Living in an apartment is the right choice for you who want to live in the city. That’s because you don’t need to build a house that is quite expensive. And, for those of you who live in an apartment. It will be better if your apartment decoration to be more comfortable and beautiful with a minimalist concept. The advantage of having a minimalist apartment is you will feel more comfortable and practical. Added with the selection of the right colors such as bright colors that will add to the warmth of the minimalist apartment concept. Then, because the apartment room is not large, so you can choose the furniture that is needed to fill your apartment. And there are three apartment areas that you have to decorate appropriately, which are the living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

Living Room Decoration

The living room is an important room in the apartment. This place is the place that you use to receive guests who come to your apartment. So, the living room design must look neat and clean. Actually you don’t need to have a lot of furniture there, just enough with a sofa and coffee table that. Then, choose a comfortable sofa with soft colors combined with monochrome colors that will make the room look more spacious. And you can place an eye-catching item and make it becomes the center of a minimalist living room design in your apartment.

Monochromatic style never fails to decorate a living room in your modern apartment. Put a little motif on your chairs and benches to add texture to this room to be more cheerful. Large glass windows provide reflected sunlight which makes the room decor feel more open, lighting is needed to accompany the details of your activities in this living room. Monochromatic living room with a splash of striped motifs from decoist.

When you are already using a dark colored sofa, another interior that should be used is a light color, this is done to present a monochromatic impression. This light color can be applied to a carpet pattern with a dominant white color. Do not forget to use the sheer curtain as an area to enter sunlight into the room. Orchid flowers become a refreshing and beautiful decoration, place these flowers in a glass vase filled with water. The combination of the interior with dark and light colors from decoist.

You can sprinkle black on the dominant white living room decor as an accent to present a monochromatic and minimalist style. Take advantage of the empty wall area to hang the canvas painting, this modern fireplace helps to warm the surrounding space so that it makes you feel warmer when the weather gets cold. Gold accents can be applied to the round pot on the side table of the melamine wood. Cover your wooden table with animal leather rugs. Monochromatic minimalist living room from decoist.

Have a room that is a comfortable gathering place in your apartment decoration. The living room is the right and smart choice. A touch of black and white in this room gives a modern impression that is not excessive. There’s nothing wrong with adding another color to your carpet to make the room look more colorful. Abstract painting above the rectangle fireplace becomes the focal point in this room because it has a large size. Black and white apartment living room from decoist.

Bedroom Decoration

After doing tiring activities outside the house, the bedroom becomes the room you will miss. Bedroom apartment is a place that you use to rest and do other activities that actually can be done outside the bedroom. So, you have to design a bedroom that will make you always comfortable there. The most important thing in the bedroom is a comfortable mattress selector. Then the neutral color selection will also give a minimalist touch there. And you must remember that you don’t need to put a lot of furniture in the bedroom so it doesn’t feel full.

The floral wallpaper with a combination of blue and white gives the apartment bedroom a fresh and bright feel. You can include this color idea in your bedding. There is no need to use too much furniture to provide more space and freedom. Carved metal frame mirrors become items that give a classic and classy feel. Glass chandeliers are suitable lighting and you can try. Decorate the apartment bedroom with floral wallpaper from elledecor.

Choose a king size mattress with a smooth and soft texture for a more comfortable and spacious resting area, applying a faux fur rug under the bed also brings an elegant and luxurious feel. Use a glass screen as a room divider that doesn’t give the impression of being cramped and cramped, you can shift the glass screen when going into or out of the bedroom. The bedroom nuance in white gives a clean and spacious impression. King sized mattress to decorate the apartment bedroom from home-designing.

If the feel of this apartment bedroom is plain, then using floral bedding is a beautiful and colorful decoration idea. The colorful canvas painting is a beautiful focal point, you can hang it right above the headboard. Adding a wooden nightstand in this bedroom can be a great storage idea and doesn’t take up much space. The bed and nightstand are enough to be a simple and minimalist interior. Avoid using furniture excessively from home-designing.

Kitchen Decoration

When you are hungry, kitchen is the place you will go. Because living in an apartment with a minimalist concept, then you can decorate the kitchen and dining table in one room. Choose a simple interior but can give the luxury impression there. And you can choose the wood color as the color of the kitchen cabinet so that it is not always dominated by neutral colors. Next, don’t forget to put lighting and some interesting decorations to enhance your kitchen’s appearance.

Arrange the kitchen layout of your apartment to create a tidier room and avoid clutter. In this minimalist kitchen you don’t need to use too much furniture. Add an iron chair to your kitchen countertop to serve as a multifunctional dining table. Put all kitchen utensils and food utensils in the cabinet to make it look more open and clean. Minimalist apartment kitchen decoration layout from apartmenttherapy.

The combination of white and blue brings a fresh and bright atmosphere to your apartment kitchen decor. Take advantage of empty walls as a more effective and efficient open storage area. In this wall area you can install floating wooden racks as additional storage that doesn’t take up much space. You can paint it white to match the color tone of your kitchen decor to make it more perfect. The combination of blue and white apartment kitchen from apartmenttherapy.

Wood is always a suitable and appropriate material when applied in any room, including your apartment kitchen. You can start this wood material on cabinets, floors, high chairs and kitchen islands, the advantage of using wood accents is that it makes the room feel cooler and more natural. To avoid fungus from wood, you should use a glass window to enter sunlight into the room. Wooden apartment kitchen decor from apartmenttherapy.

Actually there are tips that you can consider to decorate your minimalist apartment. These tips are choosing the colors, making maximum use of the room, choosing multifunctional furniture, and adding attractive decorations. Then, with a room that is not too big, please don’t put a lot of furniture in the apartment. Choose multifunctional furniture and added with the presence of decorations from wall decor and indoor plants there. Actually, besides renting interior design services, you can decorate your apartment by yourself if you have lots of free time. And you will definitely feel more satisfied with the results if you decorate it yourself. So, let’s choose to decorate a minimalist concept in your apartment!

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