How would you define a minimalist interior? Find the basic concept of this popular idea that can help you simplify things. Focus on bringing the term ” less is more” into the house. You will find substance in simplicity with these minimalist living room design, taking your room to the next level.

Color and texture

Your living room depicts minimalist with neutral colors and simple lines. Highlight one point and make the others remain simple. Having a white wall with patterned tiles or a geometric wall against wooden furniture is enough to create drama in the entire room.

Geometry is one of the favorite choices for decorating a wall to decorate one of the walls of your minimalist living room. Because this motif is perfect for a minimalist room. With a tribal motif in orange and white this creates the perfect focal point. The hardwood floors are complemented by orange rugs and comfortable leather sofas that make for the perfect look. Orange and white tribal motif wall from ultimatehomeideas.

To create drama in your minimalist living room, you can make one side of the living room wall with a pattern like the picture above. Besides being able to make a drama with this trellis patterned wall, you will also have an attractive minimalist living room. Pair it with wooden furniture and comfortable brown sofas to get the living room décor you dreamed of. Trellis patterned wall fom decoist.

Focal point

If the furniture serves as decoration only, you can consider putting it in the room. A minimalist style can help you to achieve that functional purpose. Apply a striking black wall behind white furniture, a shocking red sofa over a white wall, or a golden rug upon a white floor.

Combining a white wall color with a red sofa for a minimalist living room is a great idea. With this color combination, you’ll end up with an amazing looking living room that will create the perfect focal point. Green chairs, a wooden coffee table, rattan baskets, and several wall decorations complete this minimalist guest room decor. Red sofa and green chair from homedesignlover.

A minimalist living room that uses a red sofa with white walls is a brilliant idea. Because with this sofa and pillows you will have a living room with the perfect focal point. Combined with wooden floors equipped with jute carpets, it gives the room a warm and comfortable decoration. This floor lamp with a white hood provides perfect lighting so it is worth emulating. Red sofa with white walls from homedesignlover.

Interior combination

Avoid a boring plain or all-white room. Incorporate minimalist living room design with a mixture of colors with a similar tone. You can have a white and gray interior, a few shades of brown, or a contrast color of black and white. Make sure everyone’s eyes focus in a certain direction.

Black and white is an interesting color combination to use in a minimalist living room. Because this color will give an elegant and unique look to your living room. This gray sofa furnished with used chests and unique floor lamps provides the perfect decor. A black framed wall gallery will create the perfect focal point of a room. Black and white living room with black framed from decoholic.

Gray and white is also one of the best color combinations. You can apply this color to the walls of your living room so that it doesn’t look boring. This geometric patterned rug, white sofa and leather tuffed ottoman complete the minimalist living room look. The matching chandeliers and floor lamps provide the perfect lighting. Gray and white living room decor from decoholic.

Shared area

Having a shared area for a living room and a dining room is a good idea since the minimalist design allows you to share rooms in a big open space. There’s no need for a wall divider to separate one room to another. Just use different floor tiling to distinguish the different areas.

If you combine the living room and dining room in one room, give a matching color to your living room and dining room. Like the picture above, using the same color will make your minimalist room cooler. Added a large carpet under the sofa will create a more stylish appearance of the room. Applying natural lighting from large windows will also make your room bigger and wider. White living room and dining room from elledecor.

One of the best ideas for creating your minimalist bedroom by integrating the dining room with the living room. If you combine these two rooms, you will get the perfect minimalist room. Add a large gray wool rug under your sofa to differentiate the floors creating a different look and you should try it now. Living oom and dinding room combo from thespruce.

Form and Shape

Minimalist is popular for clean-cut lines since it is simple and modern at the same time. Have fun in arranging the living room with a rectangular sofa, circular rug, or sphere lighting.

The use of a rectangular sofa is an interesting decoration idea for a minimalist living room. glass floor lamps provide a dramatic relief. Adding an otan chair and a round wooden coffee table will complete the look of your room. Besides being attractive, you will have a minimalist living room with a perfect look. Gray rectangular sofa from housebeautiful.

This green tiedye round rug is perfect for you to use in your minimalist living room. Because this rug will bring a simple modern impression to your minimalist living room. Combined with gray tones in the living room and wooden floors it will give an attractive appearance. This gray sofa and wooden cabinet complement your minimalist living room decor. Green tiedye round rug fom hgtv.

Make a minimalist living room design according to the available room. Think simple ideas to make the room more spacious. The lesser you decorate it, the more minimalist it becomes. So, why not try to apply these tricks into your living room?

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