red electric shades and rich patterns in the living room. Throwing thick red cushions give a modern tinge to the classic look.
A thick green wall becomes a cool black-and-white background decoration in this cool living room. Tapered mirrors and fake zebra skin rugs add to the clarity of the decor without making it saturated.

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Sunlit French Library

For those without a separate room to keep all their books, creating a home library in the living room can be accomplished by placing a century-old desk and armchairs—and, if you can: upholstered ottomans and desk lamps.

The library wall in the French living room makes for an attractive and colorful look. Collaborate sofas and three-tone chairs complete the modern classic look of the living room.

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For you book lovers, use them to compliment your living room decor. Complete the display with a series of findings, including accessories and artwork.
There is nothing like curling under a blanket with a good book in hand and the fire roaring as it snows outside. But for the experience to be truly successful, you must ensure that you invest in the best sofa.
A wall full of books is every reader’s dream, so consider whether you can devote the whole side of one room to your book collection. The more messy the shelf, the more eccentric it will look.
Bookshelves with several antique collections make this living room look fun. The side of the chimney with an open brick makes the drama attractive to the entire display.
This idea of ​​reading angles has everything you might need such as a comfortable chair, a window for natural light, a lamp for the night, and a large collection of color-coded books.

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A Country Cottage

Make it super cozy by going for a country cottage vibe by featuring a custom-designed sofa, an antique chaise, and a kilim rug.

Gray and white make a perfect color palette for the cottage lifestyle. Wooden domed ceiling beams were added to further expand the actual spacious living room retreat.
This French living room brings an elegant and contemporary touch to the guest cottage with its stone fireplace, warm lighting, pastel color palette, sleek display shelves and minimal accessories.

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To design a French living room, then start by cutting pictures of cottage-style decorations, inspiring color palettes, furniture favorites and accessories that you like from magazines and websites.
In a cottage-style house, objects found are most often the focal point of a room. Wood elements and a fireplace make this cozy living room even warmer.
Don’t be afraid to mix and coat different patterns in various colors. The crisp white walls will always provide the perfect background for French furniture in this living room.
When most people think of huts, they think of old and worn houses that are filled with worn furniture and ancient fixtures. Ancient furniture that is well arranged will be an attractive decoration in terms of arranging your living room.

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Hopefully, there’s one or two from the charming French country décor ideas above that you can try for your living room!

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