You may have seen a kitchen that you cannot forget, your dream and ideal kitchen, where you make the hearty meal for your beloved family. If you want to have your dream kitchen, here are some unique kitchen ideas for you.

1. Two-Tone Cabinet Color Scheme

You can try the two-combination color for your kitchen, such as white for the wallpaper and table, then grayish-teal color on the cabinets to bring a good balance and make it looks sophisticated. All white color could create a too sterile look, so an additional color would give it balance.

Give it a modern touch with a storage cabinet that looks luxurious and clean. Make variations on the storage cabinets with two different colors, for example, a combination of white and dark gray. That way you create a modern kitchen that is attractive and nice to look at. Combined with wooden floors will create a warm impression in this kitchen. Dark gray and white cabinet from hgtv

You can try a two tone cabinet color scheme in your kitchen decor so that it is not monotonous when viewed. Gray becomes a dark color without being overwhelming. The white walls complete the overall look. White walls and wooden floors will create a warm and spacious impression in this modern kitchen. This way you will be perfecting your kitchen décor. Two tone cabinet color scheme in kitchen from trendir.

2. Faded Elegance

This unique kitchen idea will transform your classic small kitchen into a beautiful space. You can use a white wood cabinet, change your closed cabinet into an open shelve to display your porcelain dishware, glassware, and other beautiful kitchen appliances you have. The ordinary ceiling lamp can be replaced into a chandelier to give a graceful and elegant touch into your small kitchen.

Bright shelves combined with wide glass windows make your kitchen décor more spacious, clean and charming. In contrast, a classic small kitchen uses a pendant lamp which gives it a touch of elegance. Added white open shelves to display the beautiful porcelain cutlery, glass and other kitchen utensils you have. It contrasts perfectly with the green walls to add a natural feel to the space. White open shelves and window from bhg.

The open white shelves help you to organize your kitchen utensils neatly. In addition, this shelf will also make it easier for you to find the items you need. Finish off the kitchen décor with a beautiful chandelier to create a rustic feel to this kitchen. The white color scheme is added to give the impression of a spacious and airy room. Equipped with a wooden kitchen island, it will give a warm impression. Open white shelves with rustic chandelier from lonny.

3. Thinking Inside the Box

If you have a small kitchen, you have to be creative to arrange it. You can add a breakfast bar and move your activities of cooking there. It can give you additional room for cabinets. It will make people gathered around the kitchen while you are preparing the meal. You can socialize with your friends and family while cooking the dish.

Shades of brown and cream in the kitchen give the impression of a clean and spacious room. Use the bar level and make the top as a comfortable and minimalist breakfast table. You can add a high stole to give a comfortable impression to your kitchen. This decoration will create a kitchen look that is worth trying. Brown and cream mini bar from architectureartdesigns.

Use a tier bar in your small kitchen to add to its use. This idea will make your bar more multi-functional, in addition to breakfast this bar can also be used to prepare dishes. You only need to affix a few high chairs to give a comfortable impression to your kitchen. The chandelier just above the kitchen island provides the right lighting for you to try. Tier bar on small kitchen from architectureartdesigns.

4. Replacement Therapy

If you have a small corridor kitchen, don’t worry, you can remodel it with this idea. The interior wall you have can be removed, and then you can put a breakfast bar there as well as some stools. The unused interior kitchen wall will give more space and let the light comes into it. This open kitchen will allow you to interact with your family and friends when they are gathering at home.

Take advantage of the small kitchen by adding a small breakfast bar that will save space and feel comfortable. Add a high stool to complement your kitchen decor. The pendant lights on this bar bag will serve to focus the food. Pair it with white tones to give it a spacious and airy look. Small kitchen with small breakfast bar from architectureartdesigns.

A small breakfast bar equipped with wooden chairs in the corner of the kitchen is a great arrangement for those of you who have a small kitchen space. Apart from that, this layout looks more minimalistic. Equipped with open shelves and cabinet storage will provide a neat and airy room decor. Don’t forget to add a window beside the bar to provide the perfect lighting for the room. Small breakfast bar from remodelista.

5. Beautiful Blue

The small oak cabinets you have on your kitchen can be more pleasant when you paint them in blue. Most of the time, people will just use white; this makes blue sounds risky. But it’s going to be unique. The courage and creativity you take will be paid off.

The blue painted wooden wardrobe has a high appeal which gives it a bright and unique feel. Applying blue in several cabinets is also an enviable creativity. You have to apply these decorations to your white farmhouse kitchen to create the perfect home decor. Metal pendant lamps are equipped to provide dramatic lighting. Blue wooden cabinet from sebringdesignbuild.

You can make a fantastic change in your kitchen by applying blue to some of your storage cabinets. To neutralize these colors, give a touch of white to your kitchen walls. This industrial-style pendant lamp over the kitchen island will make the perfect focal point and will make your kitchen decor more attractive. Add a black rattan stole chair to give the room a comfortable impression. Blue cabinet kitchen island from sebringdesignbuild.

Those are some unique kitchen ideas you can try. Not only to make it more unique, but it is also to give you a good time with your family.

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