The country-style decor has a warm impression. It is friendly to apply with other styles like vintage or rustic. Then, to create a rustic atmosphere, some materials like wood, rattan, and iron will greatly present some French country furniture. Though the rustic style has an unfinished touch for its furniture, the country-style balances it by making an airy and bright ambiance of the room. Also, there is some carved wooden furniture that creates a romantic and elegant look that is possible to combine with rustic style.

Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom is your private room to lay down and get relaxed. Finding the right and comfortable design for it is important. By combining rustic and country style in your bedroom, it surely offers elegance and functionality. For example, a wooden beam ceiling design makes a fabulous look. Decorate it with a classic chandelier for a more perfect bedroom design. Moreover, a romantic country style can be expressed through white bedding set with vintage pillows that lead to a chic impression.

Wooden pallet ceiling is usually used for rustic French country style bedrooms. As the main lighting, you can use classic large chandeliers, wooden headboards that are comfortable and warm headboards. French country decorations usually use neutral colors so they don’t cause boring decorations. Don’t forget to add green plants with white ceramic vases as decorative items that are suitable and suitable in your bedroom. Wooden pallet ceiling with classic chandeliers from homebnc.

Create a rustic French country decoration theme in your bedroom by using a large white bed combined with the nuances of a white room too. Reclaimed wood roofs are the best choice that you can try, add warm fabrics such as woven blankets and soft and smooth faux fur rugs. The floral pillowcase and flower vase in the corner of the nightstand accentuates French country decor in an instant. Do not forget to add a large wall clock for time reminders. Reclaimed wooden roof with white shades from homebnc.

Living Room Decor

A rustic country style can also be applied to your living room. Your living room is the place where you almost spend your spare time with your family. Besides, it is the place to welcome your guests with a well-designed decoration. Country style living room decor will change you into a cozy retreat. Some aged look elements will make it true, like a wooden-framed mirror, classic chandeliers, vintage cushions, white comfy sofa, and a wooden coffee table.

The Rustic French Country theme you choose is incomplete if you don’t use classic metal chandeliers and mirrors with chic white wood frames. This large mirror can help the room look wider. The living room which is equipped with a large sofa facing in front of the square fireplace adds to the warmth of the room to the maximum. Wall scones lamp is certainly an additional lighting that makes the rustic French country living room decor brighter and brighter. Weathered metal pendant lamp with white mirror frame from shelterness.

Take advantage of the mantle area as an area to put some decorative items that can enhance the French country living room decor. Candle holders and galvanized flower vases are options that you can apply. Do not forget to use a classic sofa with a neutral white color, a small table with carved legs emphasizes the rustic French style in this living room. The large painting above the fireplace adds to the creative artistic impression. White classic sofa with carved table legs from shelterness.

Kitchen Decor

A kitchen is the heart of the home. Since you spend a lot of time in this room, you had better think about its design. Well, rustic country style will help you to transform your kitchen into a cozy and inviting room. With its uniqueness and classic look, it presents well though a brick wall, a wooden floor, an amazing wooden kitchen island with a sleek countertop, a wooden beam ceiling idea, and of course neutral hues. A kitchen cabinet made of wood sometimes becomes an interesting element to think.

Use classic kitchen cabinets repainted with dark colors for a newer and cleaner look. You can use a red brick wall with a few rustic decorative items to emphasize French country decor. Floating iron racks are an additional storage idea for some of your kitchen tools to make them look more organized and tidy. Painting frames become wall hangings that are cheap and easy to obtain. Classic kitchen cabinet with red brick walls from homedit.

The combination of stone walls with reclaimed wood floors makes a perfect match for a rustic French country kitchen decor. The iron chandelier is the main lighting that gives a classic impression, this lamp is equipped with several candles that add a warm impression. Don’t forget to add a colorful flower vase on top of the kitchen island as a decoration that can brighten up this kitchen decoration. Combination of stone walls with reclaimed wood floors from homedit.

Bathroom Decor

Get a relaxing moment every day in your bathroom with a country-style combined with a rustic touch. Like in other rooms, rustic always bring a welcoming, warm, and easy look to create. On the other hand, the country-style will give nuance of the peaceful and enjoyable moments by having some ornaments that create romantic ambiance as well. For instance, create a romantic bathroom by bringing a vase of flowers, a floral curtain, a wooden-framed mirror, and candles.

Use a floral wallpaper on one part of the plain bathroom wall to emphasize the French counrty style that displays a beautiful and feminine impression. You can add a mirror frame on this floral wall as items that can give the illusion of a wider room. The rose above the bathtub is a beautiful and not boring sight. You can add a classic chair to put down a clean towel so that it doesn’t get wet on a wet floor. Floral wall wallpapers from shelterness.

Shower curtain lace provides a room divider that you can fold up when not in use. This curtain is also an accent that you can apply in a French country bathroom style. Using some white interior will never fail for a bathroom that is small and has limited space. A modern fireplace in the corner of the room is a tool to warm your body optimally and perfectly. Lace shower curtain with an all-white interior from shelterness.

Dining Room Decor

Applying country style into your dining room means that you have to provide an airy room. It is one of the ways to keep your appetite and intimacy while eating. Rustic comes to make it more perfect. With its classic unfinished touch, it makes your dining room as cozy as possible. Furthermore, the presence of a wooden dining table and chairs, a classic pendant lamp, and a wooden flooring idea seems to be enough. Add an artistic centerpiece with a woven basket or candles so that rustic truly set it well.

The French country dining room decoration will feel more natural and environmentally friendly when using a teak wood dining table that is sturdy and strong. Add flowers blooming on this dining table for a fresh decoration. Plates that are placed on a standing wooden shelf are an additional decoration that beautifies the room around them, choose classic chandeliers as the main lighting in this room. Wooden chairs will be more comfortable when equipped with soft and patterned pillows. Teak dining table set from housebeautiful.

French country interior made of classic wood is always the best choice that you can try. You can also try rattan rugs as comfortable footwear. As a dining table decoration, you can choose a candle with a flower vase filled with water. Vintage dressers are additional storage that you can use to keep the room looking neat and clean. French country interior that made of classic wood from housebeautiful.

Those are some ideas in applying a rustic country style for your interior design. Once again, this idea offers you both aesthetic design and functionality through unique yet beautiful elements. Thus, a peaceful and cozy ambiance is presented well and makes everyone gets amazed.

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