Another room at home that you can pamper yourself in a relaxing ambiance is the bathroom. Also, to make a cozy ambiance, your bathroom has to be designed well because a well-decorated bathroom affects your mood. Moreover, consider some elements to make a perfect bathroom, their arrangement, the available space, and the bathroom style.

The problem that may occur is that you have to think about the best elements to create a good bathroom, but you only have minimal space. Thus, what you need to do is finding some smart tricks to maximize the minimal space you have effectively. Starting from choosing the appropriate style for a small bathroom, whether it needs a bathtub or not, how to decorate your shower room, the vanity design, and so on.

All White Tile Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
Rustic Standing Rack from goodhousekeeping
Bold Color Wallpaper Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
Industrial Small Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
White Shiplap Wall Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
Floating Wooden Vanity from goodhousekeeping
Bohemian Small Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
Standing Ladder Rack Towel from goodhousekeeping
Floral Curtain Shower from goodhousekeeping
Built-in Vertical Rack from goodhousekeeping
Contemporary Small Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
Classic Color Bathtub from goodhousekeeping
Wicker Basket Storage from goodhousekeeping
Industrial Small Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
Farmhouse Style Small Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
Limestone Tile Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
Marble Small Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
Glass Material Small Bathroom from goodhousekeeping
Bold Color Carpet from goodhousekeeping
Wooden Frame Mirror from goodhousekeeping
Two Paint Color Bathroom from architecturaldigest
Elegant Small Bathroom from architecturaldigest
Small Farmhouse Bathroom from architecturaldigest
Black and White Tile Bathroom from architecturaldigest
High Glass Shower Room from architecturaldigest
Mosaic Tile Bathroom from architecturaldigest
Glass Door Shower Room from architecturaldigest
Standing White Bathtub from architecturaldigest
White and Gray Small Bathroom from architecturaldigest
Floating Black Matte Vanity from architecturaldigest
Tile Shower Room from apartmenttherapy
Floating Wooden Rack from apartmenttherapy
Standing White Sink from apartmenttherapy
Colorful Curtain Shower from apartmenttherapy
Minimalist Small Bathroom from apartmenttherapy
Patterned Small Bathroom from apartmenttherapy
Shower Room Toilet Combo from apartmenttherapy
Bold Color Wallpaper Bathroom from apartmenttherapy
Classic Wall Decoration from apartmenttherapy
White Furniture Color from apartmenttherapy
Straight Shape Bathroom from apartmenttherapy
Hanging Tiered Wire Basket from apartmenttherapy
Monochromatic Small Bathroom from apartmenttherapy
Floating Corner Rack from apartmenttherapy

As we all know, white is always timeless. Furthermore, for small bathroom design, applying white can be a way to create a spacious impression. Apply white for the wall and floor tiles, bathtub, and the chosen sink. Then, to separate the space, consider a curtain which can be moved back and forth rather than a glass door that moves in and out. But, sometimes some people choose the glass door to make the room looks larger than the reality it is.

On the other hand, choose a certain style to apply like minimalist, farmhouse, industrial, or rustic bathroom design. Bringing large-scale patterns for the tiles just to make a larger impression visually. For the stuff storage, think of floating or vertical one to save the space. Putting a large mirror is the next way to make your small space look larger. It does not matter you choose to have the round or square one. In addition, you can decide to have no bathtub, but replace it with a shower only. It sounds to be a nice idea to maximize minimal space.

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