Having a cabinet in your kitchen is very convenient for you to store all the stuff neatly.  It offers you to cover all the mess caused by all the kitchen equipment. A cabinet is can also be a multipurpose cupboard. With a variety of styles and designs, you can get any model you want.

Not only it serves as a functional object, but a cabinet also brings an aesthetic to your kitchen as long as you pick the right one. It makes your kitchen feels spacious and adds a different look to the whole kitchen interior.

If you prefer a minimalist style, you can rock a grey kitchen cabinet by following these tips to choose the best one.

1. Adjust It with Other Furniture

You should adjust the cabinet with other furniture. It prevents you from creating an ugly kitchen interior. If other furniture items are dominated with a darker tone, a light grey can balance the look to make the kitchen look livelier.

The same thing happens when a lighter tone dominates other furniture items. You can choose to have a lighter grey cabinet.

Gray kitchen cabinet is the right choice of kitchen furniture because it will be easier to combine it with whatever interior is around it. For example, a gray kitchen cabinet combined with a black door frame made of metal. The doors and roof are made of transparent glass so you can see the outdoor scenery freely without feeling boring. Gray kitchen cabinet with black door frames from nextluxury.

The combination of gray and blue in this kitchen décor will blend in perfectly without being an eyesore. Gray is one of the neutral colors that can be combined with any color around the room, including the dark blue kitchen island. This gray wood cabinet with a little glass material presents a classic style that fits perfectly in a modern or contemporary style kitchen. Classic gray kitchen cabinet from nextluxury.

Gray kitchen not only enhances the room to be more elegant and neutral, but becomes a sophistication of charisma that is suitable to be placed in any stylish kitchen decor. You can use a kitchen cabinet with only one color, namely dark gray. Use a kitchen island and a white backsplash for the right combination and will certainly work perfectly in a kitchen décor. Dark gray kitchen cabinet with white interior around it from nextluxury.

2. If You Want A Contrast, Make Sure You Do It Right

If you want to create a contrast looks with a bold pop of colors, make sure you do it properly. Otherwise, your kitchen might look unappealing.

Grey iss a neutral color, so it is not that hard to mix and match it with other colors. For example, you can mix your ash grey cabinet with red maroon or green army. Just follow your creative instinct to rock any grey kitchen cabinet.

When you are getting bored with gray cabinets, then adding a bold color to one of the cabinets is a smart idea that you can try. The red color applied to this floating cabinet is a striking focal point and can blend perfectly with the dark gray cabinet underneath. The hexagon tile on the backsplash makes kitchen decorations look cleaner and more modern, you can imitate this decorating idea in your home. Combination of kitchen cabinets in dark gray with red from livspace.

Gray kitchen cabinets will appear more colorful when combined with a bright light blue backsplash. Another color that you can put in this kitchen is white which is applied to the kitchen island and floor. The combination of these three colors will blend perfectly and won’t get boring easily. Green plants placed on the kitchen island add a natural color that refreshes the room. Gray kitchen cabinet with light blue backsplash from idealhome.

Don’t be too monotonous to decorate your kitchen, combine a dark gray kitchen cabinet with a shiny green backsplash tile. This kitchen cabinet is equipped with wooden handles that make it easier for you to close or open it. This backsplash tile is very easy to clean when it is splashed with water or your cooking because it has a smoother surface. Floating shelves become an open storage area that you can use to put kitchen spices or beautiful ornaments. Dark gray kitchen cabinet with green tile backsplash from idealhome.

Pastel colors will work well in one room in a kitchen decor, for example the combination of light gray on kitchen cabinets and pink paint on the walls. These two colors seem contrasting but don’t spoil the view, you can neutralize this kitchen space with the use of wooden furniture on small dining tables and chairs. Combination of light gray with pink pastels from idealhome.

3. Going All-grey is Fine

There is quite a lot of different grey. From the lighter ones such as pearl river, abalone, rhino, and pewter grey, to the darker ones such as fossil charcoal, shadow, iron, and anchor grey.

Having an all-grey kitchen interior – including a grey cabinet – can create a modern and sophisticated look. It also enhances a cooler style and highlights the minimalist style more.

If you use a kitchen cabinet with one color, namely gray, then white walls are the right combination and combination. This gray color will look brighter when you get the sunlight from the transparent glass window. Meanwhile, the wooden floor becomes a natural accent that is not easily slippery when it is splashed by water from the dishwasher sink. A glass flower vase filled with blooming flowers is a refreshing accent that creates a fragrant aroma. Dark gray kitchen cabinet from home-designing.

This light gray kitchen cabinet is equipped with round white handles so it looks faint and not too obvious. This color will blend perfectly even more when combined with the white shades on the tile backsplash. Floating cabinets with matching colors are furniture choices that will save floor space more effectively and efficiently. Softwood floors that have neutral colors are a natural accent that you can use. Light gray kitchen cabinet from home-designing.

The last option that you can apply in a minimalist kitchen decoration is the use of a melamine wood kitchen cabinet that is repainted with gray color. This cabinet is not equipped with a handle so that it looks like a wall, doesn’t it look unique and different. Built in lights that are applied under the floating cabinet give a dramatic impression that is not warm and not too much. Minimalist gray kitchen cabinet from home-designing.

Who says that minimalist is too basic? Make your minimalist interior looks snatched by rocking a grey kitchen cabinet.

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