Everyone knows that designing a bathroom needs some efforts. Because your bathroom also simply represents the real you, its design must be considered to make a good ambiance. Moreover, after a long tiring day, we usually get relaxed in the bathroom to get a fresh mood. That’s why it is undoubtedly true that it is important to choose the appropriate bathroom design.

In addition, there are many styles that influence home decor, especially the bathroom. Farmhouse, minimalist, industrial, rustic and so on. To specify the description, we will focus on rustic bathroom design which brings coziness and elegance.

The rustic style infuses this bathroom with a simple theme. Reclaimed wood on the vanity, floors and doors make this rustic bathroom blend together perfectly. Reclaimed Wood Bathroom from homebnc
You can use standing rack open shelves that made of weathered wood to store dry and clean towels. The rattan wicker basket becomes a natural storage helper. Weathered Wood Rack from homebnc
The wooden pallets that form the base of the mirror frames create unique way to add character to the room. Add rustic elements like floating wooden racks and wicker rattan trash. Backdrop Wooden Pallets for Mirror from homebnc
Take advantage of used mason jars as rustic bathroom lighting idea that is unique and looks different. Add in wood features and a touch of gray to give it a more modern rustic theme for this time. Rustic Bathroom Lighting from homebnc
The combination of shiplap walls with wooden furniture will accommodate all the needs of a rustic style bathroom. Prepare wooden ladders and wicker baskets for storage ideas that fit this theme. Shiplap Walls with Wooden Furniture from homebnc
The rustic double wood framing the mirror and vanity provides a perfect rustic feel. Prepare a vintage corner cabinet for storage that can accommodate all your essential bath time needs. Double Rustic Wood Framing from homebnc
There is nothing wrong with combining weathered wood with stone for a rustic bathroom design. Shades of brown make the bathroom room warmer and more exotic. Weathered Wood with Stone Rustic Bathroom from homebnc
The tissue box and sleek wood rack help with storage in your small bathroom. Wall wood pallets are simple bathroom designs that make a big impact to a rustic bathroom. Wood Pallet Walls from homebnc
To save space for small bathroom, sliding barn board door is the best idea that you can imitate. Don’t forget to apply a white scheme that will make the room clean and spacious. Sliding Barn Board Door from homebnc
Rustic is style that brings uniqueness to bathroom. Hanging iron baskets are one of the hallmarks of storage in this style, pendant lights are the perfect match. Hanging Iron Basket from homebnc
Slate mosaic accent wall with bowl sink offers choice of rustic styles that can enhance bathroom decor. The long, soft lights on both sides of the mirror keep things warm and cozy. Slate Mosaic Accent Wall from homebnc
The DIY single barrel sink adds rustic contrast to the overall design, not forgetting to use a wooden mirror frame on top. Stone floor offers a comfortable atmosphere for those who use it. DIY Barrel Sink from homebnc
Tissue trees can be used as simple decorative items that beautify the room into a smart idea that you can try. Walnut wooden floor can fit any style including rustic style. Walnut Wooden Floor from homebnc
Weathered wood for white lace provides a rustic element, don’t forget to use wooden floors and tables to reinforce this style. Mirror wood frames work well in this tiny bathroom. Weathered Wood for White Lace from homebnc
Wooden accents and various textures on storage baskets and cabinets are elements that make this design not boring and make this rustic bathroom look attractive. Blackboard is cheap wall decoration. Wooden Accents Bathroom from homebnc
The beams wood shelf colored with flower vases provides a feminine punch to enhance the overall feel of a rustic bathroom. Mount the shelf directly over the toilet to store some toiletries. Beams Wood Shelf from homebnc
To create rustic impression in your bathroom, stone walls in the shower room add texture and pattern to your bathroom. Besides being stronger, this stone wall will also be a natural impression. Stone Wall Bathroom from designideasguide
You can play with mosaic stone walls and wooden furniture to give a more rustic style to your bathroom personality. This wall ensures a unique yet captivating flair. Mosaic Stone Wall from designideasguide
There is nothing wrong with combining rustic and modern styles, black wooden cabinets and ceramic walls are decor ideas that you can try. Frameless mirror gives spacious impression to your bathroom. Black Wooden Cabinet from designideasguide
Vanity wood reclamation provides design results that can transform a rustic bathroom into a more elegant and natural impression. Take advantage of the empty wall space for wall mounted mirrors. Vanity Wood Reclamation from designideasguide
Wood and stone materials present a rustic bathroom with a more eclectic atmosphere. The wooden beams ceiling helps the room stand out in all its elegance. Wooden Beams Ceiling from designideasguide
The teak wood floating vanity display against the stone wall background looks vintage to enhance the rustic bathroom look. Add greenery for natural light intake. Teak Wood Floating Vanity from designideasguide
Here the wood material adds lots of texture to the bathroom, vanity with a cement surface is a simple and easy focal point. Add bright lighting. Wood Material Bathroom from designideasguide
Besides being natural, the stone walls also provide bright lighting. Wooden vanity as well as a glass frame is one of the characteristics of a rustic bathroom decoration idea. Natural Stone Wall from designideasguide
The vintage rectangle mirror, combined with the star ornament on the wooden wall, enhances its appearance. A small flower vase placed in the corner of the sink becomes a decorative item that gives a fresh impression. Vintage Rectangle Mirror from designideasguide

Rustic has influenced home design for years. The elements like wood, stone, iron, and brick present how mesmerizing rustic bathroom style is. Wood is the most commonly found material. It is used as it is inexpensive and has its perfect texture. Starting from the wall, floor, and ceiling, wooden material surely makes a great look. As well as, consider storage bathroom ideas through elegance wooden cabinet, shelf, or rack. They will make your bathroom more organized well, especially for a small bathroom.

Sometimes, a rustic bathroom is designed with brick walls. It creates a cozy classic look. Furthermore, rustic can be the option for small bathroom design. By hanging a large wooden-framed mirror, your small space will look larger than the reality it is. To strengthen the style of rustic, provide a wooden ladder to put the towels. Additionally, give a touch of greenery by putting houseplants or potted plants inside. Now, you are ready to have a relaxing time in your rustic bathroom.

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