Whenever you are thinking about your bathroom design, don’t forget to consider the tiles you want to use for your bathroom tiles as they can enhance the look you want to get. Here are some bathroom tiles ideas that you can try.

1. Mix and Match

With this style, you can create a certain pattern. By placing two different types of tile in one space, you will make a nice bathroom statement. You can make a geometrical floor or wall tile; this surely will capture your eyes.  

The blue wall-to-ceiling tiles of this bathroom match the brown marble on the floor. Instead of creating different color combinations but still maintaining a matching decoration to have. Combined with the gray cabinet it provides the perfect contrast. This hexsagonal pendant lamp radiates a dramatic lighting for your bathroom. Blue wall celling and brown marble floor from mydomaine.

The hexagonal marble floor is matched with a neutral white color on the walls. It combines and matches the design décor of this bathroom. Best of all, the bathroom looks really soothing. This white subway tile on the wall creates the perfect contrast. This way you can increase the volume and see you break out of the boring bathroom design rut. Black hexasgonal floor from mydomaine.

2. Create Texture

By using the orange penny tiles for your wall, marble tiles for the floor, and bronze-colored wall hanging ornament, you can create an amazing wall texture. It works well with olive-colored cabinets and gives the luxury as well as a sophisticated look.

Among the orange penny tiles on the walls, marble tiles on the floor, and bronze chandeliers will look stunning in this modern bathroom. Olive cabinets and brass accents on the faucets complement the color story perfectly. Don’t forget to add a rectangular mirror to complement your bathroom decor. Orange penny tiles and marble floor from housebeautiful.

Gives the ultimate bold textural statement to a bronze tile bathroom. The marble around the sink is supported to complement the coolest bathroom décor. This will work well for giving texture to your luxurious bathroom. These penny tiles provide luxury as well as a sophisticated look. Marble sink on bathroom from homedit.

3. Go Grayscale

This minimalist color palette is going to give a modern personality to your bathroom. The grayscale tiles, such as gray and white in a geometrical pattern is giving a mesmerizing visual look yet tidy because they arrange in a nice pattern and soft color.

Tinkering with gray floor tiles to decorate the bathroom looks stunning. White and gray subway tile walls will create awesome tiles. This round chandelier will complement a stunning room decor. This white sink will provide the perfect contrast. Complete the decor with large windows that will let the sun shine in by itself and will make your room seem natural. White and gray tile bathroom from thearchitecturedesigns.

Dare to give your bathtub a hint of dark gray. Even grays and whites with geometric patterns on the floor play perfectly. It still makes for a grayscale themed bathroom. Some greenery is added to give the room a natural feel to create a stylish bathtub. Complete the decor with stole chairs and natural lighting and a sun brust pendant lamp. Gray square bathtub and wall tile from thearchitecturedesigns.

4. Go for Shine

If you have a shining, shimmering gold bathroom theme, you can subtle it with dark gray drawers and clay-hues tiles to contribute some shine, but at the same time subtle the shine of all colors at your bathroom. Having a good balance will enhance the gold theme you have.

Accent it with gold on the frames and taps. To create a shining decorative touch in the bathroom. Hence, a gold accent would work perfectly. Pair it with a dark colored penny tiled cabinet and floor to balance the look of your bathroom. These white subway tile walls will provide the perfect contrast to your bathroom. Add a natural feel with the blooming flowers in a vase for a fresh touch to the room. Gold frame mirror and faucet from homedit.

Gold detailing sparkles in this bathroom from the mirror frame and ornate gold faucets. Combined with an old navy cabinet with gold handles, it will also look glamorous in this minimalist bathroom. Meanwhile, abstract patterned floors give a little unique decoration. These gold legs will also give it a luxurious look as it uses a touch of gold. The window beside the bathtub will also give a natural impression because sunlight will enter the room so that it will give the appearance of a spacious and bright room. Gold mirror frame and gold faucets from digsdigs.

5. Make the Shower Pop

If you prefer the simple soft tone floor tiles, then you can go bold with your shower tiles. By using the geometric of black and white tiles on the shower, you give a pop-up statement in your bathroom. The courage you provide in this design idea will give a strong personality to your sanctuary.

The use of this black and white geometric patterned bathroom tile will create a different look. These geometric tiles give your bathroom a pop up feel. The subway walls in white and some white furniture will also complement the bright decor of the room. For privacy, you can add white curtains accented with pompoms for the perfect decoration. Black and white geometric patterned tile from decorpad.

It not only gives texture but also creates a beautiful accent in the bathroom. The cube pattern in this bathroom looks elegant and is different among the other tiles in this bathroom. Using black and white will give your bathroom a pop up look. These design ideas will give your sanctuary a strong personality. Cube patternd tile from decorpad.

Bathroom tiles can help you to make a statement for your bathroom. It is indeed an important part of your bathroom design ideas. You can choose which one is working well with your personality.

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