With more and more people deciding to go for a French country décor, you probably can assume that its popularity doesn’t only come from a mere aesthetically stunning look. The decor can also be surprisingly budget-friendly if you’re not looking to buy things and add more expense. These DIY projects prove how it can happen.

A Round Wooden Dining Table

As the centerpiece that binds other elements in the dining room, having a DIY rounded wooden dining table becomes a gentle call for you to add charming cane-back chairs and cook meals befitting the purple land of Provence.

French country style chairs with white wooden backs will be a comfortable sitting area to use while enjoying a meal in the dining room decoration. Wooden dining chairs covered with pattern cushions will give a more elegant impression. This chair surrounds a round dining table that is not too large in size, this ceramic vase filled with blooming roses is an additional accent that will decorate the dining table perfectly. In addition, the fragrance of this flower is an aroma therapy that refreshes the room around it. Wooden dining table decorated with flower vases from homebnc.

When you have a home decor with limited space, there is nothing wrong with using small furniture such as a round dining table which is equipped with only two wooden chairs. This wooden dining table has a faded color so that it emphasizes the French country style in this room, place the dining table set right on the bold patterned carpet to make it look more colorful and less boring. Don’t leave your dining table surface plain, place a ceramic vase with pink flowers as a fresh and of course beautiful focal point. Round dining table with two wooden chairs from bhg.

A Barnwood Coffee Table

Besides cloaking the room in white linen, consider building your very own barn wood coffee table before pairing it with lovely silhouette photos. It’ll create that beautiful background accent wall that underscores the whole French country-inspired setting in a flash.

You can present the frech country look in the living room decor with the right use of furniture. For example, reusing barn wood as a coffee table that seems simpler and more natural. Choose a carpet with a matching color as the table leg, this decoration idea is done to show the impression of a more elegant room and become warm and comfortable footwear. This large round glass vase can be filled with green water plants which will become the focal point of the room. Reuse the barn wood as a coffee table from homebnc.

If you want the look of your coffee table to be cleaner then painting it white is a smart idea that you can try. It is not enough here, this table is also equipped with wheels that will make you easier when moving to other areas when needed. This coffee table will be more functional when equipped with a woven basket storage underneath. Combine it with a dark leather sofa for a more classic and vintage living room look. Pillowcases with different patterns provide different textures. Repaint the barn wood coffee table from shanty-2-chic.

White Violas Planted in a DIY Ceramic Pot

Speaking of Provence, though, you can also go for the pretty florets of white violas placed nicely in a DIY ceramic plant pot. With its ability to supply the sense of completion to an open area, placing these beautiful flowers mainly makes for a classy feeling.

Decorate your reclaimed wood coffee table with a square white ceramic vase filled with white flowers accented with green leaves. Usually this living room decoration is completed with the feel of a white room and natural or vintage touches in the interior. This vase has the same color as a linen sofa that can be used as a chat area with your family or friends who come to the house. This large mirror gives the impression of a spacious room and of course reflects sunlight optimally. Reclaimed wood coffee table with white square ceramic vase from homebnc.

You can place a ceramic bowl vase filled with white violas planted on a white wooden dresser that is in the living room decoration so that it becomes a beautiful and different view. The green leaves that complement this white flower provide a fresh accent that will never wither during routine maintenance. Another ornament you can use is a transparent glass mason jar filled with quail eggs. Bowl ceramic vases filled with white violas planted from homebnc.

A Burlap Sack Bouquet Display

Another lovely addition to your home is from a burlap-wrapped bouquet filled with your favorite flowers or strings of vines for that old country charm.

The appearance of the French country-style terrace will be more different when equipped with several hanging flowers with burlap media as pots. Hang this burlap flower pot with strong rope to avoid the pot from falling and causing chaos. To fill this pot, you can use one type of flower with a different color. There is nothing wrong with putting outdoor furniture on this terrace to enjoy a fresh outdoor view. Hanging burlap flower pot from bhg.

Not only hanging burlap pots outdoors, you can also hang them in your frech country living room decor as a decoration that never gets boring. In addition, this decoration is also an accent that reinforces this style, choose pink roses that are blooming to fill this vintage pot. In addition to being cheaper, burlap pots also seem more vintage and of course they will never be consumed by time. Burlap pot with pink roses in bloom from frenchcountrycottage.

Printed Graphics on Whitewashed Terracotta Pots

To spruce up the white or natural terracotta pot project into something far more interesting, you can add a little graphic before planting it with fresh herbs or other favorite flower collections.

Don’t let your terracotta pots be plain and boring, you can add a printed graphic on the outer surface according to your favorite theme. Next, fill this pot with just one type of succulent, choose a terracotta pot with a variety of different sizes for preparation when it will be used as indoor decoration. Splash the water to do this succulent treatment, don’t forget to expose it to enough sunlight. Different sizes of terracotta pots with a printed graphic from homebnc.

You can polish this terracotta pot made of clay using white paint before printing the graphic printed design on the outer surface. Use this pot to plant a small tree with shady, greener-looking leaves. Place this terracotta pot on top of the piece of wood that you have for a more natural look and of course it is suitable to be installed anywhere you want. Terracotta pots re-polished with white paint from thegraphicsfairy.

Which of the top five DIY French country decor inspirations above will you try?

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