Combining two different styles into one can be an absolute masterpiece. As long as you do it the right way, the result will surpass any expectation.

When talking about combining different styles, a kitchen is the right choice to have as a medium. It is one of the essential rooms in your house, and it is a place that you cannot live without.

Having a perfect look in your kitchen will liven up the atmosphere of your whole house and boost your daily mood. If you do not want a bold style for your kitchen, you can just design the cabinet into a modern, classic look kitchen cabinet. Here are some tips for you to create the best one.

1. Make Sure Which Aspect You Want to Embrace More

You need to be sure which style you want to embrace more – the modern one or the classic one. It helps you prevent from having a random and absurd look to the kitchen. Although it is just a cabinet – not a whole kitchen interior – it can give a big impact on the other furniture.

It is okay if you want to embrace both styles evenly. But you need to be more careful unless you want a strangely eccentric kitchen cabinet. Doing it properly will turn your kitchen into a pretty one.

Wooden kitchen cabinets with neutral colors like white present a classic style, while the plywood wood kitchen island gives a modern style so that the combination of these two furniture makes the kitchen decor more colorful and of course combines two different styles simultaneously in one room. Modern, classic look in kitchen decor will never fail and certainly never out of date, so you can try it right now. Combination of white kitchen cabinet with kitchen island plywood from mymove.

This refined bamboo kitchen cabinet has a softer texture and presents a classic, natural and eco-friendly style. There is nothing wrong with including stainless steel in the middle of the cabinet to present a modern style at the same time. These two different contrasting materials will work and blend perfectly so you don’t need to worry about their existence anymore. Instead, use walls with transparent glass windows as a source of natural light that freely enters the kitchen. Combination of bamboo with stainless steel kitchen cabinet from mymove.

If you want to bring modern, classic together in a kitchen decoration, then pay attention to the use of kitchen cabinets that are used today. This wooden kitchen cabinet in glossy gray color indirectly presents a modern style, while the natural wood floating cabinet presents a sturdy classic style and is certainly not easily porous. You can use a kitchen island that has a longer size for your dining table, making it more multifunctional and of course not taking up much space. Modern, classic wooden kitchen cabinet from mymove.

2. Do Not Go Too Much

It is okay if you want to go big, but make sure it is not too much, or your kitchen will look tacky. Moreover, you do not want an unpleasant look to your kitchen.

Not only the look but embracing its function is also important when talking about modernity. You can purchase a multipurpose cabinet to highlight the modern style more. A simple design with earth tone is enough to embrace your modern, classic look kitchen cabinet.

Do you want a modern style in your kitchen decor? If so, then you can try starting with the use of stainless steel kitchen cabinets that have shiny colors and textures. The advantage of using a kitchen cabinet with this material is that it is not easy to rust and is not easily porous in long-term use. Other furniture that you can use is a kitchen island and dining chairs with matching materials and colors. Stainless steel kitchen cabinet from homebnc.

Another option to bring a modern style to your kitchen decor is the use of glossy kitchen cabinets made of stainless steel. The kitchen cabinet that you are using now looks unique and attractive because it has a bright block of color applied to the outer surface of the cabinet, making the kitchen decor seem more colorful and certainly not easily boring when used for cooking activities. Block color glossy kitchen cabinets from homebnc.

Kitchen decoration will look different when using a unique interior that looks creative and different from the others, this dark kitchen floating cabinet has transparent glass doors so that it gives a modern impression that is suitable for your current kitchen decor. It is not enough here, this floating cabinet is also equipped with built in lights that will help your night activities while in the kitchen. Choose a light yellow for a warmer, dramatic look. Modern kitchen cabinet with glass doors from homebnc.

The final idea for decorating modern kitchen cabinets are those made of melamine wood in a neutral clean white color and are easy to mix with other interiors of any color. The wood accents on the countertops provide a natural color that will bring a more environmentally friendly feel to the kitchen. The nuance of the white kitchen also makes the room look cleaner and more spacious, you can try it with the final touch of built in lights under the floating cabinet. Modern kitchen cabinet made of melamine wood from homebnc.

3. Do Not Ruin the Function

You might want the best design for your cabinet, but you cannot forget about its function. As stated before, embracing its function is necessary when talking about modern style. To wrap up the look, choose the one that covers its use with a classic touch.

Classic kitchen nuances are usually sprinkled with white on several interiors in it. For example, a wooden kitchen cabinet that is painted white, this main furniture is equipped with a black iron handle which will make it easier for you to use this kitchen cabinet. If you need lighting in this kitchen, then try using classic chandeliers that hang just above the kitchen island. This lamp lighting is produced from several candles which will make the room feel warmer and of course very dramatic when used at night. White kitchen cabinets with black iron handles from hgtv.

Kitchen cabinet is one of the furniture that must be owned in kitchen decoration as closed storage as well as being a theme or design that you want to present. Kitchen cabinets in use today are made of reclaimed wood which is repainted with white so that it looks cleaner, it is not enough that this furniture also presents a classic style that fits perfectly with the layered marble countertop which is equipped with a wooden dining chair back. Natural lighting coming from the window makes the room brighter. Classic reclaimed wooden kitchen cabinet from hgtv.

Choose and use a classic kitchen cabinet that has a neutral color, namely white. You can combine this kitchen cabinet with several other furniture made of stainless steel for a cleaner kitchen look and of course never out of date. This U shape kitchen makes it easy for you to interact with your family or friends in one room even though you have limited space. Use bright lighting to help and maximize your activities in the kitchen at night. Neutral classic kitchen color cabinets from hgtv.

Perfect your kitchen furniture set by designing your own modern, classic look kitchen cabinet with those tips!

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