If your next renovation project is to remodel the bathroom, then consider sink replacement as one of your priorities. The right sink choice can introduce a new face and better improvement to your bathroom design. To help you decide, here are some best bathroom sinks for a stylish bathroom look.

1. Add a Modern Touch with Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are a clever option for those of you who want to add a stylish, luxurious, and contemporary focal point to the bathroom. With their various material, shape, and color options, they can be placed on the top of different vanity and counter designs. Besides, you’ll only need to make less effort to install and remove this sink type.  

Free up your bathroom floor space by using a floating wooden rack which is also used as an area to put a black matte vessel sink. Don’t forget to add a mirror frame right above the sink to check your facial appearance properly. Black matte vessel sink from decoist.
To present a modern and industrial style, you can try placing a cement vessel sink combined with a white marble vanity surface. The stainless steel faucet complements your vanity decoration. Cement vessel sink from decoist.
To emphasize the modern style in bathroom decor, you can choose the right furniture. For example a marble vessel sink with a glossy black vanity surface. Complete with a rose as a natural decorative item. Marble vessel sink from decoist.
When you have more families, the use of double square vessel sinks is a furniture idea that you can try. You can try a wooden vanity which comes with a storage drawer. Double square vessel sinks from decoist.
Pair the oval vessel sink with white color on top of the wooden floating vanity for a more minimalist look, the LED round mirror becomes furniture that reinforces contemporary bathroom decorations. White oval vessel sink from decoist.
To make it easy to maintain, ceramic vessel sinks are the right choice and idea. When this sink starts to get dirty, you only need to scrub it with a damp brush or cloth. Ceramic vessel sinks from decoist.

2. Undermount Sinks for a Sleeker Design

Choose undermount sinks if you want to have a more spacious countertop space. So that you can store some eye-catching bathroom accessories or furniture on it. They mostly come with a rectangular or oval shape and can be mounted into granite, stone, marble, or concrete countertop.

A marble countertop complemented by a polished nickel sink gives a neutral look to your modern bathroom decor. The nickel in the sink will last longer and won’t rust easily. Polished nickel undermount sink from digsdigs.
Bring out the Moroccan style with a different sink look. The oval undermount sink decorated with green tiles on the top surface gives a more beautiful appearance. Take advantage of the empty space on the table to place toiletries and flowers. Moroccan undermount sink from digsdigs.
Match the color of the marble stone countertop with the undermount sink you have in the bathroom to show a design that blends in perfectly. Large windows help provide natural lighting in the room. White undermount sink from homedit.
You can complete the contemporary bathroom decoration with a rectangle undermount sink in white. The table around the sink that is still empty can be used as storage. Rectangle undermount sink from homedit.
Complete the sink design with a flower vase placed next to it. The stainless steel faucet will be an additional item that will strengthen the modern bathroom decor. Don’t forget to use wood vanity to create a warm feel. Wooden vanity with sink from homedit.
Finish the modern bathroom décor with a double undermount sink in a rectangular shape. You can use the sink surface to put soap or indoor green fabrics as a refreshing decoration. Double rectangle undermount sink from homedit.

3. Self-Rimming Sinks for a Comfortable Look

Another bathroom sink option for a stylish bathroom look is self-rimming or drop-in sinks. Not only are they popular with their ease of installation, but they also work well with different countertops, including tile and laminate. As for the materials, they are typically made of porcelain, stone, plastic, glass, or metal.   

Not only makes cleaning easier, but the white self rimming sink is also very suitable when combined with a wooden countertop. The wood material gives a warm and natural impression to the room. White self rimming sink from hgtv.
Match the color of the faucet with the countertop for a more elegant and beautiful self-rimming sink look. Iron countertop also makes it easy for you to periodically care for it when it starts to get dirty. Self-rimming sink with iron countertop from houseminds.
An easy way to get a modern farmhouse bathroom decoration is with a small self-rimming sink equipped with a white marble countertop. The marble material gives a luxurious impression that is not over the top. Small self-rimming sink from universalmgranite.
The cement sink, which matches the tiled walls, makes the bathroom decor more beautiful. You can perfect your self-rimming sink with water plants and small artwork. Self rimming cement sink from home-designing.
Double self rimming sinks provide room for more facial washing. Large mirrors help the bathroom space look more spacious, clean and luxurious. Double self rimming sinks from home-designing.
Take advantage of the bathroom wall that is still empty with a floating self-rimming sink, the all white scheme makes the room decor cleaner. The stainless steel faucet provides a natural color to the room. Floating self-rimming sink from home-designing.

4. Pick Wall-mounted Sinks for a Small Bathroom

Different from the previous three sinks that are installed on countertops or vanities, wall-mounted or floating sinks are hung directly to the wall. That’s what makes this kind of sink a smart solution for a small bathroom or minimalist style.  

Other than wall-mounted sinks, you may also opt for other space-friendly sinks like corner or pedestal sinks. After all, these three space-friendly sinks mostly don’t feature any storage, so you can make your bathroom floor look clean and spacious.

The modern style sink in black matte always matches the interior of your bathroom. This sink is maximized to save space when placed by hanging. Floating black matte sink from apartmenttherapy.
To save on your small bathroom, a floating sink that is placed in the corner of the room is the right idea. You can complete the look of this sink with a stainless steel faucet. Corner floating sink from apartmenttherapy.
Choose a small sink with an oval shape, you can hang it on the white bathroom wall to unite the minimalist decoration look idea. This sink idea does not take up much space to install it. Floating small sink from apartmenttherapy.
To free up bathroom floor space, then hanging a small round sink is the right choice. The white color provides a minimalist and modern look that is not excessive. Hanging small round sink from apartmenttherapy.
Complete the look of your white sink with the bathroom tile wall pattern to make it more vibrant. Hang this sink in the wall area that is often visited and is still empty. Floating white sink from apartmenttherapy.
Choose a sink shape that differs from the others for a unique bathroom decor. The floating triangle sink that is placed in the corner of the room looks prettier. Floating triangle sink from apartmenttherapy.

Those are several bathroom sinks for a stylish bathroom look. Remember that it’s always recommended to know the good and the bad of each sink before deciding your ultimate option. Good luck!

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