The kitchen is the heart of the home that requires special treatment. These classic kitchen design layout ideas will help you to achieve the main challenge of designing a kitchen: a practical and functional space that associates good flow and movement even in a small space. Take a look at the list below.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The arrangement of the U-shaped kitchen maintains good flow and plenty of space on the closed-end wall for extra cabinet storage. This classic layout is more common in older homes, small houses, or apartments.

The kitchen decoration U layout will appear more colorful and brighter when the cabinet is repainted with blue color. This kitchen will have more storage space because on the right and left sides it becomes a storage area that you can use as best as possible. In the kitchen it can be used by two or three people by cooking and washing dishes simultaneously because it has a different layout and is quite far away. Bright color kitchen decoration U layout from home-designing.

There is nothing wrong with using the U layout in this modern farmhouse kitchen decoration to produce a large enough space when used for cooking and cooking activities. This stove and sink have a considerable distance because they are placed opposite each other. We recommend that you place your sink right in front of the window to get enough sunlight so that the wet area in the kitchen dries quickly. Modern farmhouse kitchen with U layout from home-designing.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

In this popular layout, the cabinets, countertops, and kitchen services flow around a corner against two adjoining walls, while the other two adjoining walls give the open space to work with. It is also a good idea to include an island or seating area into this kitchen layout.

When you use the kitchen layout with an L shape, enter the mini dining table so that this kitchen space is more multifunctional and open. Use an empty wall area as a floating storage idea which is highly recommended to avoid cramped and uncomfortable kitchen space. Corner shelves and floating wooden shelves are a smart way to put some kitchen utensils well and save space. L kitchen layout with floating storage shelves from home-designing.

Even though it looks simple, this kitchen decoration with an L layout leaves a large empty space as an area to put other furniture such as a dining table set. Leave the middle area of the kitchen empty so it doesn’t feel stuffy and makes your kitchen activities uncomfortable. Combine neutral colors in this kitchen such as gray with white so that it doesn’t get boring easily when used for a long time. L kitchen decor in neutral color nuance from home-designing.

The Galley Kitchen

This classic kitchen design layout works well in small spaces. The long, narrow galley kitchen is simple, durable, less expensive, and works perfectly with your cooking needs. The disadvantage of this layout is, like the U-shaped kitchen, space tends to be tight for more than one cooks working at the same time.

Even though this galley kitchen decoration has limited space, adequate use of furniture gives a more minimalist and modern kitchen impression. Choose a monochrome color tone to perfect this kitchen decor, black with white is the right color combination that you can try. There’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of gold to the cabinet handles for a luxurious feel that’s not over the top. Monochrome galley kitchen from countryliving.

In this galley kitchen decoration you can do cooking and washing dishes at the same time. The sink and stove, which are positioned opposite to a distance that is not too far away, are the right ideas that will make it easier for you to cook and wash the vegetables at the same time. Kitchen cabinet is the storage of kitchen utensils safely and avoid dust. Sink and stove are placed opposite from countryliving.

Peninsula Kitchen Layout

If your space is tight for an island, consider the peninsula kitchen layout. The layout is basically a connected island, an L-shaped kitchen converted into a U-shaped, and usually serves as a room divider and a handy breakfast bar.

Marble countertop equipped with a chair will become a dining table that is one of the hallmarks of a peninsula kitchen decor. Choose a chair with a height that matches the countertop to make it more comfortable to use when you are in this kitchen. This countertop will become a kitchen island at the same time because it adjusts the limited size of the room. Don’t forget to decorate this table with sunflowers in a transparent glass vase. Marble stone countertop as well as a dining table from hgtv.

The kitchen island that blends with this kitchen cabinet is the right choice of furniture for a peninsula kitchen decor. You can use a marble table surface for a smoother dining mat and of course it’s very soft. Because this kitchen decoration has limited space, just use some of the furniture that is often used. This cabinet is equipped with a glass cover so you can see the contents of the cabinet transparently. Marble countertop as a dining table that integrates with the kitchen cabinet from hgtv.

Kitchen Layout with Serving Hatch

Peninsula layout separates the kitchen from the dining room in open design, while the kitchen layout with serving hatch allows you to have a room divider with aesthetic value. You can use curtains, wooden windows, or wooden frames for the hatch. You can even design it with a practical sliding door.

To hide clutter in the kitchen while cooking, you can use a serving hatch through a wooden sliding door equipped with a round gold handle. When the dish is ready, you can open the sliding door easily to the right or left. This serving hatch decoration will help your kitchen work more effectively and efficiently. Decoration of serving hatch with sliding door from littlepieceofme.

One-Wall Kitchen Layout

The one-wall kitchen is less expensive, provides a good workflow, and is the best and easiest design to create spaces for other uses. The best part is this layout works equally well in both very small and extremely big spaces.

If you have a kitchen decoration with a limited space, then a one wall kitchen layout is a very appropriate idea that you can try. Change the function of the wall as a storage shelf that will help your kitchen decor avoid clutter and clutter. Choose a patterned backsplash tile to add a more cheerful texture and color to the room. Wooden accents on the cabinets and floors add to the impression of an environmentally friendly room. One wall kitchen layout with patterned tile backsplash from apartmenttherapy.

Last but not least, make sure you pick the one that fits your budget when deciding the right classic kitchen design layout for your remodeling plan.

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