Why going to the salon if you can have a spa session at home? Decorating your bathroom with Bohemian décor elements will give you a great home spa place. With its eclectic, unique, yet cozy air, Bohemian design is a perfect option for a chic personal bathroom.

Apply these ideas to turn your drab bathroom into Bohemian spa heaven.

Decorative Mirror

Forget a boring square bathroom mirror. A unique decorative mirror will instantly improve the room in a Boho style. You can install an unusually shaped mirror or a regular one but with a unique frame. You can also try to have multiple small mirrors instead of one large surface.

By using a touch of a more decorative mirror in a bohemian style bathroom will bring a more attractive feeling to the room. Using a wooden frame on the mirror will enhance the bathroom ambiance.
The unique framed mirror design of the bohemian style bathroom brings a more alluring bathroom feeling. The décor is complemented by a subway tile wall, a wooden sink and a few other plants.

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Patterned Tiles

Bohemian décor offers a “global theme” from its details, including the tiles. Moroccan or Spanish tiles provide a great background for a beautiful bathroom. You can install the tiles as a floor, accent wall, or surface details. 

Use a dark and white classic floral patterned tiles for your bohemian bathroom design. Add a bathtub and white walls and wooden furniture to make your home spa session more memorable.
Your Bohemian bathroom decor will not be boring by installing black and white floral tiles. Assisted by shades of white walls and natural lighting from the glass windows create a comfortable and special bathroom concept.

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Unique Fabric Elements

If your bathroom has fabric elements, such as shower/tub curtain, shades, or rug, choose the unique ones. Many bathroom curtains have funky patterns that will fit any Boho houses. Rugs and shades with unique patterns, such as abstract, floral, or tribal, are not difficult to find. They will instantly lift your regular bathroom into a precious spa nook.

Through the touch of bohemian patterned fabrics on the carpet is able to make the bathroom space appear more decroative. A tribal pattern on a runner rug can complement the decor.
How comfortable to be in this bathroom. A soft cloth touch was in the bathtub. And combined with aromatic candles that make a romantic atmosphere.

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Natural Elements

Notice how many spa places incorporate nature into the design? You can do the same thing by including natural elements in the bathroom. Ornamental plants, wooden spa benches, baskets and wooden shades are great additions to any neat bathroom.

Add ornamental plants and a touch of rug that able to bring the concept of a perfect and natural bohemian bathroom.
This is a bohemian bathroom decoration design that brings a more pleasant feeling. Through natural touches of green plants, wooden furniture can make the atmosphere fresher and less boring.

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Proper Lighting

No home spa is complete without proper lighting. Install moody lighting fixtures with diffused light, and choose eclectic or funky shapes, like Moroccan lamp or seashell chandelier. Arrange aromatic candles in a wicker tray or basket, and light them up for your special spa session.

To give the bath a more comfortable and memorable appearance, fragments of contemporary chandeliers are an interesting idea. Apart from helping with warmth, it also adds a more comfortable touch.
With the concept of a bathtub with a touch of hanging lights with bholam, you can feel a bohemian-style bathroom that looks more special.

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A bathroom with Bohemian décor is what you need for a nice home spa session. Try these simple but effective ideas to get a comfy spa spot at home.

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