With such a little space, your RV needs to be as comfortable as your personal space at home. Check out these smart RV decoration ideas to inspire you to create your own, comfortable space inside your RV.

Smart RV Decoration #1:

Above-the-bed open storage

Don’t leave the top of your RV bed empty. Make use of the space for open storage, in which you can display some colorful or unique items for décor. Your uniquely patterned throw pillows, or stacks of multi-colored fresh towels, for examples.

Alternatively, treat it as a shelf where you can put up, not necessarily wall décor, even different-colored tubes, bottles and jars; this will make your space stand out for sure!

RV bed decorations have limited space so you have to choose the right furniture and of course it is functional. This wooden bed painted in white is equipped with a built in corner shelf that you can use as a bookcase for a tidier and more organized room. These bookshelves consist of several shelves so you can put more of your books here. Don’t forget to add lights to help you when reading at night. Built in corner bookshelves above the bed from decoist.

Take advantage of the wall area as an open storage idea in a bedroom RV decor. You can use this elongated floating wooden shelf as best as possible to make it more useful. Instead of storage above the bed, you can also use it as much as possible to put a bench that has been used to save more space on your wood floor. Get creative with these ideas in your RV decor right now. Open storage above and below the RV bed from extraspace.

This L-shaped wooden shelf over the bed of the RV will help your open storage become more organized. For a more elegant and clean look, then you can repaint it in white, use bedding with a matching color as an accent that can make the RV room feel wider. Greens are a great decoration that fits anywhere, including in an RV decor. Glass windows and chandeliers are lighting ideas that you can use at the same time. L wooden shelf above the bed from extraspace.

Smart RV Decoration #2:

All-in-one living and bedroom

In most RVs, the bedroom is usually separated from the living room. However, these RV decorations shown below show you how to enhance your space efficiency. Why do you have to have split rooms if you can have them in one?

During the day, your bed can be an additional cushion to chill out. However, at night, the sofa bed can add extra sleeping space for your family and friends. Both daytime and nighttime activities can be done in this flexible, multipurpose space.

There is no need to take up too much room for a living room decoration with a bedroom. The small bedding used as a sofa will be more functional, don’t forget to add a small coffee table that can also be used as a nightstand and minimalist desk. You can use all of this furniture for this RV decoration as best you can. Choose a wood that is sturdy and of course not easily porous so that it is more durable when used for a long time. The bed used for the sofa from tinyhouseswoon.

This level sofa bed is placed right next to the table so that it can be used as a sofa when needed. In addition, bunk beds are also the right furniture for an RV decoration that has limited space. The white and beige shades in this living room RV give a neutral impression and certainly don’t get boring easily. Glass windows are a source of light for the entry of sunlight into the room, you can try them easily and of course on a budget. Level sofa bed from extraspace.

Choose furniture with matching colors in your RV decor for a more monochrome look. Choose a sofa that can be used as a bed as well as to save your floor space. Black and white are color choices that you can combine easily. There’s nothing wrong with incorporating a triped texture into your RV’s decor as a distinct accent and certainly a more artistic impression. The tufted coffee table gives a hint of luxury that isn’t over the top. A sofa that can be used as a bed at the same time from extraspace.

Use a daybed linen that can be used as a sitting and sleeping area at the same time. Don’t forget to use some throw pillows and blankets as complementary accents that will warm your body when the weather starts to feel cold, choose a soft cloth like cotton for a comfortable surface and it’s easier to wash when it starts to get dirty. The carpet that is used to cover wood floors gives a more elegant impression and of course becomes a warm foot when you step on it. Linen daybed from extraspace.

Smart RV Decoration #3:

Wall décor cum storage space

You know your RV don’t have much space. So, you should only bring basic necessities. But, think out of the box! You can actually use your wall space as a decorative storage space. It means, whatever you put up on the wall, you can use them during your camping trips, or they can act as cool wall décor when not in use. Take a look at these designs for examples.

This variety of hats and caps you put up on the wall of your RV will certainly serve you well for outdoor activities. Subsequently, this unique collection of jars also makes for great storages for dried herbs and spices.

Now, might as well hang those pans and pots and ladles and knives on your RV’s kitchen wall right?!

An empty wooden wall could be better utilized as a storage idea that saves the RV decor as much as possible. For example, you can install a small hanging rack that is used to store several knives so they don’t fall easily while traveling. Install this knife rack right next to the stove for easier access to make it easier to use when needed. Hanging the knife rack above the stove from extraspace.

Small wall pallet will be more functional when used to hang your LED TV and some minimalist shelves. In this floating shelf area you can put books, some pretty ornaments and a green vase for a fresh finishing touch. There is no need to repain parts of this pallet wood wall for a more natural look and of course environmentally friendly. You can also try green plants hanging from the ceiling easily, use a sturdy rope so they don’t fall easily during the trip. Pallet wall with floating storage racks from extraspace.

Besides being equipped with floating storage, the subway wall tile is also perfected with a magnetic knife hanger that will stick firmly during the trip so that it minimizes falls while on the road. Storage ideas that take advantage of the wall area will be better and maximized because they don’t take up a lot of space making them suitable for small RV decorating. Vines are decorations that you can use to create a fresher room. Wall tile subways with storage shelves from extraspace.

Last but not least, with such a small space, you have to dig down inside you to find that ingenuity and resourcefulness. May these smart RV decoration ideas inspire you.

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