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Undoubtedly, there is no place like home. More than a physical embodiment, it is where you make memories with loved ones and relax after a hectic day at work. Homeowners selflessly look after their little paradise to keep it in the best shape. But no matter how neat and tidy you keep the place, the clutter piles up automatically. From school supplies, home appliances to extra furniture pieces – homes can feel messy at times. After all, homeowners have a habit of accumulating things! Some are fond of art and paintings, while others like decorating their home from tip to toe.

Before all the clutter starts making the house look unpleasant, plan a decluttering spree. However, it doesn’t mean you have to donate or sell your belongings; instead, decluttering is all about organizing things smartly. If you are uncertain where to start, have a look below. 

Here we are unfolding seven tips to stop clutter in its track and have an amicable atmosphere in the house. 

  1. Create A Decluttering Checklist 

Today, everyone is trying super hard to bring their lives in order. But how can you improve if the console is bursting with emails and the kitchen sink is overflowing with dishes? Instead of stressing about this, create a decluttering checklist. Write down the ‘hot clutter spots’ of the house you want to tackle. It could be your closet, kitchen cabinets, or the entire bathroom. Set completion dates for each cleanup phase to allocate your time correctly. With a precise checklist, you will have a roadmap of your whole decluttering project in front of you.

  1. Rent A Storage Unit 

Despite space constraints, homeowners are unwilling to let go of their belongings. We put our heart and soul into shopping for things, and giving up is not easy. Thus, if you are not ready for donations or garage sales, store all extra belongings in a storage unit. If you live in Texas, you can find and rent storage grand prairie tx, at pretty affordable rates. You can keep exclusive paintings, documents, extra furniture, or even seasonal clothes in the storage space. It comes with top-notch security, ensuring your things are safe and sound. 

  1. Use the Four-Box Method 

Since people can’t differentiate between essentials and extras, consider following the four-box method. You have to get four boxes and label them – trash, keep, store, donate. Enter every room one by one and place every item into one of the boxes. Remember, the rule is that you can’t skip ‘any’ item no matter how insignificant it seems. Although this can take a few days, it will identify things you no longer need in the house and help you dispose of them appropriately. 

  1. Try the Hanger Trick 

There are plenty of clothes lying in the closet that we never wear. These are nothing but sunk costs, adding up to the clutter in the house. Hence, commit to a specific time, for instance, three months. After that, you will have to get rid of everything you haven’t worn in that timespan. You can follow a similar trick on your makeup shelf. If you haven’t used a lipstick or eyeshadow palette in a while, donate it before it expires. 

  1. Utilize Under-the-Sink Storage 

Are you into skincare and cosmetics? If yes, you would know the value and importance of vanity space. Instead of misplacing your hair serum and skin moisturizer behind the towels, free up your vanity from all the clutter. Utilize the area below the sink by placing some baskets, bins, or stackable plastic drawers. It could be the perfect place for all linens, towels, and bathrobes. In addition to an easy to reach spot, you won’t have trouble finding things in the bathroom. 

  1. Follow Creative Organization Tips 

Homes look way more peaceful and tidier when everything is in place. So, why not organize things while decluttering? Here are some creative home organization tips that can reduce clutter in the house. 

  • If you are short on closet space, start rolling your shirts and place one over the other. 
  • With drawers full of jewelry, it can become impossible to find earring pairs. Therefore, consider hanging them on a vintage rack. You can hang them on any wall, inside your cupboard, or even behind the door. 
  • Stash coins and errant buttons in candy or glass vessel jars. 
  •  Label all spices and herbs jars to avoid digging into the entire pantry when you need chilies. 
  • Hang a grain bag in a quiet corner of the house and place all laundry clothes in it. 
  1. Use Up Wall Space 

Unsurprisingly, those bulky pots and pans occupy a plethora of space in the kitchen cabinets. Doesn’t the cabinet seem full only after putting in two frying pans? In this decluttering spree, try to make the most out of your wall space since kitchens always have a lot of spare wall space. Get a delicate backsplash and add some hooks and knobs to put your exquisite cutlery on display. Likewise, you hang the pots and pans that can, in turn, enhance the kitchen’s visual appeal. Moreover, feel free to add some open shelves to place spices or other pantry items. 

Final Thoughts

Honestly, decluttering a home is not an easy feat, but living in a messy house is more painful. Therefore, take out time from your bustling schedule and have a small decluttering session at your home. Say goodbye to things you no longer want and store the ones you can’t let go of. Likewise, organize other things adequately to ensure minimal clutter and a cheerful atmosphere. 

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