A farmhouse bedroom is not only intended for those living in the countryside, but also for anyone seeking a unique and exciting way to have a comfortable space to sleep. If you are planning to decorate the bedroom in the farmhouse style, be sure to follow these basic rules to get the best result.

1.      Apply Muted Shades

Farmhouse design does not fit with bright tones or pops of colors. Instead, its classic and rustic look comes from muted color palettes. Think neutral white, soft brown, or pale beige for the bedroom wall to get started. Use muted shades in the same spectrum for the bedding and other furniture.

You can try white from floor to ceiling to decorate farmhouse bedroom, add iron beds, wooden nightstands, vintage trunk storage boxes and neutral rugs to give a calming impression. White floor-to-ceiling from morningchores
White ship lap wall with wooden canopy gives a strong farmhouse touch. To accentuate the natural details of this room, a flower vase is the right idea. White ship lap walls from morningchores
To show an open impression in the bedroom, you don’t need to put a lot of furniture in it. You can try the dim shades theme with your white theme of the barn wood ceiling. White theme farmhouse bedroom from morningchores
The classic light fixtures on wood pallet walls give an extra layer of texture. The rattan carpet brings a beautiful natural feel to the room. Wood pallet walls from morningchores
You can try DIY wall decorations with wood reclaimed shutter in your bedroom. Beautify its appearance with a large greenery wreath. Wood reclaimed shutter wall decoration from morningchores

2.      Rely on Texture and Dimension

While the use of color palette is limited, farmhouse style does take texture and dimension seriously. Exposed brick wall, knitted comforter, and bedside table with intricate detail will perfectly complement the bedroom style.

To bring color, pattern and softness to your farmhouse bedroom, throw thick knit blanket over the bed. A layered rug wraps around the wooden floor perfectly. Thick knit blanket over the bed from countryliving
Exposed red brick walls combined with wooden walls maintain rustic farmhouse bedroom feel. Vintage rugs can cover your footwear warmly and comfortably. Exposed red brick walls combined with wooden walls from countryliving
The bedroom with red brick walls and wooden nightstands provides a variety of textures and dimensions, an iron bed with a pile of pillows with unique motifs that you can combine with the white ceiling. Red brick walls and wooden nightstands from decoratorist
The red brick fireplace gives an architectural look to your farmhouse bedroom. Do not forget to use lighting in a classic style. Red brick fireplace from decoratorist
To bring the warmth of farmhouse to your bedroom decor, try using exposed red brick walls and dark furniture. Ceiling glass provides natural light into the room. Exposed red brick walls from decoratorist

3.      Choose Furniture from Distressed Wood

Distressed wood and handcrafted furniture are valued greatly in a farmhouse bedroom. While lasting for a long period of time, such furniture creates a sturdy look and enriches the room’s natural characteristics.

Position distressed wood cabinet next to the bed for a simple farmhouse theme. Gold frame mirrors can also add a classic impression. Distressed wood cabinet from homebnc
When you want a shabby chic feel in a farmhouse bedroom, then a soft bed and a rugged, pressed old distressed wooden headboard are ideas to replicate. Old distressed wooden headboard from homebnc
Re-paint the distressed wood nightstands with white for a clean, new looking furniture idea. Place a flower vase on the surface for air conditioning. Re-paint distressed wood nightstands from homebnc
The symmetry of the nightstand as well as the mirror that made of distressed wood is perfect with the arrangement of the pillow accents on the bed. In addition, this furniture also adds a vintage impression. Distressed wood nightstand as well as the mirror from homebnc
You can take advantage of the blank, distressed wood headboard to display some abstract wall hangings for an artistic finishing touch. Distressed wood headboard storage from homebnc
Nice and warm with thick knit blanket will never wreak havoc. Don’t forget to use distressed beds in bright colors for your favorite farmhouse décor. White distressed beds from homebnc

4.      Add Rattan Baskets

Besides wood, another natural element you should have in a farmhouse bedroom is some rattan baskets. Bedroom furniture featuring wood and wrought iron materials in the design is a perfect choice. Meanwhile, rattan baskets can be placed on the floor or under the bench as extra storage in addition to the dresser or shelving.

Wooden bench with storage underneath is a multi-functional furniture that you can have. Use wicker baskets for additional blanket storage. Wicker baskets from shelterness
Vintage looking rattan wicker basket, fluffy pillows and pink blankets add feminine softness. Wall scone lamps add a farmhouse texture element. Rattan wicker basket from shelterness
Show the bedroom as comfortable and neat as possible, for example by placing a blanket in wicker basket. Add round mirror with gold frame for the feeling of being in a country cabin. Wicker basket storage from shelterness
Far from being a shabby farmhouse chic feel, the dark wicker basket helps storage in your bedroom. This DIY basket does not cost much to buy it. DIY wicker basket from shelterness
Not only woven baskets, you can also apply wire baskets to your farmhouse bedroom decorations. This material will be stronger and will not rust easily. Wire baskets from shelterness
Throw the small wicker basket under the bed as storage area for your pillow or blanket. With this basket idea, your bedroom will be more organized. Small wicker basket from shelterness

5.      Use Vintage Accessories

Complete the farmhouse look in your bedroom by adding some vintage accessories. If you choose to have a new bed, make sure that the dresser and bedside table boasts the vintage impression. Alternatively, an antique lamp or rustic lighting fixture also blends nicely with the room design.

Use the hanging pallet as an area for hanging flower vases. These wall accessories are DIY decoration idea that make a farmhouse decor even nicer. DIY hanging pallet from homebnc
Reuse old window frames by turning them into photo frames. Black and white join the look of this photo frame and a large sign on the wooden cabinet. Old window frame photo from homebnc
Add farmhouse touch to the teak wood headboard with lantern lighting to complete the look. With this idea, the appearance of your bedroom will be more romantic and warm. Lantern lighting from homebnc
You can imitate the wooden pallet box as stand mirror as an attractive vintage touch. You can add ornament dry twig balls as decoration. Wooden pallet box from homebnc
You can use storage ladder in the corner of the room as a rustic accessory in a bedroom that looks simple but useful. With this storage ladder the room becomes tidier. Wooden storage ladder from homebnc
Wooden nightstands can be alternative furniture that creates a vintage impression in a farmhouse bedroom decor. Use gold wall lamps lighting for a farmhouse style boost. Wooden nightstands from homebnc

Follow those basic rules to create a farmhouse bedroom with a rustic and vintage look. Doing so will lead you one step closer to have a comfortable sleeping space that boasts a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.  

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