Sofas and chairs make up most of your living rooms, so you need to buy pieces that contribute to the overall design. A coastal décor should have chairs or sofas that are comfortable, non-bulky, yet still striking. Choose from these ideas to adorn your navy living room with the perfect chairs and sofas.

1. Wicker Sets

The classic options for beach-related rooms, wicker sets are lightweight and comfortable, with tropical vibes. Wicker’s natural rough textures also fill up the empty spaces in your visual, creating a richer look. Experiment with different cushions and pillows you create variations in your living room.

The choice of white and pink patterns that stand out in the wicker set in this coastal living room is truly stunning. Even though it is the contrast, it can blend nicely with the room decor, which is dominated by white. What’s more, a beach-themed blue carpet placed right in the middle of the room gives the impression that this is a quirky decoration but with an acceptable concept. An awesome ideas of white wicker set from southernliving.

By not reducing the coastal living room style in this room, the use of wicker chairs makes it more aesthetic. Combined with a wooden table and several wooden ornaments make a harmonious matching accent. The white bone on the walls is the right choice to bring the colors to life. The touch of greenery in various angles adds to the freshness. You can copy this individual wicker chairs ideas from shelterness.

2. Sky Blue Armchairs and Sofas

Sky blue is a subtler shade for armchairs and sofas compared to Navy blue. You can use this color to create a more calming look (Navy blue is more suitable to create a striking visual). Solid color gives a classic, calming vibe, while patterned sofas or armchairs infuse more fun and cheerful look.

Calm colors and tend to be bluish are things that are commonly found in the coastal living room style. Like the decor of this living room, the selection of a sky blue sofa makes it very attractive and brings the decor more to life. Moreover, this room is dominated by bright white and some wood framed wall decorations. The sky blue color fits perfectly with the coastal living room style, because it impresses the vast ocean color and is beautiful to the eye. Amazing ideas of light blue sofas from shelterness.

If you don’t really like sharp colors in your room decor, then this decorating idea is perfect. In this coastal themed living room, the addition of an individual sofa in sky blue is the right touch. It doesn’t really dominate the room even though the colors are different, but instead it gives a touch of interesting color accents. Especially the combination of blue and white which is closely related to the coastal theme. The large woven carpet that fills the seat gives a comfortable and aesthetic impression. Copy this individual sky blue sofas ideas from digsdigs.

3. Striped Chairs or Cushions

Bold stripes give a classic “sailor vibe” in any design, including your chairs, sofas, or cushions. While Navy blue and white is the popular combination for coastal décor, you can twist this “rule” to create a fresh look. For example, instead of Navy blue, choose bold colors like red, orange, or green as one of the shades.

The color that tends to be muted and goes into any decor is gray. The application of an ash striped sofa is an interesting thing in a coastal themed living room. This will give a new décor in a room that has white walls and roof. Moreover, wood accents and carpet knits that add to the difference in the color scheme of the decoration are quite challenging. This coastal living room is perfect for you to try. Ideas of striped sofas from houzz.

A striped sofa in a variety of brownish tones with lots of stripes gives a strong decor statement. Even though it is very different from the impression of a coastal theme, you can apply it as a bold form of decoration. With the dominance of brown on the sofa, it gives a calm and warm impression combined with clean white walls. Make a different thing just by changing the character of your sofa. Brave to try something new with mix patterns and hues from houzz.

4. Large Sofa with Different Chairs

Placing a large sofa in the middle with different chairs around it gives a vintage, slightly Bohemian touch in a coastal décor. Choose a solid color for the sofa or neutral patterns like stripes, but don’t hesitate to mix various chair shapes and styles.

Giving variety to the seating in this coastal-style living room provides a different decoration. Besides being able to accommodate more people, individual seating and ottomans side by side with the sofa make the decoration more creative. Not only that, the selection of sofa colors, throw pillows, and calm cream striped rugs all look harmonious. Large glass windows as a substitute for the walls provide sufficient light from outside the room. You can try this lovely coastal living room from shelterness.

Two large sofas with different colors are juxtaposed with rattan chairs with hirpin leg. This quirky combination gives the impression of a mix and match furniture. A wooden table in the middle that gives a rustic accent to this coastal living room is even bolder. The wall which is covered with white paint with a large painting attached to the wall is very charming. The addition of a tall tree as a green decoration in the corner of the room makes this coastal-themed decoration perfect for you to try. That chic coastal living room from shelterness.

5. Mid-Century Chairs with Patterns

Add a touch of a modern look with Mid-Century Chairs. Many of them have interesting patterns that will enrich your living room. They don’t need to be beach-related but make sure they fit nicely with the overall coastal look.

The collaboration between mid-century furniture on chairs with blue cushion accents gives a bold hue. Paired with a bluish sofa which makes the coastal living room decoration more lively. A deep blue that stands out on the individual chairs gives a striking impression that combines with the white color scheme of the room. not only that, there are wood accents, there are some furniture that add to the decoration of this coastal living room to be more interesting to imitate. Coastal living room with blue chairs from shelterness.

Combine the dark blue color that dominates the decor of this room with a mid-century armchair. With different patterns, you will still have a harmonious blend with other fused patterns. Especially the stripes on the carpet that stood out, and some of the patterns on the throw pillow. It is quite simple but has the character to decorate a coastal living room with two colors, namely blue and white. You must try this white patterns mid-century armchair from shelterness.

A coastal décor requires nice sofas and chairs to complete the look. Use this list to find a good chair idea for your Navy living room.

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