By making the DIY projects for your home decoration, you can save your money and adjust the design based on your needs and taste. That is why we do recommend you to have it for your Christmas decoration this year. Even when you want to have the fancy one, you can still get it by doing the DIY projects. What you have to do is just finding the right materials that can bring the impression you need. In this case, you don’t need to worry about the quality and the value of your Christmas decoration.

There are so many things that you can have for your Christmas decoration which are possible to be made with DIY projects. Use the colors that representing the Christmas impression such as red, green, white, silver, or even blue. You can apply the colors to the Christmas tree ornament, fireplace decoration, table centerpiece, door decoration, decorative lighting, and even your outdoor parts. Go down for the complete picture design references. You’ll be amazed!

Green Christmas Tree from Kokuyocamlin

Felt Ball Christmas Tree from Boredpanda

Button Christmas Tree from Boredpanda

Wine Cork Christmas Tree from Boredpanda

Newspaper Christmas Tree from Boredpanda

Evergreen Snowman Wreath from Littlepieceofme

Evergreen Wreath from Littlepieceofme

Cardboard Gingerbread from Littlepieceofme

DIY Santa Hat from Woohome

Puzzle Deer Ornament from Woohome

Fabric Christmas Tree from Artandhome

Painted Santa Bottle from Artandhome

DIY Wooden Jingle Bell from Artandhome

Rudolph Christmas Ornaments from Seemamago

PVC Pipe Candy Cane from Gravetics

Colorful Ball Wreath from Gravetics

Cardboard Christmas Tree from Brendid

DIY Christmas Tree from Brendid

Cardboard Deer Wreath from Brendid

White Yarn Christmas Tree from Hallstromhome

Coffee Cup Christmas Ornament from Vitacup

Pine Cone Christmas Tree from Architectureartdesigns

Fabric Christmas Tree from Architectureartdesigns

Cork and Ribbon Christmas Tree from Architectureartdesigns

Mason Jar Lid Wreath from Architectureartdesigns

Red Balls Wreath from Architectureartdesigns

Decorative Christmas Jar from Architectureartdesigns

Evergreen and String Light Garland from Onekindesign

Wooden Deer from Onekindesign

Evergreen Garland from Onekindesign

Silver Balls Wreath from Onekindesign

White Paper Christmas Tree from Onekindesign

Colorful Sock Garland Ornament from Onekindesign

Pine Cone Wreath from Onekindesign

Colorful Balls Garland from Onekindesign

Red String Light Wreath from Onekindesign

Sticks Snowman from Decoist

Clothespin Christmas Santa from Decoist

Wooden Log Santa from Decoist

DIY Santa Ornament from Diys

Toilet Roll Reindeer from Boredpanda

Paper Ball Ornament from Boredpanda

Yarn Ball Ornament from Boredpanda

Books Christmas Tree from Boredpanda

Pom Pom Santa from Bobvila

Wooden Santa from Pinklover.Snydle

Crochet Santa Garland from Pinklover.Snydle

Painted Fork Santa from Pinklover.Snydle

Decorative Christmas Tree Centerpiece from Architectureartdesigns

White and Red Christmas Centerpiece from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Moss Ball Christmas Centerpiece from Architectureartdesigns

Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece from Architectureartdesigns

Thread Christmas Trees from Womansday

Twig and String Light Wreaths from Digsdigs

Twig Snowman Wreath from Digsdigs

Evergreen and Jingle Bells Wreath from Digsdigs

Be Merry Christmas Sign from Craft Lovers

Logs Christmas Reindeer from Craft Lovers

Driftwood Christmas Tree from Craft Lovers

JOY Wreath Sign from Craft Lovers

DIY Christmas Crate Train from Craft Lovers

Wooden Christmas Tree from Craft Lovers

Pots Snowman from Craft Lovers

Old Tires Christmas Ornament from Craft Lovers

White String Light Reindeer from Godfatherstyle

Wooden Reindeer from Godfatherstyle

Paper Lantern from Godfatherstyle

Red Snowflake Ornament from Godfatherstyle

String Light Christmas Tree from Godfatherstyle

Pallet Christmas Tree from Godfatherstyle

Hanging Snowflake Ornament from Godfatherstyle

Colorful String Light Christmas Tree from Godfatherstyle

Terracotta Snowman from Founterior

Decorative Christmas Evergreen from Founterior

Snowman Sign from Founterior

Evergreen Santa from Founterior

Red and Silver Ball Wreath from Gardenoholic

Chalkboard Reindeers Christmas from Homebnc

Wood Shavings Wreath from Homebnc

Potted Christmas Boot Plants from Homebnc

Ribbon Christmas Tree from Architectureartdesigns

Wooden Christmas Tree from Architectureartdesigns

Mini Wood Christmas Trees from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Fringe Christmas Tree from Architectureartdesigns

Old CD Discs Snowman Ornament from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Old CD Discs Reindeer from Architectureartdesigns

Old CD Discs Christmas Tree from Architectureartdesigns

Cork Reindeer from Homecrux

DIY Yarn Balls from Homecrux

Pine Cone Reindeer from Homecrux

DIY Candy Cane Lighting from Collagecab

Puzzle Candy Cane from Collagecab

Candy Cane Christmas Tree from Collagecab

Candy Cane Wreath from Craftymorning

Sock Santa Garland from Homebnc

Colorful Snowflake from Homebnc

Pallet Wooden Christmas Tree from Thegardenglove

Wooden and String Light Christmas Tree from Thegardenglove

Evergreen and Balls Garland from Thegardenglove

Birch Centerpiece for Christmas from Diycraftsguru

Pinecone Christmas Trees from Diycraftsguru

Hanging Ceiling Wreath from Diycraftsguru

DIY Woodland Sign from Diycraftsguru

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