Nowadays, more and more people have put their interest in gardening. Beneficial for both mental and physical health, gardening will help you relax and feel at ease within your home. Hence, here we are going to delve into some beautiful yet convenient small home garden ideas that you can build DIY-style, all without breaking your bank.

If you’re a first-timer, you might wonder how to keep the cost as low as possible. Here are some frugal tips and tricks to start your gardening journey.

1. Shop Frugally

Sure, buying everything at IKEA might be the fastest way to get your small home garden done. But if you want to go in a budget-friendly way, you might want to stop at several places along the way. For instance, shop for unusual containers at a secondhand store instead of buying expensive pots.

To save costs on decorating your small home garden, use pieces of pipe as pots of vegetable or fruit seeds to avoid animals or human feet. Put this DIY pipe pot into a plastic container to make it easier for you when moving this pot pipe to any area you want. Cut the pipe to the same height to make it look neater and of course beautiful. DIY pipe potted vegetable seeds from femmesdaujourdhui.

Take advantage of your kitchen waste to make it more useful so that it doesn’t turn into trash, for example, using egg cartons as a container for green plant seeds or vegetables that you will plant in your garden. You can start removing them when they are tall enough to avoid disturbance by animals or humans. Egg carton as a container for seeds from offgridquest.

Do you have any old cloths? If you have it then turn it into a DIY pot that saves costs when decorating your small home garden. Place this pot in an area of the garden that is frequented by people who come as a decoration that will never go out of style. You can easily move these cloth pots to any area you want. Repurposed cloth pot from housebeautiful.

2. Ask for Helping Hands

Invite your friends and families and ask them to help you set up your small home garden. Not only that you won’t have to spend hundreds of bucks for the professional gardener, but you can also reconnect with your closest ones and catch up with each others’ lives.

Decorating your small home garden is as simple as possible by adding reclaimed wood outdoor furniture without repainting it. With this furniture, you can have lunch or dinner with a different atmosphere, don’t forget to add a single swing as a relaxing area to spend your weekends. Some of this furniture presents a country home garden style that saves costs when decorating it. Small home garden decoration with outdoor wooden furniture from housebeautiful.

Make a path to your garden with stone materials that save money without buying it, you just need to search around your house easily and then plant green grass between the rocks and around it. For a smoother and less coarse texture, you can polish this stone with the help of those closest to you. Don’t forget to water this green grass regularly so that it can flourish and of course perfect your stone path. Stone walkway decoration on a budget from housebeautiful.

3. Grow Your Own Plants

Grow your plants, trade seeds with your neighbors, trim the thorns and bushes, recycle the compost; all of this will make your small home garden feel closer to your heart. Additionally, you won’t have to spend too much on ready-made plants.

When you have seeds or tomato trees, planting them in a wooden garden bed is a smart idea that you can try. Take advantage of the outdoor surface of this garden bed as an open storage rack to put a few small pots containing plants so that it is more functional and saves land area in your home garden decoration. Choose a wood that is strong and sturdy against all weather changes that change every month or year. Wooden garden bed from homedit.

4. Think Vertically

Thinking vertically will save you from unnecessary clutters and cramped garden. Use a spare ladder or DIY a wooden rack where you can install your potted plants neatly. This way, you’ll leave a lot of floor space for picnic tables or tanning mats.

To save on small home garden decorations, use a wooden ladder to hang several potted plants that have different sizes. You can choose this plant pot with only one color, namely white. Place this ladder garden next to outdoor furniture as a decoration that will make this decoration not easily boring and refresh your eyes every time you see it. The vines are one of the right choices that you can plant. Wooden ladder to hang your white pot from gardentherapy.

This iron shelf that is arranged vertically is equipped with wheels that will make it easier for you to move it to another place without lifting it. In this way, your small home garden will grow more plants. Cover each shelf with an unused mat so that your planting media does not spill over the existing shelf gaps. This iron shelf is also very suitable to be placed outdoors because it has a strong material and is not easily porous. Iron shelves arranged vertically from gardentherapy.

5. Recycle Your Storage

Have you been storing that unused ladder or rack for ages? Maybe it’s time for you to take it out and display it in your small home garden. It might not have the most beautiful appearance, but you will be surprised by how long it will last.

There is nothing wrong if you use used furniture for something new, for example, you can use a used drawer again, of course, with another function, which is to be used for gardening. You can fill this used drawer with planting media, then you can plant beautiful flowers. Arrange these wooden drawers in stages to save more space. Repaint the drawer with a color you like, for example the combination of beige and green. Planter wooden drawer ideas from apieceofrainbow.

You can reuse the used vintage dresser in your warehouse by changing its function to gardening. The drawers in the cabinet that can be opened make it easier for you to plant them. My vines are the right choice for your used cabinet growing media. Save it in the corner of your porch for a cool, leafy addition. Not only in the drawer, but at the top of this cabinet, you can also place a pot from a used bucket to make it lush and fresh. Planter dresser ideas from apieceofrainbow.

The key to creating a budget-friendly small home garden is to be patient. Don’t feel pressured if your small home garden doesn’t look as beautiful as those on the internet. With enough patience and attention, your deserted land will bloom into an enchanting garden.

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