Design your interior is not always easy. You need to be as mindful and creative as you can to create the best one possible.

If you feel like there are a lot of basic and boring interior designs that you do not want to have, these lists of interior ideas will inspire you to create the unique yet aesthetic one like no other.

1. Boho Style Furniture Set

A boho style is all about blending elements and influences from different cultures and eras. It is a combination of textures and patterns that will turn into an appealing boho look.  You can just mix and match any colors and patterns and then organize them properly into a whole interior. Using earth tones more than the striking or bold pop ones will create a better boho look.

This colorful carpet with ethnic patterns becomes an interior that brings a bohemian feel to the decor of your small living room. Complete this carpet with green plants applied to the sides as a complementary accent that will make the room feel fresher and certainly not stuffy. This tufted chair covered with faux fur makes your sitting area feel warmer and of course has a softer upper surface. Boho carpet accented with green plants from decoist.

To start a bohemian style in your living room decor, then you can use a boho carpet that has an earth tone color so that it makes the room feel more neutral and easier to match with any colored interior around it. In this room too, you can cover the pillows with different ethnic patterns. These rattan chairs and brown leather sofas are additional furniture that you can use simultaneously, you can include several types of green plants as refreshing accents that don’t require too complicated maintenance, the Monstera plant is one of the plants that you can choose. Carpet boho earth tone color from decoist.

2. Staircase Drawer

A staircase drawer is a great way to save more space yet still able to store more stuff. You can use the drawer for your shoes and other footwear, books, logistics, and even clothes. It is very effective, especially for minimalist interior in a small house. Plus, a staircase drawer helps you to reduce all the clutter by storing all your stuff properly.

Make the entire interior in your home better serve you, for example using the outer surface of the stairs as a storage idea that doesn’t take up much floor space. You can use this storage under the stairs to put small items that are often lost, don’t forget to add a round handle to make it easier for you to open or close this pull-out drawer. The material used is melamine wood which is repainted with red color so that it looks more shiny and modern. Melamine wood stairs equipped with storage drawers from architectureartdesigns.

Add storage drawers on the side of the stairs to make it look more functional, this drawer is made of teak wood, repainted with white. The metal handle in black is the perfect blend that you can use at the same time. No need to worry about this drawer easily porous, because it is made of teak, which has a hard texture. This pull-out drawer makes it easier for you to store or retrieve items. Pull-out drawer under wooden ladder from architectureartdesigns.

3. Hammock Bed

A hammock bed might be the most uncommon yet fun bed you will ever have. The sensation you get from the bouncy and hanging feel offers you different kinds of comfort. Not only it adds a unique look to the whole interior, but it also allows you to get a deeper and quality sleep. Furthermore, the design helps you prevent a back sore.

Do you have an empty room in your home decor? If so, then you can use it to hang a white crocheted rope hammock, this interior indirectly presents a Scandinavian style. Cover the hammock with a faux fur blanket and round pillows for a softer, warmer surface. You can enjoy the weekend with full comfort and relax. Crocheted rope hammock from thespruce.

If you want a relaxing area during the day, then installing a hammock close to a transparent glass window is a smart decoration idea that you can try. Here you can enjoy the outdoor scenery freely and of course it will refresh your very saturated brain again. Surround this hammock with several tropical plants with different types, materials and sizes of pots, the decoration of this room will look fresher and of course the area you like the most. Hammock surrounded by tropical plants from thespruce.

4. Patterned Wall

You can create a Pinterest-worthy interior by having a patterned wall. It brings you the highlighted aesthetic and elegance that can turn your ordinary interior into an extraordinary one. A patterned wall will radiate a fancy and sophisticated look to the whole furniture set because it adds visual depth to your design.

Make your bedroom decor more colorful with hexagon wallpaper which has several different colors. This combination of orange, gray, blue and black colors will blend perfectly with the wallpaper pattern which has a white base color. With this wallpaper, your bedroom decoration will look more modern and minimalist, choose and use a wooden nightstand that is equipped with a book storage underneath as functional furniture that you can’t try. Colorful hexagon wallpaper from homebnc.

Perfect the look of your minimalist bedroom with wall paint that has a combination of different bright colors. This wall paint will look more beautiful when this room is equipped with green plants that are quite large in size, the bedding and pillowcases with this graphic pattern are smart choices that you can try. Cover the floor with a dark striped carpet as a counterweight to the color tone of the room to make it appear more elegant. Minimalist bedroom with patterned wall paint from homebnc.

5. Bookshelf Wall

A bookshelf helps you feel a sense of a well-organized and clean room. It allows you to arrange all your books neatly and properly. Moreover, having it as a wall makes the entire room looks more appealing. It also saves more space than having it as a usual bookshelf design.

An easy way to make the walls more functional is to make several stacking open shelves that are used as a built in bookshelf that seems to save floor space. Arrange this bookshelf vertically so you can store more of your favorite books. There is nothing wrong with hanging a painting frame in the middle of the shelf as an artistic decoration that you can easily find in stores around your home at an affordable price and not too expensive. Vertical bookshelves wall from digsdigs.

Take advantage of the empty wall area as a minimalist bookshelf idea in your living room decor. This wall is made of teak wood which has been polished and repainted with a dark color so that it looks more shiny and attracts attention. This bookshelf is built openly to make it easier for you to save or find the intended book. It’s not enough here, this bookcase is equipped with a pull-out drawer at the top with a large gold handle. Corner bookshelf wall from digsdigs.

Those unique interior ideas will help you create a different and anti-basic look for your house perfectly.

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