You can create Bohemian décor in any building, but certain materials fit this design more than others. If you build a house (or room) from scratch and have preferences toward Boho style, you may want to consider the flooring options. There are several flooring options that match the style’s eclectic yet cozy look.

Here are several Boho flooring options to consider.


Bamboo flooring suits the style and spirit of Boho style. It is sustainable, elegant, and easy to maintain. The subtle beauty of bamboo also fits a Boho room: similar to hardwood but more distinctive. Bamboo is also slightly harder than hardwood, although extreme humidity can cause cracks and discoloration.

This elegant living room also uses bamboo flooring to change the appearance of this living room to be more perfect. Meanwhile, the selection of the right furniture also supports this guest room to be more stunning.
This is the right choice to use this natural bamboo flooring for your bohemian living room. After that, complete with patterned carpets and furniture such as cushion and round wooden coffee table for a perfect look.

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Another sustainable material, cork provides a padded surface under your feet. It has a natural charm and hypoallergenic quality, a perfect combination for Bohemian décor. Cork is affordable, easy to install, and it requires easy maintenance. However, it is not an ideal material for a house with active pets. Cork can also easily fade and get scratched.

Choose a floor type that is comfortable and of course easy maintenance. This time using a brown cork floor to complement this bedroom, besides beautifying it with this soft textured carpet to get a charming look.

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A minimalist dining room design that might be your choice. By using a light-colored cork floor combined with some plants, then it can create an elegant bohemian decor.

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Distressed Wood

A distressed wood floor is perfect for a Bohemian room that leans to rustic or natural. While the wood provides natural and sleek elegance, the distressed elements make it more welcoming. Distressed wood floor also offers a strong character, perfect to make your Bohemian home stand out.

Using textured wood floors has indeed become the right choice for decorating your home. This time the bedroom is equipped with distressed wood floors for a bohemian look to give it an even more natural atmosphere.
The bohemian living room cannot be separated from this natural wood floor. Apart from adding to the comfort of distressed wood, it can also make the room warmer.

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Sisal Carpet

If you already have a permanent floor and want to add some Boho appeal, install a carpet from woven grass-like sisal. This carpet has a unique, prominent texture, creating a subtle natural beauty. The tight weaving makes this carpet perfect to make the floor less slippery.

Bohemian living room decorating ideas with a touch of thick woven sisal carpet combined with wooden floors. This bohemian living room decoration idea brings a very interesting and interesting concept.

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Combine wooden floors with brown sisal carpet to beautify your bohemian living room. Apart from that, you can also add an old rug to top the sisal carpet for a beautiful appearance.

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Abstract Rug

Colorful abstract arts are featured heavily in Boho style. Abstract rugs are simple solutions to improve a room with Bohemian aesthetic. You can install one full rug or several area rugs.

You can make the room look more different and colorful with this dull red abstract carpet. Apart from that, abstract rugs are also very beautiful because they have a pattern that you also like.

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Make your bedroom even more different by using this unique abstract rug. In addition, equip your bedroom with more attractive furniture and plants to make it more comfortable.

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Complete your Bohemian décor by choosing the right floor. Install Boho material or improve it with the right carpet to create a chic Boho look.

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