Hearing the word “coastal décor” brings the mind to beach scenes, but is blue the only color you can use? Coastal scenes involve a lot of natural, refreshing colors, with a combination of cool and warm tones. Use one of several of these color palettes to create a pretty coastal look.

1. Seafoam Green

Seafoam green is a soft, non-blue tone you can combine with various shades. Painting your walls with seafoam green giving it a subtle but unique background. Combine it with natural shades from wooden, wicker, and rattan furniture. You can also combine it with darker green or blue shades.

The seafoam green beach bedroom decor looks fresher. Equipped with wooden furniture will enhance your decor so that it looks more perfect. You can add some framed paintings to decorate a stylish room and maximize the walls of your room. Some of these antique furnitures will complement your home. This white rattan chair gives a natural impression to your room. Seafoam green beach bedroom from decorpad.

Try using green seafoam walls to decorate your beach bedroom. Don’t forget to equip it with rattan wicker furniture to present a warm natural feel. Some antique wood furniture in the form of bedside tables and benches will add a unique impression to this bedroom. Pairing with beige curtains will provide the perfect contrast for you to try. The framed painting on the headoard will also give an interesting appearance for you to try. Green seafoam walls from homedit.

2. Navy Blue

Navy blue is the classic blue option for a coastal décor. The dark blue color is striking, making it a great statement shade to combine with neutral shades. You can use Navy blue for upholstery, furniture pieces, or patterns. Combine it with pastel blue, white, or beige.

The navy blue color is perfect for your beach decoration. Try using dark blue furniture in your white dining room to make it look stunning. Using white and navy, it has a harmonious combination of colors and will make your dining room more attractive. Some of these navy ornaments will also complement the dining room decoration. The drum pendant lamp above the dining table provides a dramatic glow to the room. Navy blue color furniture from bocadolobo.

If you want to decorate a beach-style dining room, combining dark blue with white is an interesting idea. You can use white walls and dark blue dining chairs so that it will beautify your dining room decor and look charming. Adding these tall white curtains with a blue pattern will also give this dining room a pop of color. Navy dining chair with navy curtain pattern from theinspiredroom.

3. Tropical Colors

Tropical colors include a little blue and green, complete with brighter accent tones like red, orange, and yellow. These colors will show a stronger tropical vibe if you pair them with wicker furniture, natural woven fabric, and even an indoor potted palm.

A light blue living room with orange accents on the walls and footrests will bring a tropical feel to your coastal living room. You can also add rattan rattan in green for additional storage ideas in this room. Choosing wooden furniture will also bring a warm and natural impression into the room so it is suitable for you to try this coastal-style house. Light blue living room with orange accents from hgtv.

Adding red accents in the form of pillows to your blue living room looks perfect with a tropical touch so it will make your beach family room look fresher. Sealin that this red accent will make the perfect focus of the room and will attract the attention of many people. Several large windows in this room will create a spacious and bright impression so that they will let sunlight into the room. This brick floor gives a warm rustic look. Red pillow on coastal living room from decoist.

4. Turquoise and Coral

Turquoise and coral offer a unique contrasting look for a different coastal interior. The turquoise should be the background, with the bolder coral serves as the accent. You can use the coral color to create a statement in a room.

Combining turquoise and coral colors is the right choice for your beach-style bedroom design. You can apply Turquoise color on the walls and coral on the bed cover to make it look more beautiful. This color combination will bring a bright look to your bedroom. Adding this black and white striped rug will give a warm impression and give the room a pattern. Turquoise and coral colors coastal bedroom from completely-coastal.

Try combining turquoise and coral colors for your beach bedroom decor. Use turquoise as background and coral as accents to make it look interesting. Choosing a patterned curtain of this coral color provides a matching color combination and has an interesting contrast for you to try. The empire chandelier above the bed and the large windows will provide just the right lighting so that your room will look more stunning. Turquoise wall and coral curtain from hgtv.

5. Indigo Blue and White

Indigo blue is a rich, deep blue tone that will look great with crisp white. You can fill up half the room with indigo blue in contrast with the white. To prevent the overwhelming look, place your blue on the lower parts of the house, such as on the rug, sofa, and floor furniture.

To give your beach living room an exaggerated contrast, try adding some blue accents there. Try adding a rug, and blue chairs to your white living room to make it look totally flawless and simple. Combined with this beige sofa, it will present an attractive room decoration. Beach painting on the sofa will also provide an interesting room decoration for you to try. Blue large rug from decorpad.

To prevent an exaggerated look in your beach style living room, try placing blue tilapia at the bottom. You can simply use indigo blue pillows and rugs in your white living room. In addition, this wooden coffee table will present a rustic exan into your coastal living room. Equipped with blooming flowers in a vase will give the room a fresh and inviting impression. The white sofa will also balance the colors in this living room. Blue striped rug from decorpad.

Choosing the right color will make your coastal décor pop. Make sure to pick a color that flatters your house and emphasizes the design’s unique features.

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