Still on the way to discover the best thing to make your house a better place? The wall decoration idea can spruce up your house and turn the wall into a statement piece.

Giving attention to the wall decor is not as difficult as you think. Here are some creative wall decoration ideas that you can make only in five minutes.

Decorative Wall Sticker

The concept doesn’t require you to have a stack of cash and gives you several options. Thus, whatever home decor themes you are longing for, you can make it with the wall sticker. Ranging from ultra-minimalist ideas into bohemian style, the wall stickers give you instant decoration that even your children can do it alone. If you want a trendy look that gives a warming charm, you can have the tree and bird wall decal.

Using bird leaf stickers to decorate the walls of the room will create a pretty and fresh look.

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Decorating a child’s room using bird and tree wall stickers will make the child’s bedroom more cheerful.
For a simple and attractive look, you can use bird wall stickers and wreath accents. You can apply it on several sides of the wall to make it look elegant.
To beautify your bedroom decor, you can use bohemian themed flower wall stickers. For a minimalist look, choose monochrome colors.

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Fabric Wall Hanging

If you don’t have an idea to decorate your wall, you can use a fabric wall hanging for the simple decoration but can enhance your home decor. Choose a patterned fabric and you can hang it on the bedroom behind the bed or in the living room behind the sofa. There are many patterns that you choose, from the floral, vintage into the ethnic pattern. It is the best piece to enhance the bohemian or shabby chic looks.

For a bohemian room that is more attractive, you can use an ethnic patterned wall decoration. Besides being able to make the room more attractive with this fabric, your bohemian decoration will also be even more perfect.
If you want a living room with a unique and attractive appearance you can use a fabric wall hangings with an ethnic pattern. Install behind your sofa and this fabric pattern will blends well with your classic decoration.
Using floral fabrics for wall decoration in the entryway is a brilliant idea. It can refresh your home decoration more beautiful.

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Wallpaper According to Your Style

If you prefer to get a dramatic impression in your home decoration, you can choose wallpaper as the best choice for wall decoration. There are many types of wallpaper styles, such as 3D landscape wallpaper, animal theme, panorama, or according to your style. The 3D landscape wallpaper is suitable is you like a dramatic look and want to give illusion in your room. Just adjust the wallpaper theme according to your style and you will get your own decor.

To create a charming atmosphere in your living room, you can use 3D bamboo wallpaper. This is very refreshing to your home room.
If you want to use wallpaper as a decoration on the wall of your bedroom, you can choose a cool 3D forest wallpaper like this. It will make your living room feels like in the real forest full of snow. Indirectly it can freshen up your bedroom.
These incredible ice cube wallpapers are the perfect way to give your room a dramatic look. This can be used as the focal point in your room and make it more interesting.

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Decorating the wall brings you so much fun, and in the end, it gives you an amicable feeling every time you are home. Let’s pick the best wall decoration idea that lends you so much happiness.

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