Basic large to small appliances are essential to our functional cooking space as they will make our lives more convenient. Even today, the advanced technology brings its wave of state-of-art kitchen appliance innovations which never have been imagined a decade before. Take a look at some of the hi-tech products you may try at home.

#1 – Smart Toaster

Designed with a touch screen, this device is featured with sensors for smartly toasting not only bread but also other pastries like bagels, waffles or even muffins. Moreover, its 15-second reheat mode is a great solution for your already-cold toasts.

This white toaster has a minimalist size which is suitable for your small kitchen. This kitchen appliance reduces unnecessary clutter in the kitchen. White toaster from minimalistvibe.
You can put the toaster in the corner of the centerpiece to make your breakfast easier. You can choose stainless steel so it doesn’t rust easily for a long time. Stainless steel toaster from minimalistvibe.
Choose a dark color for your kitchen utensils so they don’t look dirty easily when used. For example, black matte toaster which is used to bake bread and minimize burnt bread. Black matte toaster from gearpatrol.
You can buy a toaster with a sophisticated touch screen to adjust the temperature and doneness of the bread. Use a flat temperature so that the toast does not burn easily and is fully cooked. Touch screen toaster from thouswell.
The metal toaster complements the state of the art kitchen equipment so that it looks more modern. This kitchen tool makes it easy for your breakfast to catch up on time to the office. Metal toaster from trendlynews.

#2 – Smart Microwave

Talking to your microwave? It’s no longer odd. Yes, the smart feature allows you to control your microwave simply with your voice. Its scan-to-cook technology will help you to prepare your food. What a smart little kitchen appliance, isn’t it?

Having a small microwave in the kitchen will make it easier for you to do your activities. So you can easily prepare food with just your voice, place it on your minimalist kitchen shelf. Small microwave from remodelista.
To make it easier for you when cooking, adding a built-in advanced microwave in the kitchen is the right kitchen utensil. Scanning technology for cooking will help you to prepare food quickly and efficiently. Built-in microwave from remodelista.
You can put the microwave on a standing rack combined with your kitchen storage. Here you can install it quickly because it is juxtaposed with herbs. Microwave on the standing rack from remodelista.
You can use the kitchen island to put your metal microwave. This kitchen tool saves time more efficiently because it makes it easier for you to regulate the temperature and the maturity of food quickly. Metal microwave from remodelista.
Using modern equipment is the right idea to facilitate your cooking activities in the kitchen. A smart microwave that has scan-to-cook technology will help you prepare your meals so you can get your work done on time. Modern microwave from remodelista.

#3 – Smart Wi-Fi Pot

This pot serves numerous roles as rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, warmer, cake or yoghurt maker, and even saute. The WiFi specification allows you to connect the appliance with your smartphone through an app, where you can simply put all the ingredients into the pot, adjust the temperature, set the alerts and notification, and leave it.

If you want to finish your kitchen faster, using a smart black stainless steel Wi-Fi pot is the right idea. You can connect with your cell phone and can control it easily. Black stainless steel Wi-Fi pot from cnet.
Take advantage of your wheelchair to place the Wi-Fi pot so that it is easier to move to where you are going. When not in use, you can put it in the corner of the room. Wheelchair Wi-Fi pot from weekendcraft.
A smart Wi-Fi big pot to complement your modern kitchen decor, this tool is more practical to complete your cooking work effectively and efficiently. Connect the Wi-Fi smart pot with your phone so you can put all the ingredients in the pot and set the temperature. Big Wi-Fi pot from onegoodthingbyjillee.
To facilitate your work in the kitchen, using a Wi-Fi pot is the right choice. So you can cook rice, warm food, steam and bake with one tool. Sophisticated Wi-Fi pot from tablefortwoblog.

#4 – Smart Fridge

This large kitchen appliance is perhaps the heart, or the brain, of your cooking space. The door is designed with a built-in tablet screen functions as a memo board accessible from a smartphone. It is also equipped with a built-in camera that will show you have inside via your phone while you’re away for grocery shopping.

Adding a fridge with a door designed with a built-in tablet screen kit will make it easier for you to operate it with your phone. Metal material gives a modern impression to your kitchen decor. Metal fridge with built-in tablet screen from hackthehut.
A large fridge will keep your food and beverage stocks well. Choose a smart fridge so you can access it via the smartphone you have. Large fridge from stuff.
Kitchen decoration with a touch screen fridge is the right furniture to make it look more modern and make your work easier because it can be operated with a smartphone. You can write down all your kitchen needs here so you don’t forget it easily. Touch screen fridge from slashgear.
Talking about a smart fridge in your kitchen will effectively remind you of all those running out kitchen necessities. Decorate your kitchen so that it looks more sophisticated and modern. Choose a dark color so you don’t get dirty easily. Sophisticated and modern fridge from womenlovetech.

#5 – Smart Voice Assistant

This sort of voice-activated digital home or kitchen hubs is practically handy especially when your hands are tied to other activities while preparing the meals. From dictating recipes to talk to an automatic faucet, this technology is really cool.

Your hands are often full while doing tasks in your kitchen. Therefore it is necessary to procure emoticon voice assistants. You can speak through this voice command. Emoticon voice assistants from engadget.
This small size voice assistant will help talk to you about recipes or other topics so you can stay hands-free. This tool makes work more effective and efficient. Small size voice assistant from home-connect.
To help you do work in the kitchen, adding a silver voice assistant in the kitchen is the right idea. You can put it on a more strategic kitchen centerpiece. Silver voice assistant from letsgodigital.

So, are you ready for welcoming the new wave of high-tech kitchen appliance and smart devices to your cooking space? 

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