Besides minimalist, Scandinavian is also among the top favorites in home décor. The unity of simplicity, functionality, the touch of a natural element, and the use of lots of natural lights are what make the Scandinavian design. Those elements can create a cozy place to enjoy with family and friends. To achieve the Scandinavian living room goal, these five tips below will cover it up for you.

1. Maximum Natural Lights

Install extra tall windows in your living room and choose openable apertures. That way, you’re achieving not only natural bright but also refreshing air outside. A glass wall is a much more striking idea for your Scandinavian living room. It showcases a great view outside and lifts a positive mood.

A large glass wall that functions as an entrance as well as a glass window. Making this Scandinavian-style living room brighter and has enough lighting. Moreover, the vertical garden on the side of the entrance wall provides a natural atmosphere and cool decor.
Most appropriate thing to add to the Scandinavian-style living room decoration is a wide door window. As seen in the decoration of this living room, you can place a living plant in front of it. In addition, you can also place lounge chairs as well.
This is an open Scandinavian style living room that also features a large ensuite kitchen with hardwood floors paired with a white ceiling.
This simple and wide living room features a white cathedral ceiling with exposed wood beams. These beams are connected to the hardwood floor through a large wooden structure that has built-in shelves.
This Scandinavian-style living room shares a white space with a high ceiling with a dining area, separated by a gorgeous wooden console table that sits at the back of an L-shaped gray sofa.

2. Practicality Is Necessary

The Scandinavian living room doesn’t only serve as a place to chill out with family or friends. By adding a big flat screen or built-in bookshelves, you will get a place to enjoy your leisure time. You can also place a fluffy area rug where kids can safely play on the floor. Or, a single chair and a table heading to the open window along with your computer or laptop will give you a perfect place to work.

One comfortable chair is placed in the front corner of a window and a long bookshelf. Useful for you to relax while reading your collection of books. In the front there is a sofa as a seat for the guests.
Placement of a private workspace next to the living room is the right thing. You can easily decorate a room with multiple uses. This Scandinavian-style room has comfortable characteristics and seems friendly to guests.

3. Wooden Included

Whether it is on the floor, on the wall, or the furniture, wood elements must emerge in the room. You can use a buffet, wood floor lamp, or 3-set wall arts with wooden frames. A round wooden table in the middle of white sofas will make the room feels warm and cozy.

Selection of a wooden round table large enough as a coffee table in the living room is a charming idea. With the support of natural shades and matching carpets with wood colors, providing perfection decorations.
Combination of white and wood accents in the decoration of this space looks beautiful and charming. Moreover, the use of wooden chairs and benches adds to the natural feel and rustic sensation.

4. White and Clean Lines

When aiming for this design style, white must dominate your parlor. Paint your wall with bright white and marry it with white furnishings. It is okay to choose the snowy or gray furniture because that way, you can play with little accents in your room. Furthermore, clean lines and solid items should make significant appearances.

One of the interesting things about the decoration of this room is the living room is located along with the dining room. With an open concept, making this space looks spacious and easy to manage. It makes a lot of space for the road and does not look cramped.
Make your living room look more spacious and spacious with this furniture arrangement. Leave a large central area surrounded by chairs around it. Make the room look relieved with a touch of black and white striped carpet.

5. Minimalist Accent

Since white, wood, and gray are all over your family space, giving some little decoration here and there will give a little cheer-up. Place minimalist accents in your free space and remember not to go frantic about these small ornaments.

Leave the wall of your living room without any decoration. This is beneficial because it impresses a room that is relieved and free of messy words. Choose a sofa, table, chairs and minimalist lights for decorating this living room.
The problem of a narrow room to be used as a living room is not easy. However, the right solution is to minimize room decor and furniture that is not very useful. Simply place the sofa and television in front of it. Lamps and small coffee tables also support the decoration of this space.

Known for its simplicity and clean lines, the Scandinavian living room will give you a perfect place to spend with the loved ones or enjoying your time alone. Use the five tips above for a chic parlor.

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