Decoration in the living room is significant to pamper the eyes of the guests and owner of the house. One of the most noteworthy parts in decoration is wall decoration, especially if you want to decorate your minimalist living room to make it look more spacious, comfortable, and beautiful to the eye. 

You can add these things like living room wall decor to decorate the walls of your living room:

1. Use Bright Touch of Color

Bright colours can be your inspiration to decorate the house. You will automatically feel positive vibrations around the house. Touch of the colours can be painted on walls or using wallpaper, wall stickers, or murals. Bright colours and pastel colours can also increase the comfort of the living room. Or maybe you want to apply farmhouse living room wall décor, you can use brownish, dim blue, and brick colour to give warmth impression.

Modern living room decoration with wallpaper looks very amazing. Choosing blue wallpaper will give a warm impression to your living room.

Adding wallpaper in the living room will enhance the decoration of your living room so that it looks better. Blue wallpaper will give a warm impression so as to give a sense of comfort.

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The living room with wall murals looks very amazing. Choosing a city theme will provide its own tranquility for its residents.

Wall murals are the perfect idea for decorating your living room. Flower wall murals will enhance the decoration of your living room so it looks more beautiful.

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Using wallpaper for decorating the living room will never fail. Brown flower wallpaper will give a natural feel that will give a warm impression.

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To enhance the decoration of your living room, using wallpaper is the right idea. Choosing a brown wallpaper will give a comfortable natural feel.

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2. Wall-Gallery

You can use photos, quotes, artistic drawings, or caricatures as wall-gallery. Make a symmetrical composition using different frame sizes. It is one of the easiest ways to get a unique and exquisite appearance of space. 

To get a unique living room, creating a wall gallery is the right idea. Use artistic images with different frame sizes will enhance the decoration of your living room so it looks more classic.

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Wall gallery will enhance the decoration of your living room so it looks more modern. Arranging several artistic images on the wall using different frame sizes will look amazing.

Simple living room decoration by using wall gallery looks more attractive. Using different frame sizes will make your wall look unique.

Using artistic images as wall galleries will enhance the decoration of your living room. So, it looks more beautiful.

Installing wall galleries is the easiest way to get a living room that looks unique and beautiful. Add some artistic images by using different sizes so that they will look more unique.

Adding a wall gallery for decorating your living room will look more beautiful. Using artistic images and caricatures will enhance the decoration of your living room so it looks more amazing.

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3. Collection on The Open Shelf

Use your personal collection as a decoration of the living room. You can use such kind of hanging-open-shelves to display the living room decoration. You can put some of your favourite collection that presents your character to make your living room more attractive.

Displaying a private collection for living room decoration will look unique and beautiful. Use a hanging rack to display your personal collection to make it look neater.

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Adding a hanging rack in the living room is a simple idea to enhance your decor. Placing a collection of books on an open shelf will provide its own beauty for your living room.

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Simple living room decor with a collection on the open shelves looks very attractive and you can try at home.

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Decorate a creative living room by placing your personal collection on an open shelf. It will enhance your room decor instantly. So, it looks more memorable.

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Floating wooden shelves look unique for decorating your living room. Place some of your favorite corrections on the shelf to enhance the decoration of your living room so it looks amazing.

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4. Use Decorative Plants

Plants are one of the decorating ideas that you should try. Moreover, this green plant can be obtained easily, and the price is very affordable. You can fill empty corners with ornamental plants, hanging plants, spreading small plants in pots to various places, and other ways. Moreover, plant decoration can provide a good psychological effect. Cool right?

That’s some ideas you can adapt to your living room wall décor. So, are you ready to beautify your living room?

Living room decoration with hanging plants on the wall will give a fresh feel. Therefore, your living room feels comfortable.

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Using wall of greenery for decorating the living room will give a refreshing natural feel.

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Adding some green plants on the wall for decorating the living room is the right idea. Plants on the wall will provide an atmosphere that blends with nature.

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To create a fresh feel in your living room you can add some of house plants. Simply place the greenery on the wall and your decoration will look extraordinary.

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The living room wall decor with greenery looks very fresh and beautiful. By using this green plants will provide a freshness to your living room and pleasant to the eye.

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A modern living room decoration by adding green plants on the wall will enhance your decor. By applying this decoration your room will look more integrated with nature vibe.

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