A birthday party is meant to be something personal and intimate. Thus, what could be better than decorating it with colorful, intimate, and personalized bohemian decor to make it memorable? Utilizing simple materials that you can easily find around you, make your birthday celebration unforgettable with these finest bohemian decor ideas for your birthday party

1.     Boho Chic Birthday Cake

Celebrate a boho-chic birthday with a birthday cake as your bohemian decor centerpiece. Rising three-tiers high, the top is adorned with floral arrangement and ribbons as the focal point, along with a reindeer horn creating a rustic accent. Finish the cake with a mint icing and large dreamcatcher to perfect the look.

In a birthday event, the birthday cake has a major role that must be and must have. Customize your cake theme with the style you will use, for example, if you use a boho style, the most appropriate decoration for the outer surface is a dreamcatcher accent which is quite large in size. It’s not enough here, you can also add fresh floral accents that make the birthday cake look more beautiful. Boho cake with dreamcatcher and flower decoration from cakecentral.

This birthday cake which consists of two layers has a sweet round shape. Choose a cake cream with a beautiful and matching combination of two pastel colors, for example combining pink with blue. To emphasize the boho style, then you can add a dreamcatcher accent that is applied on the top of the cake. Another ornament that can be added is the three strands of cake cream feathers and faux feathers on top as additional accents that enhance the boho cake look at your child’s birthday. Pastel color boho cake from karaspartyideas.

To bring a feminine vibe to your child’s birthday, using a pink cake with live flower accents and some dreamcatcher cream cake is the best idea you can try. In addition, the dreamcatcher accent also emphasizes the boho style instantly, decorating the cake excessively gives the impression of being tacky and too crowded so to prevent it you can imitate the birthday cake idea like the picture above. Boho cake that is dominated by pink from karaspartyideas.

2.     Triple Hanging Dreamcatcher Decor

No bohemian decor would be complete without a dreamcatcher. Have it hanging prettily as a centerpiece or Instagrammable photo backdrop for your birthday party. Feeling creative? You can even put dreamcatcher-making as a party activity with your friend and family.

Perfect your boho birthday decorations with several dreamcatchers that come in different sizes and patterns. The more dreamcatchers that hang in the main decoration part, the busier the appearance will be. You can hang this accent using a strong rope on a dry tree stalk that looks even bolder. This appearance makes birthday decorations even more festive for some of your invited guests to attend. Hanging dreamcatcher on a tree stalk from karaspartyideas.

Decorate your wooden wall for a birthday decoration with a triple hanging dreamcatcher which has two different colors, black and white on the right and left sides. The feather accent that is hung on the ceiling is a perfect complement that you can easily try, besides that this decoration is also very affordable and much liked by people because of its simplicity. Black and white hanging dreamcatcher from karaspartyideas.

3.     Cozy Patterned Couch Pillows

When it comes to bohemian decor, the better it is to get even closer to the floor. Make yourself and your guests feel at home with cozy pillows where they can lounge and sit on the lush grass. Make it in different patterns to fully embrace the colorful and eclectic heart of bohemian.

So that you can still sit on the green grass, then using a vintage carpet lined with several floor cushions becomes a comfortable sitting area when eating outdoors. Choose several colors such as beige, white and brown as a combination of colors that can blend perfectly, here you can also use velvet material which has a warmer and softer surface. The Macramé centerpiece delivers an instant boho vibe. Earth tone color floor pillow from greenweddingshoes.

This couch pillow covered with colorful pillowcases and lively patterns is one of the accents that brings a boho style to your birthday. Don’t forget to use the woven carpet that has striking patterns and colors as a more elegant sitting mat and fits perfectly with the styles used today. Usually this pillow is applied in the outdoor dining area with natural furniture made of wood. Bold color and patterned couch pillow from karaspartyideas.

4.     Wooden Backdrop with Flower Arrangement

Another creative backdrop for your bohemian decor is an arrangement made of variations of flower, ribbons, branches, and lace, all arranged into one in a wooden backdrop. To make it better, consider adding an engraving of your name as a personalized touch to the party.

If this boho-style birthday event is held at night, then adding string lights with yellow lighting on the wooden pallet backdrop is the best idea you can do. The lighting produced from this lamp provides a brighter outdoor feel and of course makes the event take place dramatically. Don’t let this wooden backdrop appear boring, you can add a few floral stalks that have been arranged with neat sprinkling of green plants and are hung with a predetermined loot. Wooden pallet backdrop with decorative flower arrangement and string light from karaspartyideas.

Another option for a wooden backdrop idea is to repaint it with white paint for a more modern look and of course look cleaner. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate it with some floral arrangement which is completed with colorful small dreamcatcher accents. The small tent that is installed in the backdrop area is a perfect complement to instantly create a vintage impression. Wooden backdrop with floral decoration and dreamcatcher from karaspartyideas.

5.     Vintage Tents with Balloon and Garland

Since bohemian-themed parties are mostly held outdoor, vintage tents are a great addition for an intimate party filled with your closest friends and families. Decorate them with various balloons, garlands, and don’t forget to fill the tents with cozy pillows and refreshments.

To complete the final look in a boho birthday decoration, then you can use a white tent that is not too big. As an easy and inexpensive decoration, you can add some balloons that are placed in the tent or on top of the tent. The accent of a bunch of greenery is an addition that will never fail and is not boring. The white tent brings out a simple vintage vibe. White tent accented with balloons and greenery from karaspartyideas.

Perfect addition for your birthday, make sure to install these bohemian decor inspirations and enjoy the most important time of the year to your heart’s out!

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