When it comes to decorating the bathroom, tile options should always come first, as they play a major role to set the overall tone and ambiance of your bathroom. To help you find the perfect choice, here are several bathroom tiles that will give a luxurious effect to your bathroom. 

1. Choose Porcelain Tiles for a Catchy Look

Don’t miss porcelain tiles if you’re looking for the best bathroom tiles with an eye-catching design. They are known for their durability and toughness, which can withstand any strain and different weather conditions. Furthermore, porcelain tiles are easy to clean, so you don’t need to go the extra mile to maintain them.

Gray Bathroom Porcelain Tile from countryliving

2. Get Natural Vibes with Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are the next perfect bathroom tiles you may use. There are plenty of natural stone types to choose from, including granite, limestone, marble, and sandstone – all of which offer their unique designs and rich colors that can blend well with different bathroom styles.

White Limestone Tiles from digsdigs
Sandstone Tiles from digsdigs
White Stone Tile from digsdigs
Mosaic Stone Tile from digsdigs
Beige Sandstone Tiles from digsdigs
Natural Stone Tiles from digsdigs
Rustic Stone Tile from digsdigs

3. Create a Comfy Ambiance with Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are popular with their beautiful patterns like herringbone, stagger, and wood-like flooring, bringing great visual effects to your bathroom. There are two different vinyl tile types you can choose (sheet and tile) which are easy to install and clean.

Vintage Vinyl Floor from digsdigs
Dark Vinyl Floor from digsdigs
Plywood Vinyl Floor from digsdigs
Hardwood Vinyl Floors from housebeautiful
Herringbone Vinyl Floor from housebeautiful
Wood Vinyl Flooring from elledecor
Vinyl Floor from guruhomedecor

4. Pick Laminate Tiles for an Attractive Look

You might consider laminate flooring if you want to have bathroom tiles with an exotic style like stone, wood, or other pretty natural material patterns. Laminate tiles also offer easy installation and maintenance, making them a smart option for DIYers.

White Laminate Flooring from designtrends
Hardwood Laminate Flooring from designtrends

5. Go Classic with Metro Tiles

Whatever bathroom style you have, metro tiles can bring an elegant touch to your bathroom walls. The white version of metro tiles fit best for a small bathroom and give a spacious look. However, you can always play with their textured version which has various colors and mosaics, giving you the liberty to get the bathroom design you like.

Gray Metro Wall Tile from digsdigs
All White Metro Tile from digsdigs

Those are perfect bathroom tiles you can use to bring a luxurious look to your bathroom. So, have you got your option? Which one suits your bathroom decor scheme the most?

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