Bored with the design of the bed that was all. Now is the time for you to make changes. With the stick wood headboard design you will get a new concept of a comfortable bed. Stick wood heads come with natural wood motifs which are then simply designed. Because they want to maintain the original color of the wood. We will show some designs from the elegant stick wood headboard, so they can be taken into consideration.

Parallel Wood Arrangement

To beautify an attractive bedroom decor, adding a DIY wooden headboard that is arranged in parallel will create an interesting room decor for you to try. You can add the sconce lights on the right and left, this will give a dramatic lighting. Don’t forget to add a nightstand table for a stylish bedroom look. The wall decoration also complements the appearance of the room. DIY wooden headboard from stikwood.

Comes very elegantly with organic wood color. The sticky wooden headboard accentuates natural lines in a variety of colors. This provides a bit of an organic element as a refresher. Because you need more than just a comfortable bed. But it also has to be fresh. Several dainty plants scattered in a very beautiful manner accompany an elegant wooden stick. The extra warm and very comfortable fleece blanket gives an inviting feeling to the room. Sticky wooden headboard from stikwood.

Rustic Fault Wood

Rustic themed wooden sticks without furnishings. However, the natural concept presented by this stick wood headboard emphasizes a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The wooden planks are arranged very tightly and without gaps to complete the design. The dull white color is very distinctive with a rustic concept so that it will show the perfect decoration of the room. Equipped with gray and white pillows, it will balance the look of your bedroom. Rustic wooden sticks headboard from stikwood.

High Dark Brown Wood

For a more perfect result, you will need to add a frame to your wooden headboard stick. Showing the impression in a box, the headboard looks very neat. The combination of gray and brown in natural wood motifs looks elegant. This is what makes wood more beautiful and luxurious. You can pair it with gray bedding sets and Moroccan style rugs for a stylish room design. Wooden frame stick headboard from freshcrush.

Choosing a high dark brown stick headboard is the perfect rustic bedroom decorating idea. Applying a double bed and equipped with several chandeliers will provide a colorful lighting for you to try. Adding a large window on one wall will give a bright and airy impression to this bedroom decor. Carpets all over the room also add extra warmth to this room. High dark brown stick headboard from decoist.

Middle-High Stick Wood

Like a charming natural wood motif design, stick wood comes with a simpler and more stylish appearance attached to the wall of the room. By using a medium high headboard stick, you can use it for a stylish headboard. You can match it with a matching bed frame to create an attractive room decoration for you to try. Burlap rugs and hardwood floors will also create a warm and inviting décor. Don’t forget to add some furniture in the form of a nightstand table on the right and left of the bed to create the perfect decoration. The large window near the bed will also bring sunlight into the house. Table lamps provide dramatic lighting to the entire room. Middle-high stick wood from thespruce.

The natural color of light brown wood is set with a design that is not too high. This will create an interesting room decoration for you to try. With this decoration, a stylish and inviting bedroom will appear. Apart from beauty reasons, you also benefit from the ease of maintenance. Combined with several motifs, the wooden headboard from this stick looks very simple. This mid bedroom style design will make the perfect room decoration for you to try. Choosing this wooden frame bed makes a room decoration that has a rustic impression into the room. The nightstand table which is equipped with a table lamp provides a dramatic lighting into the room. light brown wood stick headboard from diycraftsy.

Natural Brown Wood

Absolutely amazed by the wooden stick headboard design. It comes with a thicker frame and dark brown wood finish. Natural teak motifs adorn and highlight the existence of this bed. The thick design emphasizes a sturdy and durable impression. You can pair it with bedroom shades in blues and whites for the perfect room decor idea. A faux fur rug will add a warm and cozy feeling to this room. Adding a few mirrors will reflect light into the room and give a spacious and airy look to this bedroom. Dark brown wooden stick headboard from decoist.

Natural Gray

Natural gray is the hallmark of vintage style which is synonymous with shabby colors. With thicker wood, it allows you to place objects on top of it. Adding this wall lamp will provide a dramatic lighting. Don’t forget to add an antique chandelier above the bed for the perfect decor idea. This vintage bedside table will complement any décor. Some of these pillows with vintage-style sheets will complement a stylish room décor. This creamy nuance will add a warm glow to this attractive room. Natural gray stick wooden from thespruce.

High Real Reclaimed

The taller, narrower design accentuates additional height. Using boards that are the same size and arranged upside down in a high design. An additional pair of chandeliers adds to the romantic side of this bed. Several pillows of different sizes create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Combined with all the white nuances, this will make a perfect decoration of the room. Adding greenery in the corner of the room and patterned curtains from floor to ceiling will give the impression of a spacious and high room. This animal skin rug provides the perfect room decor and will bring a room in style. High real reclaimed from decoist.

Those are some of DIY stick wood headboard that you can copy. Make your bedroom looks different with these ideas.

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