With the rise of apartment living trends, more people are going for a Parisian apartment-style after seeing how chic and functional it is. For those who’re interested—especially if you’re living in an apartment, take a look at our ideas here to spark your inspiration.

Start With the Classics

The principle in French decor always starts from the classics—just like fashion. You don’t need to buy something expensive to decorate the apartment as long as your decoration fulfills its purpose and style at the same time. Hence, decorate just like how French dress: get yourself a few essential pieces like cabriole sofa, patterned rug, etc.

To emphasize the decoration of the Parisian apartment living room, you can use some classic interiors such as pastel colored sofas and wall hangings with gold frames. This interior combination will appear more perfect when it has sufficient lighting through transparent glass windows and crystal chandeliers. Cover the table and sofa legs on a carpet pattern to add an elegant impression, but not too much. Classic sofas and wall hangings decoration from architecturaldigest.

This dark elastic leather sofa is an essential piece of furniture that you must have in order to present a classic vibe that is not excessive. Instead of using a wall with a room divider made of wood which is repainted with white and a few vertical lines. The combination of crystal chandeliers and floor lamps is the perfect combination for living room decoration lighting that is very bright when used at night. Leather sofa with dark colors from architecturaldigest.

Some classic interiors will complete the Parisian appearance of the living room apartment, start by using the walls decorated with beautiful carvings and some wooden furniture that has been repainted with white. It’s not enough to stop here, decorating a plain wall with several large paintings is also a smart idea that you can try. The nuance of the room in white makes the living room decor feel more spacious and clean. Shades of white with carved walls from architecturaldigest.

Make It Usable

Don’t forget to get pieces that don’t only look stylish but also functional. Even an antique can be usable! In the front hall, you can have an heirloom Louis XVI commode to keep your mail and keys, for instance. Think similarly to storage spaces and desks.

The decoration of the Parisian apartment living room will be more beneficial when it is equipped with the provision of an open standing cabinet that can be used as a storage idea. You can use teak wood which has been repainted in a dark color for a more elegant look. Place this open cabinet in the corner of the room so as not to interfere with your space when you are in the living room. Decorate this decoration by placing several flowers in bloom with different colors, this flower also gives a fragrant aroma that makes you feel at home for a long time in the room. The standing cabinet opens in the corner of the room from architecturaldigest.

This wood-based standing cabinet has a gold color because of the evenly polished finish making it look more classic. This cabinet is also equipped with a classic pattern on the outer surface so it is perfect for decorating a Parisian apartment living room, complete this classic look with other suitable interior uses such as tufted leather sofa and coffee table made of wood with black metal. Green plants are complementary as well as beautiful room fresheners. Wooden standing cabinet with classic pattern from architecturaldigest.

Make your living room decoration double function by placing a classic desk in one room, this desk set is made of glossy teak wood so that it looks cleaner and certainly never out of date. The tassel ottoman in a bold color and gold leg is the focal point because it stands out more than the other interiors around it. Classic desk with tassel ottoman from architecturaldigest.

Break the Rules

Decorating can also be done by bending the rules! Principles are there as guidance, but you shouldn’t let it become a rigid technique option. Take the fun in your flea market search and get your very personal style. Maybe, the Louis XVI style mahogany desk with a leather top suits this.

This mahogany desk table will look more perfect when equipped with matching colored leather chairs. This chair seems sturdier because it is equipped with iron legs. This desk is equipped with a storage drawer so that it functions more useful. Instead of using walls with transparent glass windows that have a larger and wider size. Paint the window frames with white to match the color tone of the room. Mahogany desk table with leather chairs from mydomaine.

The living room decor, which is equipped with a desk set, makes the room seem more functional. You can use a workbench with a wooden surface and metal legs to make it sturdier and stronger. While this white leather chair will be very comfortable and elegant because it is equipped with wheels that can make you move places easily. Place this desk towards the sofa in the living room so you can still chat when your guests or family come to the house. Small desk with metal legs from mydomaine.

Avoid Over-Staging

No one loves a cluttered and seemingly over-staged room. Even if there is, you better go for the otherwise because it’s a pet peeve of the French for things to look natural, not staged. Arrange your books neatly for a change.

Do you like to read books all the time? If so, then you can apply the built in bookshelf to an empty wooden wall. Arrange this shelf vertically so that you can store more of your favorite books safely without any disturbance. Then select and use other furniture in the vicinity with a shiny color equipped with gold-colored gold carvings. Some wall scones lamps provide a warm glow and are of course perfect for use at night. Built in bookshelf on wooden wall from architecturaldigest.

Take advantage of the wall next to the window or more precisely in the corner of the room as an open high bookshelf that will make it easier for you to find your favorite or favorite book. This shelf is large enough so that it will store more books, you can enhance the appearance of this living room with some classic interiors such as a bold carpet pattern and glitter chairs in two different colors. Ruffles of curtains, classic mirrors and some paintings make up the complementary accents that are beautiful and appropriate. High bookshelf in the corner of the room from architecturaldigest.

Your Parisian apartment is now underway after equipping yourself with our ideas above.

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