Do you ever notice how quickly your bathroom becomes messy? You need to figure out how to organize it. One of the effective ways to do it is by installing a bathroom shelf.  Besides practical, it is also a space-saving solution. Here are some great bathroom shelf ideas to enhance your bathroom.

1. Glass Shelf

Glass material is easy to clean and gives a mirror effect. Besides, it makes the bathroom look brighter and wider. Put a shelf next to the vanity or the bathtub. The best way to install the shelf is to position it near the light. 

Make the wall area in your bathroom decor more useful with several transparent glass shelves that are installed right in front of your bathtub. Glass shelves will be easier to maintain because you just have to wipe them with a cloth when they start to get exposed to dust. Use this shelf to store some of your toiletries and equipment for easier access when needed. Glass shelf in front of the bathtub from decoist.

If you need storage in the vanity area, then installing a vertical glass shelf is a smart idea that you can try. Use a glass material that has a material with a thickness that is good enough to avoid your shelf being easily broken when used for a long time. This shelf is very suitable to be combined with wall tile with clean white color so that it will blend well and perfectly. Vertical glass shelves from decoist.

2. Recessed Shelf

If you have limited space, then consider a recessed shelf since it goes into the wall. Visually, this kind of shelf makes the room more spacious, giving more moving area.

Do you have a blank wall that hasn’t been used? If so, then you can install recessed shelves made of melamine which has the same color as the clean white walls. This shelf consists of several layers so that it can be used according to your needs, for example, using the top shelf to store toiletries and the next shelf to store all clean towels. This storage is easier to find because it is open. Open recessed shelf from homebnc.

Of course, your shower room requires proper storage that will support all your storage needs effectively and efficiently. This corner tile recessed shelf is highly recommended for bathroom decorations that have limited space, you can make it from hexagon tiles to make it look more contrast when combined with white tile subways. Make the best use of this storage for a tidier and more organized look to your bathroom. Corner tile recessed shelves from homebnc.

3. Wooden Ladder Shelf

A wooden ladder can be a wonderful bathroom shelf. It blends well with a classic or rustic bathroom. Not only does it function as an organizer, but its wooden structure also becomes a nice display. From stacking up towels, candles to your toiletries, you can put your daily needs in a certain arrangement.

The corner of the room in the bathroom decoration will be of good use when it is used to place standing ladder storage made of wood. This storage will appear more cheerful and become a bold color in the room when repainted with red. Each of these ladder shelves has a storage container with different sizes, you can choose it according to your needs. For example, using the lowest ladder storage to store all your clean towels. Corner ladder storage with a bold color from homebnc.

If you choose standing ladder storage as storage in your bathroom decoration, then you can repaint it with the same color that is in the feel of the bathroom room to match the elegant color tone of the room. White has always been a favorite color that can be combined with other interiors around it. Do not forget to add green plants as a fresh decoration and not easily boring, you can find them in your garden decoration. Standing ladder storage from housebeautiful.

4. Open Cabinet

If you are often confused where your things are, having an open cabinet shelf is the right choice. Everything is all visible when you have this type of shelf; just pay attention to items you put there. Do not put too many stuff, making it full of clutter.

Wooden cabinets in contemporary bathroom decorations are great storage ideas that can be used as well as possible. This cabinet consists of open storage and closed storage, you can use the open cabinet to put some clean towels that can be used after you finish bathing. This storage cabinet is made of teak wood which has been repainted with gray color so that it is stronger and stronger against mold when splashed with water. Gray cabinet opens from homebnc.

This open cabinet that is placed in the corner of this room has a bright color so it is the right storage idea and can be used as well as possible. Instead of storing your toiletries in plastic packaging to avoid clutter, you can move them into transparent glass jars that are the same size. The top open cabinet area is used to store clean towels that will be used after bathing. Aromatherapy candles make your body more relaxed. Corner cabinet opens from decoist.

5. Closed Shelf

Having too many bathroom accessories bothering you? Keep everything and put them inside a closed shelf. Your bathroom will look so neat.

To avoid getting dust on your toiletries and equipment, then you can use a floating closed cabinet made of reclaimed wood so that it looks more vintage. Don’t forget to use transparent glass doors to make it easier for you to quickly pick up the items you are looking for. Hang this closed shelf above the toilet that has an empty wall area. Vintage closed shelf from shelterness.

The last option you can do for bathroom storage ideas is to install a closed shelf with sturdy teak wood. You can get a more modern look easily and cheaply, you can paint it white which has the same color as your glass window frame. This closed shelf is equipped with a round handle that is attached to the bottom so you can open it more easily. Repaint wooden closed shelf from shelterness.

So, is there a design that will be perfect for your bathroom? The examples above are some of the best bathroom shelf ideas to try. Look into your bathroom layout and choose which shelf suits the best. You can keep things organized and say goodbye to a messy bathroom.   

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