Your kitchen cabinets determine the look and feel of your cooking space, as well as how organized your kitchen is. They come in varied designs and styles that will satisfy your personal need and preference without being outdated. A modern, classic look kitchen cabinet offers a mix of contemporary and traditional characteristics that can last longer. For further information, take a look at some modern, classic look kitchen cabinet characteristics to inspire you.

1. Style

The following are several picks of kitchen cabinet in modern and classic style:

  • Textured kitchen cabinet

Exotic woods featured with striped grains create such texture and visual wonder to your cabinet.

There is nothing wrong with using wooden panels as the main ingredient of the kitchen cabinet design that you are currently using. Repainting is done to get the impression of a cleaner, more elegant and of course more modern kitchen decor. You can sprinkle light blue for a kitchen that looks brighter and more colorful. Wooden panel materials are also not very suitable in combination with hardwood floors which have a smoother and harder surface. Wooden panel kitchen cabinet from housebeautiful.

An easy way to bring a natural impression in your kitchen decor is to use a kitchen cabinet made of teak wood without repainting. In the same room, you can also use floating shelves with matching colors and materials for a more harmonious and elegant appearance of the room. Glass windows help to enter sunlight into the room so as to minimize your wooden furniture porous or damp. Natural wooden kitchen cabinet from housebeautiful.

  • High-Gloss Kitchen Cabinet

Thanks to their reflective surface, this modern, classic look kitchen cabinet brightens your cooking interior.

The appearance of the kitchen will look luxurious when you try to use high gloss kitchen cabinets with more striking colors such as red. This cabinet will reflect the interior of the kitchen that is around it so that the decoration of this room looks more spacious and open. Not only the interior, the lighting of lights and sunlight that comes through the window will also be reflected optimally throughout the room evenly. Glossy red kitchen cabinet from housebeautiful.

Not only using glossy kitchen cabinets with striking colors, now you can use masculine colors like solid black for a cooler kitchen look. In addition to the cabinet with a solid black color, it is also easier to combine with other interiors that are around it. You can use white ceramic countertops as a color combination that brings a monochromatic theme instantly. Glossy kitchen cabinet with ceramic countertop from housebeautiful.

  • Floating Kitchen Cabinet

Offering its functionally ergonomic design, this kind of ultra-contemporary cabinet sparks the contemporary ambiance and freshness.

To save more floor area in your kitchen decor, then try using a floating cabinet with transparent glass doors that will make it easier for you to find the kitchen tools you need. Don’t forget to repaint this cabinet with a deep black color for a cleaner and shiny look so it is perfect for your modern kitchen decor. Marble backsplash is the perfect combination that you can try. Floating cabinet with glass door from housebeautiful.

If you have a kitchen decoration with limited space, then choose and use the right furniture to produce a comfortable and certainly more effective room. Melamine wooden floating cabinet is one of the smart ideas that you can use. Use closed kitchen cabinets to hide what’s in the cabinet in a messy state. Hang this cabinet on an empty wall decoration or rather above the countertop sink. Melamine wood floating cabinet from housebeautiful.

2. Color

For gaining a modern-yet-classic statement, neutral colors (grey, white, blue, taupe, etc.) play a significant role. Relinquish traditional darker-stained wood-toned cabinetry and repaint with color for a more modern, classic look kitchen cabinet. Alternatively, you may go for high and low two-tone effect (mixing and matching the lower and upper cabinets) or actual two-tone effect (two cabinets that have a two-tone visual).

You can get a classic modern style in kitchen decorations easily through the use of wooden kitchen cabinets that are equipped with carvings and repainted in light blue. Don’t forget to put some vintage ornaments in the cabinet area to emphasize classic and modern styles simultaneously in one room. Hardwood floors and stools are a warm interior mix and can be tried now. Repaint wooden kitchen cabinet from housebeautiful.

When you use a modern kitchen cabinet in gray, the next way to bring a classic style is to use a hanging pendant lamp that is installed right above the kitchen island. These two kitchen interiors will work well together when decorating your current kitchen. Backsplashes and countertops with white splashes become room color neutralizers that you can easily try. Modern gray cabinet with classic lighting from housebeautiful.

3. Storage

Similar to other cabinet styles, your kitchen cabinets need to provide extra storage. For instance, you may create 10% to 20% more storage to get most of the storing capacity in your kitchen cabinets.

Choose and use a modern classic cabinet kitchen as the main storage area that you can try to minimize your kitchen decor looking messy and not neatly arranged. You can also install a floating cabinet in an empty wall area so that all the rooms in this kitchen can be used properly and more effectively. Repaint the kitchen cabinets with a more vibrant color like dark blue for a more colorful and new look. Gold countertop gives the impression of luxury that is not excessive. Blue cabinet storage from housebeautiful.

4. Price

Another aspects that can be considered is price. It is very important to pay attention because you will choose the kitchen cabinet based on your budget. To save your budget, sometimes not to change your kitchen cabinet with a new one is a good idea. You can get a new look of the modern, classic kitchen cabinet by repainting it with pastel or classic colors.

If you are looking for a kitchen cabinet with an on-budget price, then you can choose it with wood which is repainted using a bright blue color. Match this blue color with the use of a hexagon tile backsplash which looks more modern. Wood material is also considered very sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Add another color through the use of a stove. Repaint wooden cabinet kitchen from housebeautiful.

Buying new or remodeling a modern, classic look kitchen cabinet highly depends on the above traits and other related factors.

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